EDL...stand for English Defence League....Creepingsharia...!!!

sam123 2012/04/18 23:37:30


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EDL...stand for English Defence League....Creepingsharia...!!!

Now, one of those EDL gentleman post a picture of Taj Mahal Mosque on twitter to the British citizen saying that Sharia is creeping to Europe ???,

Read response of British people :

1-Croissants are shaped like the Islamic crescent moon. #creepingsharia .

2-British kids have to learn Algebra which comes from Arabic language meaning 'restoration' and is rooted in Islamic mathematics. #creepingsharia.

3. It started raining and all these women started covering their heads... #creepingsharia.

4. Alcohol is not available at my children's primary school #creepingsharia.

5.I noticed the crescent moon the other night. Bloody Muslamic sky... #creepingsharia.

6. Muslims invented soap and shampoo. you must stop bathing at once. Big master plan! #creepingsharia.

7. did you notice that some politicians have not shaved their beards? #creepingsharia .

8. I have a font on my computer that looks Arabic #creepingsharia.

9. I just noticed that my toilet is in a position that means whenever I vomit I'm bowing to Mecca #creepingsharia.

10. Hillary Clinton Gives $147 Million (of your tax dollars) to Hamas #CreepingSharia.

11.I was unable to buy any pork products on the train home #creepingsharia.

12. Lovefilm kept stopping every five minutes whilst I was trying to stream Mulholland Drive #creepingsharia.

13.Earth will be taken over by Muslims, unless gay people get there first. #creepingsharia

14 We must stop using oil from muslim country... Bring me a horse! Damn! It's an arab horse!! #creepingsharia .

15.Large no of LCDs found in UK including LG, Samsung and my Sony Bravia - made in Malaysia! #creepingsharia

16. Government adds minimum unit price to alcohol: is it just me, or is this #creepingsharia?

17. Just told another man that I love him. #creepingsharia .

18. Suddenly i realised all the satellite dishes face towards mecca !! #creepingshariah .

19. My brother worked in Neurosurgery at Selly Oak Hospital, operating and caring for injured British Soldiers. #creepingsharia.

20. Cropped trousers becoming a trend #creepingsharia.

Why scaring Europeans ?

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  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/05/07 08:37:29
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    They're stupid, but not quite as bad as the UAF...
  • sam123 Anonymo... 2012/05/07 19:35:51
    we do not say they are stupid , muslims do not swear or abuse at all,
    whatever they did, we forgive them .. they are responsible for their own action , and they are not babies ,!!!!!!!

    we do not hold any hate or grange toward them despite their naughtiness, they might be pushed toward be in that movement or in tha t position ????

    and after all , they are not to blame , this is the way how they brought up !!!! and educated and there are some many factors that makes them to be like that
    among them :
    1- media, stirring idea - discrimination , racism .... portaraying muslims as bad ...
    2- some influential writers who hate islam and muslims and they are right wing, i can tell you the famous one if you want to
    3- the environment where they live >>>
    4- drug , alcohool , holiganism ,
    5-lack of religious discipline whethere be chritian or jews or buddist or hindu, if they are religious they should understand to respect other even if they disagree with them ...

    so rest assure , it is a phenomenon in the society , they will disappear by themselves soon , because they carry self destruction idoelogy that can't stand or make sense at all ....
  • Anonymo... sam123 2012/05/07 20:06:55
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    The EDL is stupid, not the Muslims.
  • sam123 Anonymo... 2012/05/07 20:33:25
    yes I am talking about EDL, we do not say they are stupid , in fact they may be more intelligent than me and you !!! but read again my answer above ...
  • Anonymo... sam123 2012/05/07 20:41:34
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Most of them aren't very clever though, most of them support the BNP and are all on about conspiracies. The UAF, however, is a terrorist organisation in that it uses violence to achieve its means. Nit very clever either, and they also like throwing glass bottles at little girls, as we found in Brighton the other week...
  • ♥K14 2012/04/18 23:39:31
    You gotta love the EDL - they so stoopy :D
  • sam123 ♥K14 2012/04/19 19:01:36 (edited)
    You gotta love the EDL   they so stoopy  D
    this mosque in not in Europe !!!!!!
  • ♥K14 sam123 2012/04/19 20:44:33
    I know.

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