Equal rights and sacred liberty

Tasine 2012/01/08 15:51:31
"We the People" have endowed a small group of other people
-- the people constituting government with temporary privileges
required for their task -- to secure our equal rights. The people of
government must not possess superior rights -- because superior rights
for any group violates the right to liberty of everyone else. The rest
of us are thereby obstructed in our action within limits drawn around us
by the superior rights of others. Superior rights for any group of
people is the definition of tyranny. If the people of government
possess superior rights protected arbitrarily by superior law, then the American Revolution is reduced to an empire of men and not of laws. We would have the opposite of a constitutional republic, which, as John Adams noted, is "an empire of laws, and not of men."

addition to electoral victories, defeat of America's new socialist
ruling class will likely require the power of state governments, acting
in concert, to nullify
un-Declarational, un-constitutional, equal rights-destroying,
liberty-destroying federal laws and regulations. Ultimately, there will
be a need for states to amend
our Constitution with pro-Declarational, anti-socialist law. This will
reestablish our sacred equal rights and equality before law -- and
thereby re-establish rightful, sacred, human liberty.


Read More: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/01/equal_right...

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