Doctors ready to quit? Why?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/11 14:51:27
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Doctors talk back

The Doctor-Patient Medical Association is a new idea. Why should doctors and patients fight one another? The DPMA has a new message: doctor and patient have the same interest, deal with the same reality, and sometimes have the same enemies.

From April 18 to May 22, 2012, the DPMA asked doctors across the
country about the putative President’s health care reform bill, and
about other frustrating things that doctors have to deal with. Two days
ago they published their Physician Attitudes Survey.
Most of the 699 doctors who answered the survey are in solo, group, or
office practice. (Eleven percent are in hospital-based practice. That
could include the doctors who run the lab, the emergency room, and the
X-ray department, and put you to sleep when other doctors operate on
you. But it could also include internists and even surgeons who see all
their patients in one hospital and even draw a hospital salary.) More
than three out of four were in the middle of their careers. (House
officers, the “Young Doctor Kildares” did not answer this survey.)

Their answers should make everyone take notice. Nine in ten said that
medicine was on the wrong track, and five in six thought about
quitting. Some of them might have to quit: two in three say they are
barely breaking even or losing money on their practices.

They don’t want the government to help them. They just want the
government to get out. And it’s not that they “don’t care.” Slightly
more than half of them would rather treat some patients free of charge and not deal with Medicare or Medicaid to treat the same patient.

I want to focus on what is best for my patients and not
what a government official deems cost effective…I would be willing to do
charity care weekly for the poor and underinsured if there was tort

For that matter, they think medicine is off the rails as it is.
Medicine, as they must practice it today, harms the doctor-patient
relationship. For that they mostly blame the government. But they also blame the big insurers, and the big corporate hospital systems.

The best single thing that can repair most problems, the doctors
said, is for the government to get out. But further than that, patients
should ditch the insurers and start paying their bills directly. So
naturally those doctors want to see the kind of reform that would let a
patient do that. One doctor said:

Only the free market will fix this mess. We need to
eliminate government and government-protected corporate greed from
medical care.

Reporters miss the point

Liberal reporters belittled the survey. That should surprise no one. But The Daily Caller did not do such a good job, either. They picked up on the five in six doctors ready to quit medicine. But they didn’t pick up on the other things the doctors said. They at least let Kathryn Serkes, co-founder of the DPMA, sum up:

Doctors clearly understand what Washington does not —
that a piece of paper that says you are “covered” by insurance or
“enrolled” in Medicare or Medicaid does not translate to actual medical
care when doctors can’t afford to see patients at the lowball payments,
and patients have to jump through government and insurance company
bureaucratic hoops.

But they missed this gem:

Are there any long-term Government run programs that aren’t riddled with inefficiency and corruption?

Nor did they quote any of the other opinions that doctors expressed. Yes, doctors blame the government, but not only the government.

When the airlines were taken over by business instead of
being run by pilots, the industry went to hell. Same thing has happened
to “healthcare”— doctors used to run hospitals and their practices. Now
they are “providers.”

An old problem

The problem, and the debate, are decades old. Ayn Rand called the doctor “the forgotten man of socialized medicine.” In Atlas Shrugged, she said this:

In all the discussions that preceded the enslavement of
medicine, men discussed everything—except the desires of the doctors.
Men considered only the “welfare” of the patients, with no thought for
those who were to provide it. That a doctor should have any right,
desire or choice in the matter, was regarded as irrelevant selfishness;
his is not to choose, they said, but “to serve.” That a man willing to
work under compulsion is too dangerous a brute to entrust with a job in
the stockyards—never occurred to those who proposed to help the sick by
making life impossible for the healthy.

Enslavement can take many forms. Sometimes it starts with programs
that offer carrots first, and sticks later. Before Medicare or Medicaid,
doctors-in-training often worked for “slave” wages. The late William A.
Nolen (The Making of a Surgeon), who trained at Bellevue Hospital in the era when Atlas Shrugged came out, earned $780 a year as an intern and about three times as much as a chief resident.

Nobody, at least nobody with a family, could get by on these wages,

Medicare changed everything. House officers today earn not much less
than police officers or teachers in a public school. When Medicare
started to fund care for the elderly, it funded training of doctors
after medical school. The old-school attending doctors often resented
the new trainees, who had no concept of what their economics had been

In my day, I sold my blood for toothpaste money!

But these new salaries also got doctors used to having the government
pick up the tab for everything. Now they’re afraid to lose all the
“benefits.” An empty belly can be as strong a chain as iron. (The
attendings have their own “hook”: federal and other government grants.)

They also developed no concept of the value of a patient’s means. No
one was going to tell them, as a private attending once told Dr. Nolen:

Please don’t order all those expensive blood chemistries
on Mr. R___. He can’t afford them and I don’t understand them anyway. In
two days he’ll be eating and drinking, and he won’t get into any
trouble in so short a time.

Today it’s worse. Doctors order everything because they’re afraid that someone will sue them if they don’t!

Charity patients never have to worry about how much their care will
cost. But private patients don’t have that worry, either. They find out
later, only if “insurance doesn’t cover it.”

