Don't mess with frogs… In Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood issues first fatwa. Do you eat frog's legs?

Max 2012/07/05 21:18:23
All Frogs Praise Allah

July 5, 2012 by

A fatwa has been issued in Egypt to prevent the killing of frogs for consumption.

has recently been through a revolution. Earlier this month, the country
swore in its first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi and the country’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood have moved on to more
important business: Egypt’s highest fatwa council has issued its first
fatwa under new rule to ban Muslims from killing frogs. A fatwa is a
juristic ruling concerning Islamic law.

Specifically, the fatwa reportedly orders that Muslims may not kill frogs to sell to Nations where they are eaten.

According to Jihad Watch,
“the fatwa explains, according to Islam’s prophet Muhammad as recorded
in a hadith, a frog’s ‘croaking is praise [to Allah].’ Accordingly, ‘a
number of jurists [fuqaha] have relied on this [hadith] to forbid the
eating of frogs, under the notion that ‘that which is banned from being
killed, is forbidden from being eaten.’”

Animal-related fatwas in
the past have ordered radical Islamists to kill Mickey Mouse and to kill
all black dogs, among some animal rights decrees.

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  • ~Adrien~ 2012/07/05 21:24:56
    I don't eat frog legs. . . but I don't get the urgency for them to make this a priority.
  • Max 2012/07/05 21:19:54
    I'm glad to see they got down to the important stuff first.

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