Does Islam have a proud tradition of tolerance?

FanOreilly 2012/09/15 21:42:02
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  • frank 2012/09/15 21:43:54
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    This is a trick question, right? They have NO tolerance for anything.

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  • Wahvlvke 2012/09/16 13:01:47
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    To claim islam having a proud tradition of tolerance is like saying the klan was a pioneer in civil rights and race relations.
  • LisaSmith 2012/09/16 12:59:30
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    If it does that would be news to me because from what I have heard they are usually intolerant.
  • Jlmpatro 2012/09/16 12:51:04
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    Is difficult to quantity the % of moderates in Islão. There is more or less tolerant societies. When extremism takes hold of the organs of sovereignty of a nation, radicalism makes it feel like we are seeing. It is the responsibility of the head of american foreign policy have a policy of rapprochement. Recent event reveal failure of objectives on the subject.
  • Mark P. 2012/09/16 12:06:16
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    Mark P.
    From the start they have been a violent bunch.
  • Resizst... Mark P. 2012/09/16 15:22:12
    Indeed...since ancient times. Starting with the birth of Ismael to a slave.

    The angel of the Lord also said to her: *(Hagar, slave of Sarai who was the wife of Abram)

    11“You are now pregnant
    and you will give birth to a son.
    You shall name him Ishmael,
    for the Lord has heard of your misery.
    12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;
    his hand will be against everyone
    and everyone’s hand against him,
    and he will live in hostility
    toward all his brothers.” (Genesis 11, 11-12)
  • MR. 2012/09/16 12:01:47 (edited)
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    Not the tolerance the *Good Lord, Jesus speaks about in Holy Scripture. *(The Koran Is not divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. There's no anointing in or on it whatsoever! It doesn't deal with forgiveness of sin, repentance or salvation. This shows then that these peoples worldwide are lost and in need of a savior. I speak honestly this truth in love, as a disciple and witness for Christ Jesus. I'm no man's judge and don't desire to be. I call it like my creator, calls it! There are sincere people worldwide who believe their way to heaven and eternity Is strictly their own, but their sincerely wrong and the Holy Bible can vividly prove this. I support *(ROMNEY/RYAN 2012') for president of the United States, because Mr. Romney knows Jesus life and lives it as a good family man and one who cares for his fellow man, proving I judge no man. Everything comes in God's timming and not ours here on earth. We're to Love God with all our mind, heart and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves,... but let us not love in word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth, amen!
  • No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    What tolerance??..If you are a Christian in an Islamic nation you will be persecuted, jailed or killed! Islam is not a religion of peace!
  • 4570GOVT ☆The Ro... 2012/09/16 16:25:56
    BINGO !
  • Conor 2012/09/16 09:13:55
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    No....but watch fox and you will find that the far right conservatives really don't either.
  • Racefish Conor 2012/09/16 15:16:27
    I really don't think they go around beheading people.
  • Ian 2012/09/16 07:25:23
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    No,ask the Hindus if you think they hate us they detest the Hindus.Look at the news and note wich religous group is always kicking off about something.
    Mind you i do think its going worse out there, the young ones are the dangeous ones.
  • rk 2012/09/16 06:29:53
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
  • Sherri 2012/09/16 06:18:13
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    They send their children from a very early age to the medrassa for indoctrination by radical clerics. People aren't born savages. Someone has to teach them.
  • 4570GOVT Sherri 2012/09/16 16:26:56
  • gizamondo 2012/09/16 06:13:10
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    That question is a bait. Islam has a proud history of intolerance to other religions and believes. All nonbelievers must submit or die.
  • SunShine 2012/09/16 06:10:52
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    Obama Obama, we are all Osama.. He started this all with this trip to Egypt in 09.. He insisted that the radical Muslim Brotherhool were moderate and they would not have a major role in the new government.. as usual he lied.. Islam has about as much tolerance as obama does for Christians and Jews.. Obama is the most unqualified person ever in the oval office.. he has not a clue what he is doing.. this will all bite him in the ass very soon.. hopefully we won't pay a huge price for his ignorance.
  • beavith1 2012/09/16 05:57:16
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    it has a proud tradition of consistence with its writings. kill the infidel, enslave the infidel or make the infidel pay tribute.

    its a work in progress for them today...
  • texasred 2012/09/16 05:26:02
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    4 murdered in Libya is proof.
  • Ross in Oz 2012/09/16 05:00:48
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    Ross in Oz
    They tolerate nothing that isn't islam.