No wonder doctors are ready to quit. Obamacare might push
some of them over the edge. But doctors have been ready to quit for
years. You have to read all the results of that survey to get that message.

So what do you think? Why might five in six doctors be ready to quit?

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/07/11...

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  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/07/11 14:56:51
    All of the above
    If you read the whole survey (follow the link), you know that doctors have *a lot* of reasons to be fed up.

    Obamacare is merely the latest in a long string of outrages, and subtle enslavements, that I have watched happen to medicine all my life. And I did some of that watching from the inside. The attending who complained about selling his blood for toothpaste money, said it to me, when I was a medical student.

    Of course, I learned another thing: When you're a medical student, if you're not a liberal, you have no heart. But when you become an intern ("first-year resident"), if you do not at the same time become a conservative, you have no brain. Your first tax return tends to put things in focus double-quick. Sadly, a lot of my fellow residents never learned--at least, not during residency. They're figuring it out now.

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  • FeelHoo... cancled 2012/07/11 18:34:54
  • Lady Wh... FeelHoo... 2012/07/11 23:34:38
    Lady Whitewolf
    THANK YOU! FINALLY someone who sees t he same thing....
  • Icono1 2012/07/11 18:01:21
    It would be a good idea to let doctors be doctors and patients be patients and get the govt and insurance companies out of the mix.
  • none 2012/07/11 18:00:30
  • ★Calliope★ 2012/07/11 17:47:01
    Just wait until the penalties come when they turn away more medicare.
  • Wolfman 2012/07/11 17:27:49
    All of the above
    The doctor's office will become the DMV of medicine. Would you want to be the doctor?

  • Chi~Cat Wolfman 2012/07/11 17:36:59
    Hell no.
  • Wolfman Chi~Cat 2012/07/11 17:44:36
    Hi Chi-Cat. I'm glad you are with me on this one.
  • Chi~Cat Wolfman 2012/07/13 17:51:13
    You get your sweet American uh....., ; )
  • cancled Wolfman 2012/07/11 18:25:33
    Hell, they are like that now, where have you been????
  • heirsof... cancled 2012/07/11 20:17:44 (edited)
    One of many reasons why I haven't seen a doctor in over 4 years. With more and more stuff on the internet, like webMD, food, fitness, and fasting sites, it's getting easier to avoid the doctor altogether. To some this is extreme, but think about it.
  • cancled heirsof... 2012/07/12 12:54:35
    Yupp, that's what I do, look it up myself, treat myself with preventative measures.
    Last time I saw a doctor was 1996.
  • Wolfman cancled 2012/07/11 21:35:47
    Mine isn't. I would like to keep it that way.
  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/07/11 17:19:26
  • Burning Bright Embers 2012/07/11 17:14:13
    All of the above
    Burning Bright Embers
    doctors have been quitting for many years. one in particular told me why he quit. He was tired of the insurance companies dictating how long he could spend with each patient, and second guessing his diagnosis, and turning down treatments and needed procedures for his patients.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/07/11 17:08:16
    All of the above
    Christopher Kirchen
    All of these plus physical exhaustion if they are a surgeon
  • heirsof... Christo... 2012/07/11 20:19:56
    True. Doctors are humans, not machines.
  • nverumind 2012/07/11 17:05:22
    Government programs generally
    Ughh. meant to scroll down and clicked accidentally, All of those choices work and are true.
    Doctors and hospitals are sick of putting up with middlemen and Gov trying to control what should be private between Consumer and Producer.. (patient and doctor).
  • Always Right 2012/07/11 16:55:32
    All of the above
    Always Right
    Government intervention rarely has fixed anything! Most times it has made things worse.
  • All of the above
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    I think mostly from government intrusion, lawsuits and the cost of liability insurance!
  • Dwight 2012/07/11 16:28:18
    Government programs generally
    My own MD has said his practice would go in debt if he depended on Government sponsered healthcare payments. According to him it's easier to negotiate a decent return from Insurance Companies that Uncle Sam, which has the luxuryof tax dollars to back up any suit or investigation they want to conduct.

    Even though he's just a year younger than i am, my GP plans to let medecine go when Barrycare takes over.
  • Red_Horse 2012/07/11 16:25:14
  • firelooker 2012/07/11 16:19:19
    All of the above
    Sorry I don't have much sympathy for the doctors when it cost 125.00 for an office visit that lasts maybe 15 minutes. Only to be told what you already knew(You've got a sinus infection) then be given a prescription for antibiotics that cost 15-20 dollars, now you're up to a 150.00.
  • Josh Ro... firelooker 2012/07/11 16:34:05
    Josh Robinson
    Sometimes they tell you it's cancer... then you stop caring how much it costs...
  • nverumind firelooker 2012/07/11 17:14:08 (edited)
    very true that it has become ridiculously expensive, but that is due to over regulation and gov meddling when it comes to requiring All the insurances that are needed
    to operate an office, to cover all its employees, and Instruments needed to perform tasks and procedures, the healthcare system just milking us for more and more money.
    Not to mention the charity care scenerio where your 150 bucks is helping pay for someone without ins that needs care. gotta love leaches, they create the main reason a doc /hospital has to charge so much because people either refuse or cant pay for healthcare let alone qualify or afford HCinsurance.
  • Chi~Cat 2012/07/11 16:06:22
    All of the above
    They've been leaving IL in droves since '05. Mainly due to the astronomical medical malpractice premiums. I guess socialist medicine is the way to go? I think not. I have been saying for the longest time, that not only is our right to bear arms a priority, but to also have a few doctors on your speed dial.
  • morris44 Chi~Cat 2012/07/11 18:20:47
    Blame the insurance companies.
  • Chi~Cat morris44 2012/07/12 02:45:22
    You are so genius in googling. Kudos. You wouldn't know a tort from a kick in your progressive arse. Flake off.
  • morris44 Chi~Cat 2012/07/13 17:43:12
    useless reply.

