Does the United Nations mistreat Israel?

Step Up For Israel 2012/06/25 20:56:47
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1947 - UN votes to make Jerusalem and international city
1948 - Thousands of Jews are besieged and expelled from Jerusalem without any UN protection or intervention

1956 - Egyptian belligerency results in deployment of a UN force in the Sinai Desert as buffer against an attack on israel
1967 - UN peacekeepers abandon Sinai without firing a shot after Egypt invades and occupies the entire peninsula. This is followed by the Six Day War a few weeks later

2000 - UN is charged with ensuring peace and security in Southern Lebanon
2000 - UN peacekeepers film Hezbollah's fatal abduction of two Israeli soldiers. They don't stop to intervene or cooperate with Israel's investigation

2006 - UN website broadcasts detailed reports of movements of Israeli soldiers in Lebanon, exposing them to enemy fire. No such intel was provied to Israel about Hezbollah's movements

2006 - Hezbollah uses UN bases as shields from which to launch rockets and other attacks

2008 - Hezbollah doubles its arsenal of rockets while smuggling in sophisticated weaponry, including medium and long range missiles from Syria and Iran. all was done within UN controlled territory

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  • mark 2012/06/26 04:24:33
    The United Nations is a pathetic joke. Just look at how they were in Rhawanda, much less Israel. We should have no dealings with the U.N. Any person signing up to be in the U.S. Armed Forces should NEVER have to serve under another authority. (I'm done)

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  • Ken fuzzy K... 2012/06/29 20:35:43
    When you don't like the facts rather than responding you take your toys and go home. Like I said it is time for Israel and its supporters to behave like adults.

    I do, however, agree it takes two to make peace. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians want peace. Therefore, aid to either nation should be limited to humanitarian supplies and both should be subjected to an arms embargo.

    To lift the embargo Israel should be required to return to its 1967 borders. The Palestinians should be forced to halt all missile attacks on Israel.
  • Ken fuzzy K... 2012/06/27 22:39:22
    Thank you for helping me organize my thoughts on this issue.
  • jeane Ken 2012/06/30 00:58:02
    Islamic children are routinely taught IN SCHOOL that Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes. JEWS ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF PIGS AND APES JEWS ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF PIGS AND APES JEWS ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF PIGS AND APES
  • Riobhca 2012/06/26 03:55:52 (edited)
    Oftentimes they do.
  • Quinni 2012/06/26 03:34:46
    Not only the UN, but our government (not the people) tend to turn their backs on Israel as much as they have Poland. Two of our best friends keep getting kicked in the teeth while those who hate us get all the support.
  • AmericanVirus 2012/06/26 03:31:30
    The UN just isn't very effective
  • Lizzeh 2012/06/26 02:08:39
    I just think everyone should just stop war. Seriously, has it solved anything yet? Even if it does for a while, there WILL be another war. There's no point..
  • shaltov72 2012/06/26 01:46:41
    The united nations is a joke and it pushes the one world order it is owned and operated
    by the world banking elitists, and they want to control everyone. The united stinking nations
    is a global control mechanisim and it pushes this agenda 21 which is a enviromental nazisim way of taking freedom of property away from American citizens. The supreme court is owned by the united nations mostly the liberals who are apart of the one world order along with clintons, pelosi, napolatano, obama, ried, holder, bush's, those who belong to bilderbergs, tri-lateral commission, council on foreign relations. This organization pushed by david rockefeller.
  • Devil's Advocate 2012/06/26 01:01:16
    Devil's Advocate
    The question should be-

