Does America have Aristocracy?

Incognito 2012/07/21 15:10:42
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Do you have enough money to influence politics? Probably not.
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  • zeldamaster17~平和 2012/07/21 21:27:04
    Yes. Democracy is under attack from moneyed interests.
    Actually we've never had a democratic society and those who think we do really need to go back to civics.
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/21 19:53:36
    Yes. Democracy is under attack from moneyed interests.
    Democrats have better Healthcare Limousines, Billions of extra dollars each year . pocket money for business, that won't quit. It is time to either stop this or we must began the slaughter of the Congress and start over
    I would prefer to simply turn the culprits out in the snow, but you know the members of this congress If they are alive they;ll be trying to suck a dime or two out of the new Congress/.. Better to do the slaughter , They've long enough and enjoyed the fruitsa of our labors ( Please note thaat I am kidding the public.... I am angry but not this angry. I want also for the Congress to get a hold on and look into bring more like Americans
  • Rebel Yell 2012/07/21 16:04:35
    Yes. Democracy is under attack from moneyed interests.
    Rebel Yell
    We have a plutocracy. The Koch Bros and others like him buy our congressmen. The Koch Industries have been fined several times for polluting our air and water. Those fines are just annoying for billionaires, but they have instructed the GOP to get rid of the EPA. Then they can pollute all they want without those little annoyances.
  • lm1b2 2012/07/21 15:30:09
    Yes. Democracy is under attack from moneyed interests.
    Mayor Bloomberg thinks he a Aristocrat,telling us what to eat ,etc,while he goes around with armed guards to protect him,the same with Obama,Romney,and the rest of them.Look at all of those wealthy Actors always commenting on society like they know more then the rest of us,they to have armed guards to protect themselves,what a bunch of Ass H's.
  • Reichstolz 2012/07/21 15:18:16
    No. What? Me Worry?
    It has always been the case in America where the wealthy are represented first. Property owners were our original voters, that is the way it should have remained.
  • crotchrot 2012/07/21 15:11:35
  • lm1b2 crotchrot 2012/07/21 15:32:14
    Its the idiots who held life,and death over your ancestors for thousans of years,Dau!

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