    i offer supportive evidence, you goof around.
  • Chi~Cat morris44 2012/07/13 17:52:18
    Really? Okay, tool. When you work on med mal cases, then you can say something to me. Take a hike.
  • GINGERBREAD 2012/07/11 15:39:32
    Should OBAMA CARE doesn't get cancelled by these pussyfied politicians, this is what I think the doctors will do. The doctors will establish offices and hospitals in a central american country, then they will sell insurance to anyone that wants to buy, in the USA, and should they need the services of these doctors in the future, they can fly to that country, get the medical treatment done, for 1/3 the cost for the same procedures done in the USA. Don't need medical insurance, don't have government intrusion, less paper work. And every body will get paid what they are worth. As for the people that can't afford the insurance? Too bad, you voted for this OBAMA CARE, you are stuck with the kind of medical treatment you voted for. ELECTIONS HAVE THEIR CONSEQUENCES
  • ray GINGERB... 2012/07/11 17:04:47
    ." The doctors will establish offices and hospitals in a central american country, then they will sell insurance to anyone that wants to buy, in the USA, and should they need the services of these doctors in the future, they can fly to that country, get the medical treatment done, for 1/3 the cost for the same procedures done in the USA"

    Absolutely right . Visions of Carribean Island hotel / Hospital / resorts with delivery by the Cruise ships . Honduran beaches were patients have views of the Oceans for recovery .
    No lawsuit liability as the hospitals live on their reputation . Hospitals and doctors finance the whole cost by means of insurance free of any regulations. Decisions made entirely between doctors and patients. Sounds like it would work.
  • GINGERB... ray 2012/07/11 20:01:10
    It's already in the works.
  • Matt 2012/07/11 15:27:45
    None of the above
    Doctors quitting is all a bunch of poppycock.

    What else are they going to do ?

    Where else are they going to go ?
    doctors quitting
  • jimmy Matt 2012/07/11 16:01:15
    doctor are not going persay like retire. They'll refuse to take people on medicare and medcaid, but well accept private ins. co's.
  • Matt jimmy 2012/07/12 14:17:28
    Medicare and Medicaid are now private insurance, with a government subsidy. The only difference that I can see is that there will probably be a crackdown on fraud and unnecessary services. All but the "Cadillac" plans will probably align themselves with these changes.

    The middle class being destroyed, this is the start of our government's attack on the upper classes.
  • jimmy Matt 2012/07/13 13:26:04
    So what your saying is that doctors who presently accept medicare and medicad are commiting fraud. Sense obamanutcare is cutting 500 million dollars from the medicare fund which all would be cuts to providers, financially doctors could not afford to treat medicare patients
  • Matt jimmy 2012/07/13 16:32:02
    $500 million could easily be compensated for by increased oversight. I am not a champion for Obamacare. It could have been a lot better.
    ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
    Medicare Fraud

    Medicare and Medicaid made an estimated $23.7 billion in improper payments in 2007. These included $10.8 billion for Medicare and $12.9 billion for Medicaid. Medicare’s fee-for-service reduced its error rate from 4.4 percent to 3.9 percent. (U.S. Office of Management and Budget, 2008)

    Every $1 the U.S. government invests in combating Medicare and Medicaid fraud saves $1.55. (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2009)

    Medicare paid dead physicians 478,500 claims totaling up to $92 million from 2000 to 2007. These claims included 16,548 to 18,240 deceased physicians. (U.S. Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations, 2008)

    Nearly one of three claims (29 percent) Medicare paid for durable medical equipment was erroneous in FY 2006. (Inspector General report, Department of Health and Human Services, 2008)

    Medicare and private health insurers pay up to $16 billion a year for needless imaging tests ordered by doctors. (American College of Radiology, 2004)
  • Seonag Matt 2012/07/11 16:11:44
    Early retirement for many. The practice (8 doctors) I go to will be closing their doors on December 31st. Two doctors are going to join hospital staffs, the rest are retiring. So, I'm looking for a new doctor in a rural community. May end up having to drive 50 miles to get one that takes my medicare insurance.
  • Matt Seonag 2012/07/12 14:17:32
    Wait until they see the paycut that they will take as hospital staffers. They will not have to pay for processing paperwork, however.

    The middle class being destroyed, this is the start of our government's attack on the upper classes.

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