Do You Want Your Local Cable Provider To Carry the Al Jazeera Network?

Walt 2011/02/15 06:34:13
Watching Al Jazeera sounds great.
I don't like the idea.
Other (Please comment.)
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This may seem like an absurd question to be asking, but it's relevant in light of a recent news article.

It's short. Please read it before selecting your poll option.


Obama administration official urges cable companies to carry Al-Jazeera
by Ed Lasky, February 14, 2011

AL Jazeera is filled with anti-American propaganda. It is also awash in anti-Semitism. The material broadcast stokes terror and violence.

Why would the person who Barack Obama appointed to be the Assistant Secretary
at the Department of Homeland Security, Juliette Kayyem, advocate
American cable companies carry the channel-a channel that cannot help
but inflame tensions and anger and one that is not known for unbiased

From an op-ed by Kayyem in the Boston Globe:

FOR the past few weeks, a parallel plot line to the revolutions in the Arab
world has been playing out in the media. With rare exceptions, the
largest American cable and satellite providers simply do not provide
viewers access to Al Jazeera English, the cousin to the powerful
Qatar-based world news network. AJE has launched a full-fledged campaign
- including advertisements quoting, of all people, major US news
figures - to convince cable carriers to open their programming. But most
have declined: Burlington, Vt., is the closest city to Boston where
viewers can see the network on television.

AJE's battle with the cable carriers is major news in the Middle East. Not
carrying the network sends a message to the Arab world about America's
willingness to accept information, unfiltered, from the very region we
spend so much time talking about. These television wars began not in
Tunisia or Egypt, but in Iraq.

We have enough terror apologists in the media already without an entire
station devoted to obscuring the truth being beamed into America's

Read More: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2011/02/obama_...

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  • Fef 2011/02/15 06:58:19
    Other (Please comment.)
    I think I already get Al Jazeera when I watch CNN or MSNBC

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  • Steve Scott 2011/02/15 18:55:19
    Absolutely false. It quite resembles BBC World News in style and content. It provides global news coverage in depth and breadth that puts ALL the US-based networks to shame.

    It's absolutely not islamicist -- the female correspondents almost never appear in a hijab, for example. And they get banned by authoritarian regimes in the Midlle East constantly. They're pro-human rights in their coverage, not ant-American or anti-semitic.

    Now, they certainly do report on stories that tend to be embarassing to Israel, but no more so than Ha'aretz does in print. This is an antidote to US netowrks which tend to ignore and tiptoe around such stories.
  • fuzzy K... Steve 2011/02/16 14:04:34
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    BBC World News is available free over the air on PBS stations. If yopu have cable you already have at least one PBS station. Why should everyone pay higher cable bills just to get al Jizz?

    I am assuming that you don't want your cable bill to go up. If I am wrong, then I apologize.
  • Steve fuzzy K... 2011/02/16 16:38:13 (edited)
    You're mistaken. PBS stations carry an hour or so of BBC World News. Everyplace except the US, BBC World News is a 24-hour/7-day channel, as is Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera. Only BBC is really comparable to Al Jazeera in quality. The US-based channels are, I'm sorry to say, just simply crappy. And yes, that includes both Fox AND MSNBC.

    BBC World Newws is available as a 24-hour channel only as a premium service on select cable systems in the US. Al Jazeera would be happy to make their stream available at minimal to zero cost. Only mindless prejudice prevents cable companies from offering it in their basic packages. Cost is somply not a factor.
  • fuzzy K... Steve 2011/02/16 16:58:12
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Would it also be "mindless prejudice" if the Aryan Brotherhood or the KKK wanted to have a 24 hour news station and I said I didn't want it?
    Hateful spin is still hateful spin whether it's aimed at minorities or the West and Israel.
  • Steve fuzzy K... 2011/02/16 17:38:29
    You haven't watched Al Jazeera, then. It's certainly not hateful spin. If anything, they've been a champion of human rights and civil liberties around the world. Please check it out:
  • fuzzy K... Steve 2011/02/16 19:57:24
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    I was reading and posting on their site for years before coming here.

    You are mistaken about them being a "champion of human rights and civil liberties around the world." They are a champion of human rights and civil liberties in SOME countries and not others. They are very selective. They are quick to report any negatives regarding the West and Israel but rarely, if ever report the positives.
    After the earthquake in Haiti, did they report on any good deeds done by Israel and the US or did they wonder if this was a US invasion like in Iraq and that the Israelis were there to harvest organs?
  • safari 2011/02/15 16:57:49
    I don't like the idea.
    Obama is a __ __ __ __ and a __ __ __!! If he has his way - the only benefit to America is that MoosHELL would look better with her face covered up with a burka.
  • Mayday 2011/02/15 16:51:27
    I don't like the idea.
    OTHER: It should be a choice... Why should cable subscribers be subsidizing foreign language channels, sports channel, or entertainment channels like MTV that do not interest them?
  • Steve Mayday 2011/02/15 19:12:36
    Absolutely, it should be a choice. Unfortunately, most cable companies do not offer it under any package, at any price. Given the woeful lack of international coverage generally available to Americans, refusing to offer Al Jaz under any circumstances is an insult to the concept of freedom of speech and a free press.

