Don't judge a book by its cover,what does this mean to you?

Ambert 2008/10/14 03:00:02
It means...
Dont Care
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  • SoulGlowActivatur 2009/05/18 15:34:46
    It means...
    don`t judge people by their looks they could b someone important.. judge people important judge people important
  • Kenny D 2008/11/02 18:40:23
    It means...
    Kenny D
    Can't Judge Someone By How They Look
  • David [Kad EEC] <3 2008/10/18 01:26:54
    It means...
    David [Kad EEC] <3
    it's simple. People aren't what they appear to be, so get to know them before you start stereotyping or judging.
  • Still a Danger to Society 2008/10/14 20:52:23
    It means...
    Still a Danger to Society
    Don't judge someone by what they wear or how they look...Even if sometimes it could be real... judge wear real
  • Slug Diamond 2008/10/14 20:21:09
    It means...
    Slug Diamond
    To relate this question to today's issues:

    Never judge a potential servant of the people by what is on his website, or his commercials, or what he says he will do. Judge that person by his track record, his associates, his devotion to you - the citizen.

    I can promise you a better tomorrow, but I can not promise tomorrow will actually come.
  • broadwaybaby 2008/10/14 16:32:32
    It means...
    you look at the outside rather than the inside witch is the better thing to do cause the outside could be ugly but the inside amazing!
  • frogs 2008/10/14 13:30:55
    It means...
    its not the out side that counts,looking at a person someone can look like a tramp and be a millionare. or one of the nicest people you will ever meet. countslooking person tramp millionare nicest people meet
  • Mollydolly 2008/10/14 06:32:03
    It means...
    Just because something looks like one thing on the outside it doesn't mean it's like that on the inside.
  • gary1328 2008/10/14 03:48:15
    It means...
    The book might not have any pictures on the cover, but when you open it up, it might have full color pictures inside it.
  • Tommy Trend 2008/10/14 03:26:47
    It means...
    Tommy Trend
    there may be more to the person than meets the eye
  • ~♥Ashley♥I~love~my~son♥~ 2008/10/14 03:20:05
    It means...
    It dosent matter what people look like on the outside, its what is in their heart that matters.. You should never judge someone by the way they look..
  • Körïnthïän 2008/10/14 03:16:46
    It means...
    Don't marry a girl you haven't seen without make-up on.

    marry girl make-up
  • gary1328 Körïnthïän 2008/10/14 03:45:23
  • Tarryn Körïnthïän 2008/10/14 06:32:31 (edited)
    wow they are all really ugly!!!!
    drew barrymore looks like she is 50!!!
  • riverbeauty™ 2008/10/14 03:11:57
    It means...
    although something may look one way on the outside, it could be entirely different if you get past the exterior...

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