Does anyone know who Morgan and britney the father and daughter lovers from the Steve Wilkos Show really are?

andygets123 2011/07/14 23:08:50
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  • Loved by the Creeps 2013/05/09 15:13:31
  • devonne.bingham 2012/05/19 07:29:04
    Ok.....so after an extensive tracking effort, I have tracked down this "coupl...
    does she have a facebook? id really like to talk to her and like.. try to help.
  • geri devonne... 2013/01/09 18:52:55
    Does anyone have any updates on her progress or predicament? I just saw the 2nd part of the show on 1/9/13. Wonder how she's doing?
  • jessica 2012/05/18 19:19:17
    Ok.....so after an extensive tracking effort, I have tracked down this "coupl...
    i feel sorry for her.. you can tell on the show that she is being manipulated by him. he is a sick sob who deserves to go to jail over this!! that poor girl
  • rodney 2012/04/12 15:18:00
    Ok.....so after an extensive tracking effort, I have tracked down this "coupl...
    just so you know brittany anderson is my sister my name is rodney forshee we have differnt dads and yes she is living in barberton, OH. dont judge er shes been through alot people dont know about but she put herself through alot of that. our mom did not prostatute her out believe that. and our mom is not a drug attic anymore, the only reason she was was because we lost our sister her youngest mariah about 5 years ago. so i think you can understand that.
  • nathan rodney 2012/05/18 19:05:07
    I think she's a smart beautiful girl. To bad the things that whole family has been thru. I'd love to get to know her n keep that so called "dad" away from her. She needs to be shown real love.
  • Kimberl... rodney 2012/05/19 00:49:48
    Just so YOU know Rodney, there are so many of us out here, that don't just want to help Brittany, but want to do what we can for each of you, for all you went thru....please understand we KNOW the pain she is going thru. What we cannot stand and DO NOT accept, is what Brittany's biological sperm donor is doing to her. It is not just morally wrong, it is depraved, and it is CONTINUING the cycle of abuse. And if Brittany can't get away from him soon, then her OWN children WILL go thru the EXACT same thing SHE DID/IS going through. Is that TRULY what she wants? I mean, I am not saying she has to go to her Mom either (but not saying she shouldn't either') - but unless she stops this, and receives help, then she is doomed to treat her own children the same way...;and it goes on and on. I know. I've been there.
  • geri rodney 2013/01/09 14:28:35
    1/9/13 I just saw the 2nd part, probably a rerun. Rodney your sister is going to need alot of counseling. What we learn up to age 23 or so is clearly imbedded in our brains. Her "father's" brainwashing is going to be hard to beat, and if she breaks away from him, she still may fall prey to other "predators" like him, as that is what she knows & feels "comfortable" with & can relate to. She may not need or want to go with her mother, although she (IMO) should have some sort of relationship with her. I think time on her own is best, or with someone who has her best interest at heart that she trusts. Could that be you? Any updates to her situation? I wish you all, especially Brittany, the best of luck.
  • laura geri 2013/05/10 18:30:32
    i jus saw that Britney had finally left her dad. but now she's with her dads friend, I was jus hoping she would want to be with someone her own age. poor britney obviously has developed daddy issues. and he is not that good looking. Britney is so beautiful she can be a really good looking guy.
  • nicole rodney 2013/07/29 03:57:09
    I know on a personal level what kind of hold morgan can have over a women!! He had me wrapped around his finger and had me soo mentally screwed up for many years!! Brittney is not safe being around him not physically or mentally!! He hasn't changed since your mom he's actually gotten worse!! Please for the safety of your sister get her away from him!!!
  • britney nicole 2014/06/12 01:42:59
  • Michelle 2011/11/24 00:05:24
    Ok.....so after an extensive tracking effort, I have tracked down this "coupl...
    where can you find the video's they posted on Youtube?
  • Ashley Michelle 2012/01/29 19:59:40
    I know where they live did you find them
  • Kimberl... Ashley 2012/05/19 00:45:05
  • Ashley 2014/10/03 17:18:44
    just saw him in Giant Eagle..barberton
  • JersonValino 2011/11/11 04:57:50
    Ok.....so after an extensive tracking effort, I have tracked down this "coupl...
    Do know the link address of their Myspace accounts?
  • Kimberl... JersonV... 2012/05/19 00:45:49
  • dayna.l... Kimberl... 2012/05/21 16:48:46
    I would like to help her too. I feel so bad for her, she does not deserve this, she is literally brain washed by this man. I myself had a rough childhood, my mother was a drug addict as well..she does not need to live like this, and she needs support. can you post her links?
  • john dayna.l... 2013/05/09 20:03:58
    I hope you are aware you are mis-using the word "literally", as many ignorant cattle do. "Literally brain washed" means that her brain would be being scrubbed and washed with a sponge or other cleaning/washing utensil. Please stop using this word incorrectly, you make yourself look extremely stupid.
  • bridget... JersonV... 2012/05/30 02:29:59
    Get the link?

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