Does Anyone Seriously Believe the Supreme Court Will Overturn Obamacare?

bronxboba 2011/11/25 20:26:17
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1. The Supremes are only reviewing two of the 10 major provisions of the law -- the individual mandate & new state Medicaid requirements.

2. The Supremes opted not to review the employer mandate, indicating they could well uphold the individual mandate.

3, Perhaps most important, the Supremes side with big business 9 times out of 10 in their rulings. Big insurance companies want Obamacare with the individual mandate because it effectively institutionalizes private health insurance as central to the U.S. health care system. They know if Obamacare dies and health care costs continue to price consumers out of the market, a one-payer government-operated health insurance system is just a matter of time.
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  • Bob Pooba 2011/11/26 13:27:17
    I disagree because. . . .
    Bob Pooba
    Maybe the Supreme Court will not overturn Obama's health care plan, but the next President will. By executive privilege if necessary.
  • rick2517 Bob Pooba 2011/12/23 20:31:31
    How stupid your comment is. It would take a Rpublican president, a Republican House and a Republican Senate to overturn the law. It took more than a president to enact it, didn't it?
  • Bob Pooba rick2517 2011/12/27 02:17:50
    Bob Pooba
    Whatever you say Skippy...
  • Space Invader 2011/11/26 03:06:16
    I disagree because. . . .
    Space Invader
    the federal government can not force you to purchase a product they deem is necessary for themselves....this is a direct violation of the commerce clause
  • mich52 2011/11/25 23:32:02
  • Rebel Yell 2011/11/25 22:46:42
    Sadly, you are probably right. Another reason to join the Occupy movement.
    Rebel Yell
    The provision of Obamacare at the heart of the constitutional challenge -- the requirement that all Americans will have to buy health insurance if they're not eligible for a public plan like Medicare or Medicaid -- is a "must have" for the nation's health insurance industry. People who get their coverage from an employer continues to decline, dropping to 44.5 percent in the third quarter of this year.

    People can no longer afford health care whether they are working or not. Also, all it takes is one worker at a small company to get seriously sick for an insurance company to jack up rates so high the employer has no choice but to drop coverage for all employees and their dependents. That has been happening for many years. There are about 60+ million people with no health care coverage and another 50 million Americans are now underinsured ... and that probably includes you and me.

    Here's what is sad. The Supreme Court should be making their decision on Obamacare based on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of the law as it was written. But what the far right justices will consider is whether or not the free-market system of health insurance could implode if it is repealed. Justice Kennedy will recognize that the future of the health care industry is at stake.. and the vote will come down to 5-4, with Kennedy being the power vote to uphold it.
  • The Duke 2011/11/25 22:37:16
    I disagree because. . . .
    The Duke
    Didn't provide an answer I could go along with. I ardently hope 0bamacare will be overturned by the SC, but think it unlikely unless one of its' premier cheerleaders (Kagan) is recused.
  • johnc 2011/11/25 21:46:13
    I disagree because. . . .
    there is no answer you posted that I liked.

    Obama care is a joke, proof, those that supported it bought exemptions from it.

    It will be overturned. otherwise government can soon demand you buy a government motors car made in Mexico and Canada.(remember the peoples car in Nazi Germany the VW, while hitler rode in mercedes) Like the mercury filled light bulbs made in China.Oh wait that already do that. the Obama/GE complex. Maybe the government might decide they should be the providers of groceries, no more safeway, no more luckys, no more pigly wigley, just a government food store, ready to get in line? Ready to get in line for health care, or if exempt you get to go to the head of the line?
  • The Duke johnc 2011/11/25 22:39:33
    The Duke
    But those are all among the blessings of a good Socialist government, Zer0-bama's only aim.
  • kmay 2011/11/25 21:20:28 (edited)
    I disagree because. . . .
    Supreme Court rule on this will depend on Kennedy's vote.....that is reality!
  • Dale 2011/11/25 21:19:37
    I disagree because. . . .
    Sadly, they will probably uphold Obamacare in it's entirity. Just another layer of Government in your lives, like it or not.
  • Oil Junkie 2011/11/25 20:56:00
    Sadly, you are probably right. Another reason to join the Occupy movement.
    Oil Junkie
    Dumb Cons do.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2011/11/25 20:45:58
    Three cheers for Obamacare!!!
    I don't call it "Obamacare." but I do think the Supremes will uphold the constitutionality of the mandate.

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