    With How Many More Resolutions Can Israel Refuse to Comply Before Someone Actually Does Something about It??
  • Eli Joh... Devil's... 2012/06/26 04:23:29
    Eli Johansen
    did you know that the muslim countries make up the biggest block of the UN and ALWAYS vote the same on 90% of resolutions?
  • nik Eli Joh... 2012/06/26 05:49:50
    indeed its under The OIC that comprises of 54 muslim states one of which includes Syria and other despotic nations.
  • nik Devil's... 2012/06/26 05:49:01
    those 'resolutions are often been neglected by the current Authority of the PA and HAMAS.
  • fuzzy K... Devil's... 2012/06/26 13:31:29
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Actually, the UN resolutions are contingent on BOTH Israel and the Palis taking action. While Israel has only partially complied, the Palis have not complied at all. Therefor, Israel is not bound.
    It's a two way street.
  • Che Guevara - Hero 2012/06/26 00:31:34
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Israel is a criminal regime.
    israel war crimes
    free palestine
  • nik Che Gue... 2012/06/26 05:50:46
    Being a Marxist useful idiot does not make you a revolutionary troll. besides even the Political Leftist Jews are turning AGAINST this 'poster' of yours.
  • Che Gue... nik 2012/06/26 06:40:14
    Che Guevara - Hero
    When you think of something intelligent to post please stop back by and post it. But please don't think too hard. I wouldn't want you to kill your last brain cell. lol
    troll face
  • nik Che Gue... 2012/06/26 08:07:20 (edited)
    sorry i dont feed on such banal imagery such as yours.worse when its under the expense of other peoples lives.
  • Che Gue... nik 2012/06/26 08:29:47
    Che Guevara - Hero
    You obviously feed on the imagery. YOU REPLIED ! lol
    mencia deedeedee
  • nik Che Gue... 2012/06/26 08:17:32
    I wouldn't want you to kill your last brain cell."--> not a very intelligent comment by the way.
  • Che Gue... nik 2012/06/26 08:30:58
    Che Guevara - Hero
    I rest my case. lol
  • jcadla 2012/06/26 00:15:42
  • Tangelo Maximilian Wang 2012/06/26 00:14:35
    Tangelo Maximilian Wang
    yes, i am israel
  • Karen Jonsson 2012/06/26 00:01:13
    Karen Jonsson
    Israel. Screw the United nations, Why is it people want to rely on others to save them. Excuse me but remember when jews waited for the world to save them before? Don't make the same mistake. I am on Israel's side. I do not think they give 2 craps about Israel. Do we want too little too late yet again?
  • nik Karen J... 2012/06/26 05:57:48
    i dont think they need your help either.
  • Tim Upham 2012/06/25 23:40:52
    Tim Upham
    Sometimes it does. In 1975, the United Nations General Assembly voted to declare Zionism as a form of racism. But it was rescinded in 1991. Zionism does not have the laws in place in regards to declaring where a certain group of people can live or not live. It is also does not have in place laws that forbid voting in general elections. Apartheid in South Africa had those laws, and that is the reason why it was declared a form of racism. The declaration of Zionism being that way, was more of an act of hysteria. The conflict between Israel and its neighbors now, is not that between nation-states, but between Israel and armed militias. Armed militia conflict is what haunted Jordan in 1970, and Lebanon from 1975-1990. So it is myopic to claim that Israel is responsible for all the armed conflict in that region of the world. But the Israeli-Palestinian issue is still left outstanding, and needs to eventually be resolved.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/26 01:16:57
    Defend Western Civlization
    no such thing as palestine exist
  • Tim Upham Defend ... 2012/06/26 03:52:59
    Tim Upham
    If we use that mentality, then there will always be rocket firings from Gaza into Israel, and deadly israeli airstrikes in return. Step number one, we just cannot deny the other side exists. Both the Israelis and Palestinians are there, and we have to find a way for them to live together in a piece of land the same size as the state of New Jersey. It is irrespective whether an individual wants to call it Israel or Palestine. But the true resolving of this, is to have an independent Israel living next to an independent Palestine, i.e., the West Bank and Gaza. Because that is what the United Nations General Assembly voted for in 1947, to partition Palestine -- which the British referred to at that time as their mandate -- into an Arab state and a Jewish state. Because I have seen the sectarian violence there.
  • nik Tim Upham 2012/06/26 05:58:42
    unfortunately if you live in muslim lands, i could guarantee you their 'representatives' WANT Israel to be Eliminated.
  • Tim Upham nik 2012/06/26 19:05:14
    Tim Upham
    They could have done that back in 1948, but Israel is still there. Have you been to Muslim lands? I have, and those living outside of them can say some pretty wacko things about them. If they are such wackos, then why is there the on-going meetings between Netanyahu and Abbas? They are meeting, but just not resolving anything. They could use the world's help to do so.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/26 11:24:23
    Defend Western Civlization
    their is no palestine and never will be
    hamas/hezbollah and muslim brotherhood do not want peace they want world domination
    Pregnant Wife Beaten to Death for Not Voting Muslim Brotherhood...

    Egypt's New President: 'Death in the Name of Allah is Our Goal'...

    Ringleader of UK Child Sex Gang Identified - Happens to be Muslim
  • Tim Upham Defend ... 2012/06/26 19:09:28
    Tim Upham
    They said that about the Communists back in the Cold War Era, and today the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact does not even exists. I think we all need to move forward, instead of living with this Cold War mentality.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/27 01:00:53
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see you have no clue
  • Tim Upham Defend ... 2012/06/27 01:41:25
    Tim Upham
    Ehud Barak must not have any clue either. That is if, you know who he is.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/27 11:42:57
    Defend Western Civlization
    Japan talked peace even as they were planning to Attack Pearl Harbor

    2012.06.25 (Pattani, Thailand) - A 17-year-old is among three innocent victims pulled out of a car and machine-gunned in cold blood by Islamic 'separatists'.

    Iran Sentences Two to Death for Drinking Alcohol...

    Female TV Anchor Loses Job After Shaving Head for Charity...
  • Tim Upham Defend ... 2012/06/28 03:37:31
    Tim Upham
    Japan had an oil embargo placed on it by the United States. Japan desperately needed the oil, so they bombed Pearl Harbor, so they could move down into the Philippines, and take the oil fields of Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands East Indies. Oil is what led to the war between the United States and Japan. That female TV anchor looked sexy after they shaved her head too.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/28 11:00:08
    Defend Western Civlization
    Japan was ruled by fascist and killing and raping in china
    Japan started the war and was in bed with the Nazis
  • Tim Upham Defend ... 2012/06/28 17:26:33
    Tim Upham
    Japan was very brutal to China and Korea. The Rape of Nanking is still a sore spot to China. But Japan's role during World War II, has almost nothing to do with the presence of Israel today.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/29 01:34:36
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see you a Liberal Progressive Leader hate Israel oh well not matter Americans will cheer when Israel SMASHSES obamas Nazi Rapist Jew Killing Heroes
  • Tim Upham Defend ... 2012/06/29 19:54:47
    Tim Upham
    If I hated Israel, I would not be bothering to work with the numerous organizations, that want to see a two-state solution so Israel can live with its neighbors. As for the upcoming presidential election, I could really care less who wins. So it is not hate, but trying to achieve coexistence, because both Israelis and Palestinians are entitled to it.
  • Defend ... Tim Upham 2012/06/30 00:43:43
    Defend Western Civlization
    your working in VAIN All those who hope to devide Israel will FAIL
    Israel is the only Free Country in the middle east
    the only desre of the countries sourrounding Israel is for world domination

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