Does anyone remember the Watergate Scandal?

nverumind 2012/05/03 14:44:00
I think it is ironic, the way things have been the past few years. Especially with the media and the (suspected and known) corruption in Gov. Ofcoarse it has gone on much longer than alot of us remember or before we were born. But The media used to be how americans and other counties aquired factual knowlage on current events,events passed and to come. But it seems like media is a tool more often used to pass along a tailored,distorted, or backwards message , government approved ofcoarse. And what better way to get America on the same page? when it comes to something that otherwise Might disagree with, if the truth was implemented into the message. there are some independent agents out there that truely try to find truth and relay it, but that is a rarity.
Which made me think of the watergate scandal, If media had been bought out or intimidated back then ..This wouldnt be a world wide known scandal exposed and wouldnt have had concequences enforced!

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