    Meanwhile, it can be watched online:

    freedom speech free press watched online httpwww livestation comch
  • fuzzy K... Steve 2011/02/16 14:00:37
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    ever watch the BBC news on PBS?
  • Steve fuzzy K... 2011/02/16 17:36:09
    Yes, but it's only an hour. See above:
  • fuzzy K... Mayday 2011/02/15 20:36:18
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    because if you were to just order cable channels ala carte you would be paying a lot more.
    Part of the rate that a cable provider pays a channel is determined by the amount of subscribers. The more subscribers the better the deal the cable co. can negotiate. They point out how many households they can deliver to.
    The result is that everyone gets a better deal and more channels.
  • Mayday fuzzy K... 2011/02/16 00:17:31
    Why can't there be a variety of basic packages with options for 5, 10, 20... 50 etc selected channels? If a channel can't attract subscribers its costs more to access it.
  • fuzzy K... Mayday 2011/02/16 13:56:56
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Frankly too many packages would be too unwieldy and could end up costing you more depending on your preferences. You may have to go with the bigger package to get all the channels you want.
    The way it is now is that people who subscribe for popular channels like sports and news subsidize channels that may have merit but not that many viewers (think House & Garden TV).
    Take a look at the Neilson ratings and you'll have a better idea of what other subscribers are watching. http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/...
    I worked in Customer Service in cable TV for over a decade and this is a common complaint.
  • Jackie 2011/02/15 16:51:12
    I don't like the idea.
    I would hope that if they do it is labeled the terrorist network. People should know what they are watching.
  • UNCLE DADDY 2011/02/15 16:50:10
    I don't like the idea.
    What reason could you possibly have for this? I agree with BUCKY SKYNYRD though. Our freedom of speech gives us the potential for this to happen. I support free speech. Don't want it though.
  • fuzzy K... UNCLE D... 2011/02/16 13:59:46
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    I support freedom of speech as well, but adding another station will raise rates for every subscriber. Is al Jazeera worth it?
  • UNCLE D... fuzzy K... 2011/02/16 14:11:26
    Exactly right! I don't want it. Raising rates is right in line with this administration. This should show Americans just how sympathetic our president is to his Muslim roots.
  • Jackie 2011/02/15 16:48:41
    I don't like the idea.
  • lucky 2011/02/15 16:38:46
    Other (Please comment.)
    I already read it online so i dont really care anything about watching it but i dont see a problem with it being provided, people need to know exactly what people in the middle east are seeing and hearing regarding the US.

    When 9/11 happened I saw more coverage on the reaction of the middle east from Al-Jazeera then i did our own networks. The good and bad reactions, it lets you know just who really is a friend of our country and who is just pretending to be.
  • Broddy 2011/02/15 16:26:15
    I don't like the idea.
    In all Honesty i do not like the Idea .

    In Reality if they Broadcast an English version on my cable i might watch it from time to time .
  • Steve Broddy 2011/02/15 18:56:57
    Please do check it out:

  • mm Steve 2011/02/15 19:04:31
    Thank you...just did!
  • lrb 2011/02/15 16:25:51
    I don't like the idea.
    No, there are too many good quality channels that I'd rather have that aren't carried, for Al-Jazeera to evn be considered. Maybe after they add the farting channel and the underwater golf network, it will be time to consider Al-Jazeera.
  • fuzzy K... lrb 2011/02/15 20:29:10
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Meh. Not as good as the farting while playing golf underwater channel.

    meh farting playing golf underwater channel fart in water
  • AngelaTC 2011/02/15 16:24:09
    Other (Please comment.)
    Why not? Free speech and all. I already get it here, but I don't watch it.
  • I don't like the idea.
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    No and hell no!!
  • wtf12345 2011/02/15 16:13:23
    I don't like the idea.
    Nope. I got rid of Directv 8 months ago. Ahh, life after being addicted to TV.
  • Walt wtf12345 2011/02/15 18:41:26
    It would be a terrible thing being addicted to television these days, with the lack of quality programming available. I have to leave timers on the DVR if I ever want to have anything decent to watch. In the next three days, I only have two programs being recorded.
  • Old Salt 2011/02/15 16:12:00
  • PanDuh 2011/02/15 16:04:47 (edited)
    Watching Al Jazeera sounds great.
    Nice to know what your enemy is up to/thinking/planning.

    enemy tothinkingplanning
  • Scott PanDuh 2011/02/15 17:17:32
    LMAO !
  • PanDuh Scott 2011/02/15 17:45:48
    You know she was thinking it too xD
    Her face says it all.
  • juggernaut PanDuh 2011/02/15 17:59:51
  • juggernaut juggernaut 2011/02/15 18:01:58
    What a kook fest. No wonder the American left LOVES wackos like this. They have so much in common, lol.

    I was blown away by the plastic coke bottle helmet until I saw the guy who looks like he has a friggin' bannana on the side of his head, LOL
  • PanDuh juggernaut 2011/02/15 18:38:13
    xD I thought that was a hot dog bun.
  • BUCKY-- SKYNYRD 2011/02/15 15:59:42
    I don't like the idea.
    freedom of speech isn't always an easy pill to swallow.
  • mark 1 2011/02/15 15:53:01
    Other (Please comment.)
    mark 1
    If they take the shopping channel off sure!
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2011/02/15 15:50:12
  • Kane Fernau 2011/02/15 15:29:31
    Other (Please comment.)
    Kane Fernau
    What the hell is the difference between Islamist propaganda and the propaganda spewed by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, PBS, NPR, New York Times and the rest of the liberal media?

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