Dorner Shootout: 'Hundreds of Rounds' Fired During Gun Battle: Do You Hope Police Kill Dorner?

Fef 2013/02/12 23:00:00
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Chris Dorner engaged law enforcement in a shootout Tuesday afternoon near Big Bear, California. The fired LAPD policeman has gone on a revenge-killing spree, and murdered at least three people. Dorner admits to the violence in the Dorner Manifesto, which claims that he "got wronged" by a racist LAPD after he blew the whistle on possible corruption.

Chris Dorner shot two more deputies Tuesday in the shootout before possibly barricading himself in a mountain cabin. Law enforcement has the remote cabin surrounded. Dorner may have escaped the location.

"Hundreds of rounds" were exchanged in about half an hour during the gun battle between fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner and law enforcement officers Tuesday afternoon, sources said. At least two San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies were wounded, sources...

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  • JMCC 2013/02/12 23:46:10
    I wish no-one dead perhaps a better question might be "Do you think the LAPD want to take him alive?"....

    After all, quite apart from those policemen who have already been shot, any subsequent trial is almost certainly going to lead into an investigation into the allegations of racism and the circumstances that lead to his dismissal.

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  • Phoenix2014 2013/03/07 08:30:08
    Not because I think he was a hero, they should have captured him for question and so he could stand trial for his actions. Question him for what did or did not know. Don't just kill the guy unless you really need to. The information he knows is very important.
  • Lee 2013/02/26 15:47:08
    If he is dead there will be no day in court and no light cast into the shadow.
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2013/02/20 08:49:57
    I wanted him to stand trial. I'd have taken him for real if he dad driven to Idaho and popped a cap in Mark Fuhrmans ass and held him hostage until he could be heard. But he did not do that instead he killed innocents in revenge.

    In the end though had he been captured and I think as bad as he acted the LAPD has something to hide. Oh and they shot up some innocents as well! A trail may have revealed more of those potential nuggets?
  • CONVOY 2013/02/18 12:54:40
    I know that he's already dead, but a man like him should have faced justice and the law.
  • lucky 2013/02/14 18:06:47
    No but Im not going to mourn his death either.
  • Jesferkicks 2013/02/14 05:54:24
    Of course. No matter what he did or if he got railroaded or not, if and when caught he's going to jail. I don't want to pay for his room and board for the next twenty.
  • The Pale Man 2013/02/13 22:52:41
    The Pale Man
    I try not to wish death on people.
  • Kurt 2013/02/13 22:15:29
    Absolutely I hope they kill him because the legal system is unambiguously corrupt and if he was captured alive he would only get a slap on the wrist and sit in jail for a few years before getting out for good behavior or some other asinine excuse.
  • macbeth 2013/02/13 20:45:27
    He should be arrested and tried.
  • ehrhornp 2013/02/13 20:17:35
    Shame he wasn't brought to trial so that the truth could be discovered.
  • TombstoneJim 2013/02/13 20:11:05
    Kill one of mine, I kill ten of yours....stops violence
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2013/02/13 18:48:25
    I don't wish for anyone to die, but this rogue cop killed innocent people and has to answer for those crimes, he had the opportunity to give up and be arrested and have his day in court, he chose not to take that option, so whatever happened was his own choice.
  • Professor Wizard 2013/02/13 17:36:57
    Professor Wizard
    Hundreds of rounds...

    That is SAD!

    And the Anti-Gun folk keep telling us ONLY police should have guns.

    Yet, they couldn't hit their target when their life depended on it.

    Maybe the anti-gun folk need to rethink that idea.

    I know a bunch of deer and squirrel hunters that could have taken him out with one shot - - maybe 2, with an AR-15 Semi Auto.
  • OGMGS1 2013/02/13 17:31:46
    I presume he is a burger patty right now. Not exactly the way he wanted to go down. At least I hope?
  • superangrymonkey 2013/02/13 17:21:06
    Well... no. On the other hand they did, so it doesn't matter.
  • Wayne 2013/02/13 16:33:45
    I can't hope for the death of anyone.
  • Mr. Smith 2013/02/13 16:29:29
    Mr. Smith
    If you said yes, you are responding based on pure emotion, mob style! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??? All we know is what the LAPD and the media has told us. Do you honestly believe everything they tell you?

    We don't know that Dorner killed anybody, that hasn't been proven in a court of law, but yet, here were are, American's from all over the land demanded that this man be executed by police! "Kill him!" "He's a waste of humanity." "Put him out of his misery!" "I hope he dies a slow death." Those are just a few of the unbelievable quotes I see below. What if Dorner is innocent? What if he's been setup by a corrupt LAPD??? Think about that? Again, we don't know!

