Earthquake or tornado or ?

lazarous1967 2009/07/26 05:05:56
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I just felt a small earthquake, at best a 2 to a 2.5 I love california we get foot messages alot.
I have never been in a tornado, and from what i have seen i`d rather not be.
I would like to hear which you would prefere and some reasons why.
Maybe a personal story to go with that opinion.
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  • Scarlett48 2009/07/26 06:20:09 (edited)
    I`d rather be in an earthquake, and here`s why.
    Well I live in the south and I have been in a few tornado's and believe me they are no picnic. I would rather be in an earthquake because most of the time they are not that bad. Now of course you do have your major ones. But how often do you hear of a major earthquake. You hear of tornado's every single year and I mean some of them are horrible. But they are sometimes 20 or more tornado's in one given night can you imagine what that is like? It takes street signs and bends them like pretzels. It is unreal the power those things have. Sorry it is I am just terrified of them. This map shows just one day in my state. It is in my area. You get tornado watches and that is watch for the tornado you get a warning when it is spotted. You have about 20 seconds to get to a safe place.
    map tornado watches watch tornado warning spotted 20 seconds safe
  • reed67 2009/07/26 05:27:13
    I`d rather be in a tornado, and here`s why.
    At least them with there is some warning I've been in a earthquake & there is NOTHING to warn you forehand.

    I was living in Orange Country when a 7.3 hit scared the crap out of me!
  • kels1084 2009/07/26 05:16:48
    I`d rather be in an earthquake, and here`s why.
    because a tornado is way more dangeres i have felt a earthquake its not that bad
  • lazarou... kels1084 2009/07/26 05:25:12
    most of the time their pretty tame.
  • Frosty Snowcone 2009/07/26 05:13:20
    I`d rather be in an earthquake, and here`s why.
    Frosty Snowcone
    Earthquakes aren't as dangerous unless you're underneath a structure of some sort. I've been in fairly large earthquakes but nothing too serious.

    If you're IN a tornado then you'll probably die because of all the debris flying around in it.
  • lazarou... Frosty ... 2009/07/26 05:24:31
    I know, tornados scare the crap out of me, i would want to be caught up in one.
  • Frosty ... lazarou... 2009/07/26 05:36:48
    Frosty Snowcone
    I was in a caravan during a thunderstorm once, it was so windy.

    My extensive knowledge about weather brought me to the conclusion that I better get in the house, because if there were to be a tornado my caravan would most certainly get knocked off the cliff.

    Thankfully it was still there in the morning but that was scary.

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