Elian Gonzalez Not Angry With Miami Relatives, Are You?

Michael Galvis 2010/07/01 19:43:13
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Ten years after being deported from the United States and reunited with his father, Elian Gonzalez says he is happy in Cuba and holds no grudge against his Miami relatives who fought to keep him in the States.

During a state celebration held by President Raul Castro that marked the 10th anniversary of the famous castaway's return to the island, Gonzalez, now 16, said he is grateful to the "large part of the American public" that supported his father during the heated international custody battle.

Concerning his family, Gonzalez had few but heartening words.

"Even though they didn't help me in every way possible, they didn't help me move forward, they are still my own family."

The controversial battle over custody of the then 7-year-old Elian Gonzalez began when his mother drowned in late 1999 while attempting to illegally immigrate with her son and boyfriend, from Cuba to the United States. After Gonzalez was discovered floating in an inner tube Thanksgiving Day 1999 by a fisherman, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) placed him in the custody of extended relatives in Miami, who sought to keep him in the States against the will of his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who had remained in Cuba.

After seven months of heated debates, a federal district court ruled that only Gonzalez's father could petition for asylum on the boy's behalf, and he was returned to his father in June 2000.

Yet, while Gonzalez holds no resentment for his extended relatives, his father admitted that he is still angry "because, at any moment, having the boy there and with me giving them opportunities so they can reunite the family, they let themselves get carried away with other things."

Are you angry with Elian Gonzalez's extended relatives?
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  • johnanthony 2011/04/17 19:55:31
    Under Castro and his cuban dictatorship, how can you believe our govt made Elian a political tool? It was Castro who demanded we return this boy. If he had drown with his mother, Castro would not give a rip about this boy and his story. The fact that Castro could use Elian as a tool to finally get a victory in America is completely disheartening. Elian did flee Cuba and his father for a reason. Shame on Castro!
    Except for Castro and his gang who are the new millionaires, the 11 million Cubans have to suffer the exploitation of the omnipotent state, rationed food, lack of housing and the indignity of being second class citizens in their own country.
  • minx 2011/04/16 06:48:49
    Because no doubt they were aware of the reality of what goes on in Cuba. When a mother is willing to risk her and her beloved child's life to get to freedom, we should pay attention to what that is telling us.
  • badmommy 2010/07/17 15:57:01
    Thank God the kid was returned to his father. At least he is not homeless and broke and living with a bunch of Marielitos in Fla, getting strung out on drugs. Go Cuba!
  • kackerot 2010/07/17 12:00:38
  • April 2010/07/17 04:03:42
    I do not know the whole circumstances because I was not there. If the father was genuinely trying to get his son back, then sure, the relatives should realize he belongs with his father. If the father had done something to deserve his rights taken away, then no, I would not be upset. Perhaps the mother was fleeing Cuba to try to start a better life for them and planning for the father to join them later. It happens. A child should not be taken by his parents unless the parents are not putting the child's interests at heart, or endangering them in some way.
  • Bandolier 2010/07/10 09:01:55
    Elian Gonzalez, next thing you know Paris Hilton will back in the news.

    elian gonzalez paris hilton news
  • AngryGabby 2010/07/02 15:50:35
    He is a MUCH better person than I am, I would be PO'd!
  • Ms Missy 2010/07/02 14:52:23
    Ms Missy
    whatever, it was 10 years ago. the kid got back OK, my question is...was the rest of the family here legally? or should we have deported the whole kin-an-caboodl?
  • La 2010/07/02 11:05:22
    i have no interest....
  • carlton999 2010/07/02 07:20:08
    the Judge listened to Elian and sent him back home.........thats whats important.
  • moomoof 2010/07/02 04:43:19 (edited)
    They turned a child that lost his mother into a polictical tool against fidel.
    So no i don't think i can agree with them ever.
    The boy was going to be returned to cuba because he was found in the water plus his father was alive in cuba.
    The relatives bother me the whole thing was a circus.
  • Gargansarian 2010/07/02 01:36:14
    I'm angry with successive US administrations.
    By imposing and maintaining their blockade and worse, they have ensured the Castros remained in power, and the island's economy and political freedoms have been depressed.
  • AnelMoon 2010/07/02 00:15:40
    I would be pissed off! I mean hell it's his father!
  • Swany 2010/07/01 21:39:12
    I'm angry about everything.
  • Queen B 2010/07/01 21:35:13
    Queen B
    It's been a decade.......why would I care about this now?
  • Rainbow_Bubblegum 2010/07/01 21:15:34
    they just want whats best for him..they cant help but to take in a seven year old raise him for 9 years then expect him to dispbey their rules..plus they probably think of him as their son
  • disinter 2010/07/01 20:16:07
    He turned out kinda cute! :)

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