Does Chris Christie's Weight Hold Him Back From Higher Office?

Chris D 2012/07/03 18:00:00
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Governor Christie is a straight-talking, no-BS kind of guy who seems like a refreshing alternative to double-talking politicians. Many thought he should have been the Republican nominee, but the fact that he was overweight was a non-starter for his presidential bid. He is trying to lose the pounds, but admits that it is hard to do.

(ABC News) TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie opened up about his weight problem in an interview with ABC News and stressed he is “trying” to lose weight, a battle he’s waged for 30 years, but said he’s never considered gastric bypass surgery because it’s “too risky.” “I mean, see, listen, I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding among people regarding weight and regarding all those things that go into, to people being overweight,” Christie said in an interview that will air Tuesday on “Nightline.” “I think folks say — yeah, well he must just not be disciplined, you…

people overweight christie interview air tuesday nightline folks yeah disciplined

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  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/07/06 20:04:27
    ☆ QueenAline
    not for me...he might be fat, but as long as he has the right ideas, and upholds the law and constitution....he's ok by me
  • Mary Ann 2012/07/05 23:03:49
    Mary Ann
    prejudices are prejudices no matter the context; color, weight, religion etc.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/05 22:29:21
  • kevracer 2012/07/05 22:26:08
    his short temper and pleasure at insulting people is what holds him back
  • JustTheFacts 2012/07/05 21:06:03
    Look at how studly barak looks and he's a horrible, lying, crook.
  • MarinerFH 2012/07/05 20:54:13
  • Fef 2012/07/05 19:50:10
    Democrats have shown their intolerance toward heavy people (with Conservative values)
    rush fat
  • joseph ... Fef 2012/07/06 23:08:54
  • Herman 2012/07/05 19:50:09
    Who asks these pathetically stupid questions?
  • joe mauro Herman 2012/07/05 20:32:48
    joe mauro
    thin nerds
  • rustyshackelford 2012/07/05 19:05:06
  • abubinc... rustysh... 2012/07/07 03:37:34
    It's something for his political adversaries(and their media allies) to attack.
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2012/07/05 18:47:58
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Absolutely, it holds him back! He is at risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other maladies that compromise his health. It would be like voting for a 110 yr old man with Stage 4 cancer.
  • joe mauro Louisa ... 2012/07/05 20:33:24
    joe mauro
    and when he want doughnuts he gets mean
  • Louisa ... joe mauro 2012/07/05 22:27:46
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    he gets mean cause he's too lazy to get off his ass and go buy one.
  • joe mauro Louisa ... 2012/07/06 04:00:30
  • ART 2012/07/05 17:36:12
  • Cyan9 2012/07/05 15:53:32
    But it might have weighed him down. :P
  • mwf122090 2012/07/05 15:36:41
    That would be his stupidity.
  • mind-pilot 2012/07/05 15:33:00
    You are what you eat. At least that's what my conservative friends say. This guy is owned by the new, and improved, mafia corporation and he wreaks of it. He's eaten the dead fish. 30 year battle? I think not. Too many crispy creams is more like it.
  • joe mauro mind-pilot 2012/07/05 20:36:10
    joe mauro
    very true but please stop using the M word us wops prefer organized crime thanks!
  • mind-pilot joe mauro 2012/07/05 21:23:10
    Please forgive me. There's also the Chinese Mafia, the Irish Mafia, the Russian Mafia, the Mexican Mafia those guys say the Italian Mafia doesn't exist because they sold out in Vegas, Shanghi,Atlantic City, Puerto Rico, Beging( Peking). What's up with that?
  • joe mauro mind-pilot 2012/07/05 22:00:04
    joe mauro
    the word is itialian those different groups give itialians in general a bad name its racist please say organized crime after all you dont say that about any other ethnic group omly itialian mericans that wrong
  • mind-pilot joe mauro 2012/07/06 14:26:21
    I didn't realize it was racist. Sorry about that. What does "mafia" mean that would make it a racist statement? It's nice to know what words mean.
  • joe mauro mind-pilot 2012/07/06 18:13:33
    joe mauro
    it means mind your own business and show respect to people you hardly know and you will get respect in return
  • mind-pilot joe mauro 2012/07/06 20:12:30
    That's a pretty crude and goofy answer for a simple question. Disrespect? How do you figure that? But racism? I don't get your connection. And if you can't explain it in civil terms, then, I guess, the term is right. You know......But racist? You can't explain it. So, is that your "opinion"?
  • joe mauro mind-pilot 2012/07/06 23:23:54
    joe mauro
    ok i never wanted to be rude.Its just offensive to all itlo americans that everytime a crime group is mentioned they use an itilian word which equates itilian people with crime around the world thats racist at worse unfair at best.The tongs in china have been organized crime groups for over 2000 years,the yukazuma in japan for hundreds of years the posse in jamaica for scores of years,but people still say the chinese mafia ,the japanese mafia why npot say the jamaican tongs or the ukraian yukozuma ill tell you why due to popular amerivcan culture an itilian word is fixed world wide on all crime groups that i himbly not rudely submit is unfair and racist
  • mind-pilot joe mauro 2012/07/06 23:47:44
    That's cool. Italians have a great history where I don't think that word is a word to describe an Italian. Man, your roots come from Rome. Have you ever been to Rome? The Collesium(sp)? Bath, England? The Romans were once the best in all the land. Revel in that. Oh, don't forget the Italian cuisine. That word, in my mind, never describes an Italian. It does describe a thug. A thief. A murderer. Organized or not, that name isn't a description of an Italian in any way.
    Just for giggles and grins.....Do the Scicillians feel the same way? Please....no offense. It's just a simple question. Don't be so sensitive. Roman/Italians have bigger history than a gang banger.....anyday.
    How do you say it: Chow! Areviderche!
  • joe mauro mind-pilot 2012/07/07 01:55:11
    joe mauro
  • mind-pilot joe mauro 2012/07/07 03:36:21
    Ok with me.
  • abubinc... joe mauro 2012/07/07 03:39:18 (edited)
    Italian Business Man. lol
    Here's the edit-supposedly, this was a term the feds used for Mafia types.
  • abubinc... abubinc... 2012/07/07 03:45:04
    I just read some of the comments below.
    I don't have ANY issues with Italians. Period.
    But, you gotta admit that the old-school families in the mob were of Italian descent.
    That doesn't mean all Italians are mobbed up.
    In my town, the Trafficantes were the only mob family in Florida.
    C'mon, Joe.
  • joe mauro abubinc... 2012/07/07 06:59:07
    joe mauro
    i guess you never went to hallendale
  • abubinc... joe mauro 2012/07/08 02:37:15
    I've been there a million times. I lived in S. Fla. for years.
    They have out-of-town mobsters.
    Like the pipefitters' union that built the new Diplomat.
    I know it well. I once worked there.
  • joe mauro abubinc... 2012/07/09 18:57:37
    joe mauro
    or the pittsburg teamsters that ran the seminole poker,i was talking about the man who guilt hallendale meyer lansky
  • abubinc... joe mauro 2012/07/10 01:45:39
    And the Purple Gang was Jewish, too.
    La Cosa Nostra isn't Yiddish, though.
  • joe mauro abubinc... 2012/07/11 06:19:00
    joe mauro
    it means our thing even in hebrew
  • abubinc... joe mauro 2012/07/11 21:43:14
    Dayn gezunt, paesano.
  • joe mauro abubinc... 2012/07/11 23:15:47
  • Nick 2012/07/05 13:21:12
    What holds him back is being a little to outspoken, he needs to learn when to stop talking
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