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jere.chievres 2012/09/16 22:45:11
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State Department to press: Stop asking us about the sacking of Benghazi consulate

Sep 15, 2012 04:38 pm | Ed Morrissey

The US insists that the death of an American ambassador … Read the rest

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  • Roger 2012/09/16 23:25:19
    All of the above
    She has been somewhat shielded up until now. People want answers as to why this happened and she has nowhere to go. This is on her shoulders before Obama’s.
  • Dagon 2012/09/16 23:08:30
  • Nightmusic 2012/09/16 23:07:37
    All of the above
    Who does she think she is? This is still America.
  • Schläue~© 2012/09/16 22:55:04
    All of the above
    Of course they have to stick to that story just as the Warren Commission expects people to believe that Oswald alone, was firing magic bullets.

    They put their neck in the noose after completely ignoring the warnings and allowing American citizens to walk into a kill zone on 9/11/12 whether it be on purpose or their typical incompetence we've come to know so well.

    This is like Barry's imaginary birth certificate that Donald Trump finally smoked out.
    It's out there, no reeling it back in and they have to stick to the story at all costs ,..... at least until the election's over.
  • jere.chievres 2012/09/16 22:47:29
    All of the above
    We need to stop having idiots for SecState 5 in a row for G-ds Sake.
  • Roger jere.ch... 2012/09/16 23:16:23 (edited)
    Not sure I would say Eagleburger was the last good one. I really don’t know that much about what he did during those days. You probably have better insight to that than I do. I think Alexander Haig gets far less credit than he deserves. First of all he was a constant target of the media bias as was Dan Quale because they couldn’t get Reagan. There was also that claim he was in charge when Reagan got shot the media was all over him about that. Overall I really think he did a good job when you look at what was accomplished in those years.
  • jere.ch... Roger 2012/09/16 23:25:26 (edited)
    Eagleberger I forgot that sorry P.O.S. And I was not a fan Of Kissinger either,
  • Roger jere.ch... 2012/09/16 23:28:07
  • jere.ch... Roger 2012/09/16 23:32:52
    He got screwed by the Press.
  • Roger jere.ch... 2012/09/16 23:39:00
    Yes he did. Those years of Reagan were the forefront to the current media biased we have now. Lies became common place in the modern media. Quale was the same way. He was a brilliant man but the media was all over him. Poor guy never had a chance.
  • Roger Roger 2012/09/16 23:40:25 (edited)
    He was too honest and they took advantage of that. God forbid an honest man in politics.

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