    And then on the other side we have people cheering for Dorner, hoping that he kills more cops! What in the wild world of sports is going on in America!!! How did we get here, people! What happened to our humanity, our civil society, our basic civil rights?

    Whether you like it or not, Dorner deserves the same rights as every other citizen. IF he killed these people, he should have been granted the same judicial process as everyone else, he shouldn't be hunted down and executed by the mob police! That's not who we are.........or is it?
  • OGMGS1 Mr. Smith 2013/02/13 17:31:00
    Liberal alert!
  • Mr. Smith OGMGS1 2013/02/14 03:26:20
    Mr. Smith
    Funny, I thought neocons LIKED the constitution.....oh wait, I'm confusing you with real conservatism.
  • OGMGS1 Mr. Smith 2013/02/15 21:21:59
    I'm not conservative. I'm a flaming moderate who just hates almost everyone left an right.
  • Mr. Smith OGMGS1 2013/02/15 21:31:19
    Mr. Smith
    I'm a libertarian, so my views are always attacked by the ideologically inconsistent left and right. Apparently, abiding by the constitution and defending people's civil rights is considered extreme in this political climate.
  • Skip 2013/02/13 16:05:25
    of course. Who in the hell wouldnt? A bunch of liberal scums
  • harry 2013/02/13 15:15:22
    By killing Dorner, he will be put out of his savage missery. It will also save lives and save us tax payers Millions of $'s.
  • Georgia50 2013/02/13 14:40:11
    His life is over for all intents and purposes, but at the very least professionals need to learn from his example and perhaps try to prevent another one like him from emerging. He's useful as a human research subject as well as a backdrop for reconsidering hiring policies that enabled a violent person to become a trained, tactical killer with taxpayer dollars. The whole picture needs evaluated, and with him alive that evaluation can be more complete.

    But hey...once that process is complete, and if he's found guilty, I hope they fry his ass to cinders.
  • Jenn 2013/02/13 14:01:07 (edited)
    I don't want to see anyone die, but no one wanted those innocent people to die that he murdered either. Maybe the family members would certainly feel better about this whole thing if they knew he was dead. Dorner has done a horrible thing. Innocent people has died by his hands.
  • al 2013/02/13 11:52:20
  • yonnie 2013/02/13 09:43:23
    Yeah, right! Ever carry hundreds of rounds of ammo? Running from your crashed vehicle during a gun-fight? High elevation, cold-air, running up-hill, carrying hundreds of rounds of ammo?. A young marine in good shape would have trouble, fat and out-of-shape Dorner would have had a heart-attack and the fight would have ended. I'll bet after they count the shells, the real consumption will be less than 50.
    Instead, he got wounded and burned...maybe alive.
    No $million trial, no many years on death-row.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2013/02/13 07:16:28
    Common Sense Conservative
    Personally, I could care less if a cop, a dog or a cliff kill him. But I hope like hell he dies as slow as possible.
  • Mary Mary Common ... 2013/02/13 11:16:26
    Mary Mary
  • Common ... Mary Mary 2013/02/20 00:06:58
    Common Sense Conservative
    And he did. Now, I hope like hell that whatever he was trying to spill the beans on gets noticed.
  • nononsenseguy 2013/02/13 06:00:58
    I would have given law officers rocket launchers to blow that lunatic off the face of the earth.
  • stranger 2013/02/13 06:00:36
    how many innocent people will they shoot at, hoping its him? how many new cars will they be buying people?

    FASCIST regime is where america is headed
  • ᗩda 乂 2013/02/13 05:38:23
    ᗩda 乂
    but its looking like he's dead.
  • Martyr4Christ 2013/02/13 05:35:16
    No. I hope the police have more integrity than that.
  • stranger Martyr4... 2013/02/13 06:01:32
    they don';t. they shot at a woman, and another guy, cops have no integrity, none whatsoever!
  • Common ... stranger 2013/02/13 07:21:00
    Common Sense Conservative
    God Damn you're an idiot
  • stranger Common ... 2013/02/14 02:28:09
    lol, why? because i see the truth? what integrity do you thinks cops have? if they aren't shooting at people like scared chickens when it comes to catching real criminals,they are giving tickets to those who don't deserve them.

    you are an idiot!
  • Common ... stranger 2013/02/20 00:07:52
    Common Sense Conservative
    You are such a god damned idiot it's not even funny.
  • A Found... stranger 2013/02/13 20:08:26
    A Founding Father
    They regained much yesterday when they fried his sorry ass and let the building burn to the ground. So much for one loony with a moment of infamy.
  • stranger A Found... 2013/02/14 02:28:38
    so they regained integrity by bypassing trial by due process?? no sorry, thats frikin FASCISM
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