Does Obama Follow the Constitution?

Judy 2011/09/07 11:00:49
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Proof in Videos Below That President Obama Does Not Obey the Constitution

I just read a report about our President Obama picking which part of the Constitution he obeys and which part he ignores.

I did a report in2010 about Obama planning to rule by executive order in 2011, which we know now is exactly what he has done

The President gets laws passed that he wants when he has a stacked deck in Congress, with both the House and the Senate being Democrat. So Congress passed the Health Care Bill with not one of them reading the bill before they voted for it.


Keep in mind that, with the majority being Democrat in both the House and the Senate, ObamaCare passed without one Republican present for a vote; supposedly, it was legal. In addition, deals were made behind closed doors, even when they promised a transparent government before Obama was elected.

Isn't it interesting how some Democrat Representatives were a "No Vote" on Obama's Health care Plan before going into the President's office, but became a "Yes Vote" after coming out? It is against the Constitution for the President to interfere with Congress' vote but it is obvious here that he did interfere.

Also interesting is that the head of the Congressional Budget Office met with the President on Air Force one with a report before it made it to Congress. Based on the figures in the CBO report, Congress believed the bill would save money. This report helped many of the representatives decide to vote "yes" on the Health Care bill. I am not suggesting that the figures in the CBO report were influenced by the President, but we do know that those figures did influence the Congressional vote.


The state of Arizona passed SB 1070, a bill to protect its own citizens from illegal immigration and resulting crime. The President not only belittled Arizona's Governor for passing the bill, he called her and the people wanting the bill racists, and the bill itself as racial and illegal.

When intimidation did not work with Governor Brewer, Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. of the DOJ (Department of Justice) sued the State of Arizona after the President met with her. He had assured the Governor that they would get the matter resolved and that she would be hearing from him soon. She never heard a word from him until she received the suit.

This same scenario played out over and over again when other states followed the example of Arizona. Even though some judges did not agree with the President and the Department of Justice, they would not go against them. As a result, each State that sued the DOJ met with the same fate in court as Arizona when the legality of their laws were challenged.

As if being sued by the Department of Justice was not enough, Holder ordered all the captured illegals to be released who had not committed a crime (other than being in the U.S. illegally) and to release all those in court awaiting deportation.

These specific actions taken by the Justice Department between individual States is an abuse of the Federal's own immigration laws.


Three months ago, this question was asked on Yahoo by Carla Hertella.

Resolved Question: Is Obama breaking the law by declaring war against Libya?

The Constitution requires Congress to approve any declaration of war, and yet Obama completely ignored this and declared war against Libya with no conference with Congress. Is he technically breaking the law? And if so, what will Congress and/or the United States government as a whole do about it?

Additional Details

I'm not talking about Bush here, by the way. His reign is over and done with, so let it go. And if Obama criticized him so much during his campaign, then why is he doing exactly what he said was so wrong?

**And yes he did technically declare war, I did my research.** 3 months ago

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Regardless of whether you agree with his politics or not, here are the facts:
First, he has not declared war on Libya. Like you said, Congress does that.
Second, technically, the War Powers Resolution of 1973 stipulates that Congressional approval is required for continuing military operations 60 days after committing the armed forces to military action with an additional 30 days allotted for withdrawing forces. So yes. He is violating the WPR.

Third, the Resolution has been ignored in the past by several presidents, including Reagan and Clinton.

Fourth, on the 60th day of operations in Libya, Obama sent a letter to Congress, arguing that the limited nature of US operations in Libya means that no authorization is required.

Summary: Yes, he is technically violating the law, just like several presidents before him. Will anything be done about it? Probably not.




http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/l… 3 months ago

When Obama was asked about needing the approval of Congress for Libya, he said: "I don't need Congress' approval!" or something to that affect. He was so smug about it too. He believes he is above the law and can do as he pleases.

Time and again we see proof that the man in the President's Office has no intention of following the law if it gets in the way of what he wants. He also has proven over and over that he is perfectly willing to go above the law when he wants to with no concern about consequences; after all, he just has to order an Executive order or threaten Martial Law (as he did with some Senators who would not pass the Health Care Bill).

We the People must be Patriots and Stand Up against the Progressive Movement and make the President obey the law. Remember that "Patriots Speak Up"!

The video is 38 minutes long but you need to hear how the Senate is having problems getting information from the Obama Administration in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Uploaded by JudicialWatch on Jun 8, 2011 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on FOIA 3-15-11

Senator Leahy and Grassley's opening statements and the testimony of Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing "The Freedom of Information Act: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in the Digital Age" held March 15, 2011

This video is almost an hour and a half but very very important for you to hear how out of control Obama is and his administration. Please pass along this post to others and inform them as well since this is a new election coming up. Also, you will see a link below this video that speaks of the violations of election laws. If Obama wins this next election, we have to wonder about it being a legal election.

Uploaded by JudicialWatch on Mar 31, 2011 An educational panel hosted by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and featuring Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation; Debra Burlingame, Co-Founder of Keep America Safe; and Austin Nimocks, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund.

The topic of discussion was the politicization of the Department of Justice (specifically the Civil Rights Division) during the Obama administration, under Attorney General Eric Holder. The specific topics of discussion included DOMA, national security and terrorism, and civil rights.

Is there any question left in your mind that the Obama Administration has no plans for following the law unless it fits his purpose?

Read More: http://canwebelieveit.info/2011/09/06/the-presiden...

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