Does America need to be more "fair?"

TruBluTopaz 2012/02/27 23:06:45
It's not fair.
It's not fair that someone who has worked in school and gone to college makes more money than someone who cruised through and didn't try.
It's not fair that someone who practices harder gets a prize.
It's not fair that people who work hard get to live in nicer houses.
It's not fair
It's not fair

The above chant is the litany of the Left. They honestly believe that their own lack of initiative,their own addictions and foibles in the legal system play no role in their economic failure to thrive. They demand that they be given those things which others have worked to earn. A college education? Sure as Uncle Sam. A cell phone and computer? Ask Uncle Sam. The repetition and the consistency seems to be that whatever it is you work for, someone else thinks they deserve. And if you don't think this is the centerpiece to Obama's attempt to level the economy, think again. Who did he embrace? Unions. And unions want everyone to have the same thing.

"...Obama apparently does not know that the European countries that have become “fairer” over the past two decades are now basket cases of debt, social unrest, and an unaffordable welfare state. Those European countries that have had the discipline to become “less fair,” are, in the words of a sympathetic liberal columnist (The GOP scrambles for a bogeyman) “doing well economically, both in absolute terms and in contrast to us.”

We should be like Germany or Sweden but not like Greece, I guess. But Germany and Sweden are recovering from too much of the social justice that Obama wishes to impose on us, while Greece is falling apart in a sea of equality and justice.

Buried in OECD statistics is an innocuous table entitled “Gini coefficients (after taxes and transfers).” Gini coefficients are the most widely used measure of income inequality. A zero Gini means everyone has the same income. A unitary Gini means one family has all the income. Ginis therefore fall between zero and one. The higher the number, the greater the inequality.

The table shows the percentage increase (or decrease) in income equality for European countries after redistribution by the state through taxes and benefits. (The more positive the number, the greater the increase in inequality. Negative numbers show a reduction in inequality, as Obama would like.)

Percent Increase (decrease) in Inequality
Sweden 0.061
Germany 0.034
Norway 0.028
Denmark 0.027
Italy 0.027
Netherlands 0.022
France -0.007
Greece -0.029
Ireland -0.037
Spain -0.054

Hold the presses! The OECD income-inequality statistics show the basket-cases of Europe – Greece, Ireland, and Spain – are the ones that increased their “fairness” over the past quarter century. France, on its way to becoming a basket case, has also become more “socially just,” but less so than its fairness addicts to the South. The only exception is Italy, which has become marginally “less fair,” but belongs among the basket-cases of Europe. Those countries in Northern and Central Europe, praised by the Democrat elite as doing so well – Sweden, Germany, Norway, and Netherlands — have become “less fair.”

Sweden, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands are doing well because they are going about the difficult process of correcting the excesses of the runaway welfare state.

Sweden fell from the world’s fourth richest country to eleventh place after it adopted its “solidarity wage model” of universal health, early retirement, permanent unemployment coverage, seventy percent marginal tax rates, and four of six million Swedes living from the public purse. The Netherlands used its North Sea energy windfall to create a cradle-to-grave system that eventually placed fifteen percent of the generally-healthy able-bodied Dutch population on physical or mental disability. Denmark moved from a welfare to a workfare state, making it and the Netherlands “model cases of welfare reform in Western Europe.” Germany erected a system of long-term unemployment insurance and welfare payments that made public assistance more profitable than work for many. They had to recruit someone from private industry to tell them how to make work pay again.

Each of these countries has fought back, despite vociferous opposition from the Left, to create a “less fair” but better functioning social and economic system.

Europe’s current basket cases will find it more difficult to reverse their runaway welfare states. The welfare constituency of public employees, early retirees, and the unemployed has become the dominant political voice and will not accept a return to sanity.

Europe warns us that the “Road to Serfdom” can be short. Northern Europe may have dodged the bullet at least for now, but it will again face pressure for a restoration of fairness when the political pendulum swings back to the left.

When the Berlin Wall fell, curious West Germans flocked to Wandlitz, the elite compound where the East German leadership lived. The visitors were shocked that they lived as well or better than the “One Percent” of East Germany. Communist East Germany had inadvertently created the type of society the “Occupy Wall Streeters” would get if their demands were met – a fair society in which the top dogs live no better than ordinary people in other societies..."

Read More: http://www.forbes.com/sites/paulroderickgregory/20...

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  • TruBluTopaz 2012/03/08 18:01:19
    I read and posted this article too. The Left seems to want to penalize anyone who makes one cent more than another. We see this in schools where everyone gets a prize. I had to argue with other art teachers because they didn't want to have judges for fear it would be "meanspirited" to award one kid over another. Maybe that works for grade school, but in our world we survive via competition. In fact I think this attitude has worked to a great disadvantage with boys in our educational system. Boys are hardwired to thrive on competition. Girls are more attuned to group work. Yet what are the buzzwords in education? Collaboration, facilitation, group work. And what is the result of group work whether in school or professionally? The hardworked does it all while the rest coast. It's supporting an attitude of intellectual laziness that has not served us well. For the first time, there are more women enrolled in college than men. And that is not a good indication of equality nor is it of benefit to our future economically.
  • prosperhappily 2012/03/08 17:23:12
    Couldn't agree more.

    Somewhere, there's got to be a happy medium where we help those who need and deserve help but don't do squat for the leeches.
  • Kevin Verdone 2012/02/28 02:27:10
    Kevin Verdone
    It's not fair how companies shift all American jobs oversees to pay less taxes and make a quick buck.
    And it's not fair how these big companies then buy out politicians to serve them in Congress.
    It's not fair how banks gamble with our money and take citizens houses when they lose that gamble.
    And it sure isn't fair that we then have to reach into our pockets to give those banks a bailout or two, most of which is used to inflate their CEO's and board member's pockets.

    All we want is a government that is loyal to the people, not the corporations.
  • TruBluT... Kevin V... 2012/02/28 03:55:58
    Loyalty is a two way street. Companies are entitled to make money. How can they do that when the government seizes income and like it or not, that is what is happening when Obama claims to want to raise taxes on the "rich". Many of those "rich" are small businesses that will go under. Where are your jobs then? Nobody other than a theif ever got rich taking money from someone else.
  • Kevin V... TruBluT... 2012/02/29 07:47:46
    Kevin Verdone
    "Nobody other than a theif ever got rich taking money from someone else."
    Thieves, banks, and governments. Banks are just the best at it.
  • TruBluT... Kevin V... 2012/02/29 23:26:14
    Actually politicians are the best at it. And lawyers. When Shakespeare wrote "First, kill all the lawyers" he knew what he was talking about. Most of our rise in medical costs can be laid right at the door of the Trial Lawyers Association. That's the same group Obama promised "there will be no tort reform."
  • My butt 2012/02/27 23:34:30
    My butt
    All they want is a job so they can sustain life as Americans do . Problem with that ? They don't want your things , get over it .

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