    Unless, of course, you want to pay the jizya...
  • eyes wide open 2012/09/16 04:51:50
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    eyes wide open
    Islam is as tolerant as the democratic party ..
  • cheetahlover156 2012/09/16 04:45:58
    No, Islam does not have a proud tradition of tolerance
    Their own holy book tells them to kill infidels!
  • Jiorgia cheetah... 2012/09/16 04:49:08
    The bible tells you to kill those that do not believe in God many many times, its no different.
  • ♥☆ ـــا... Jiorgia 2012/09/16 04:52:12 (edited)
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    im really impressed
    how come some one has a clean brain in this time????
    thank u for the way you are
  • Jiorgia ♥☆ ـــا... 2012/09/16 04:53:52
    your welcome.
  • cheetah... Jiorgia 2012/09/16 05:33:01 (edited)
    The difference is we don't go out killing nonbelievers (except for the extremists) as often as Muslims do. Islam, Christianity and other religions do have their radicals who totally follow their holy books.
  • ♥☆ ـــا... cheetah... 2012/09/16 05:40:18 (edited)
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    are u saying that god is cruel???
    and ignorant
    so that give u the right to disobay him ????
  • John Wa... ♥☆ ـــا... 2012/09/16 06:52:18
    John Walker II
    In about every book I've read of the holy variety... there's enough parallel across ALL of them that points to a common storyline, but to acknowledge it, the individual faiths would almost have to admit fault on a global scale.

    Pretty fun to think about, in a sick horrifying way. Every religion wants their own spin on one common line of events... and willing to do what it takes to make the others vanish.
  • ♥☆ ـــا... John Wa... 2012/09/16 07:08:23
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    u r free to follow any religion u want coz no one but u will face the result
  • cheetah... ♥☆ ـــا... 2012/09/16 17:04:42
    I have heard that Allah commands Muslims to kill nonbelievers but in every holy book you are commanded by God to do ridiculous things like kill certain people like gays which is ignorant to follow in these modern times where people should know better.
  • ♥☆ ـــا... cheetah... 2012/09/16 18:00:44 (edited)
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    "i have heard..."this is the mistake why not"i find out ,i learned ,i read the correct books .....
  • ♥☆ ـــا... cheetah... 2012/09/16 18:13:20 (edited)
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    1-show more respect to the god ,,he do not say,do,plan,...any thing ridiculous ,,he is the god after all

    but to think of it its not ur fault seeing that u dont know him as well as he know u ...u read the human's mess in the bible and the god knows this wd happen so he didnt stop in the bible

    he sent the quraan for ALL humans not only for us

    this is the god's book not ur dairy to play with it

    the universe under his control and he knows every thing and he is testing us until know ...gave us books with rules and see who will obey no matter what ...then deserved the heaven

    and who will dropped it ...and say ppl know better ...and sure he deserved to dropped in hell

    do u want to know what did god say about u when u keep changing the bible and dont give a damn a bout it ....I would like you to read by ur self

    trust me ....nobody will make excuses for u then
    u ppl really underestimate god ....
  • John Wa... ♥☆ ـــا... 2012/09/17 23:54:52
    John Walker II
    God I don't underestimate. What I do underestimate is the images people paint of him, what they say he can and will do.

    No one truly knows. They can only GUESS.
  • ♥☆ ـــا... John Wa... 2012/09/17 23:58:44
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    no we know....we have a proof
  • John Wa... ♥☆ ـــا... 2012/09/18 00:06:04
    John Walker II
    What kind of proof?
  • ♥☆ ـــا... John Wa... 2012/09/18 00:13:58
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    the quraan ....the facts within it and the following events
    how do u think we know every thing happend with jewshs and christians since the begining
    mohammad was no reader or writer and wasnt in touch with any of them
    but he could tell.....and he was very confident by his tale coz was supported by god
    its up to u really ...either u believe it or not
  • John Wa... ♥☆ ـــا... 2012/09/18 21:12:05
    John Walker II
    I will have to respectfully disagree, but this is one area we're not going to reach a consensus on.

    Believe as you will, it is your right.
  • Ian Jiorgia 2012/09/16 07:27:31
    Yes that is true,but we do not take it has something that has to be done just because it is in the Bible!
  • Jiorgia Ian 2012/09/16 07:48:56
    There are people of every religion that take what is written in their holy text more literally/seriously then others.

    you can't blame the whole for the actions of the few.
  • Ian Jiorgia 2012/09/16 17:31:10
    Yes that is true but some do take what is written more than others,the sad fact is it will come when the majority of Muslims will get the blame for the actions of the few.
    Something is going on that make people turn like this, and we all have to work together we have to ask why is there so much anger with these hot heads.
    What has made them so radical,if christians would be walking into place and blowing themselves and other to pieces i would be asking "what up"
    Yes it is the few but they are having a bad effect on the majority,dont really care about faith it has caused too much wars, what we have to ask is why,how and what can be done.
    No other faith has so much news coverage,i think the Muslim world has to say that it has problems with young radicals.
    And im soory to say this but the whole will get the blame for the actions of the few,that is why we have to get to the problems of the few,one man started WW1,one man started WW2,a few can do a lot of damage to the many.
    5%of the German prople voted for Hitler but the many paid the price of the few.
  • Ian Jiorgia 2012/09/19 20:16:23

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