Do You Want Unmanned Drones Flying Overhead?

News 2010/06/15 03:00:00
No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Yes, it would make me feel safer.
I think the FAA should …
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They’re already used for remote killing and spying on Taliban commanders in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, so why shouldn’t the Federal Aviation Administration open up the skies over the U.S. to unmanned drone aircraft?

According to the Associated Press, the FAA has been asked to issue flying permits for a variety of pilotless planes to carry out civilian actions like gathering data on tornadoes and monitoring energy pipelines as well as police functions like tracking fleeing suspects, taking pictures of speeding cars’ license plates and patrolling the Mexican and Canadian borders for illegal immigrants and drugs.

The FAA’s reluctant, though, afraid that the unmanned drones might crash into cargo planes, airliners and corporate jets at high altitudes, or hot air balloons and helicopters closer to the ground. It also worries about loss of communication and the lack of warning systems and transponders.

The pilot-free aircraft have their advantages: they come in a variety of sizes, from jumbo jet to tiny ones that could fit through a window and they can do the dangerous, dirty jobs humans would rather avoid. Plus, they cost less to keep in the air than piloted planes.

The FAA promised antsy Defense Department and Homeland Security officials it would have a plan in place this year but it is still working on regulations for unmanned aircraft.

Do you think the FAA should allow pilotless aircraft in our skies?

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  • Radlad 2010/06/15 08:54:59
    I think the FAA should …
    ....... allow the unmanned drone aircraft only along the southen border into the gulf of mexico to observe for drugs and illegal aliens.......................

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  • agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil* 2010/06/16 04:55:52
  • Alien R... agnsttr... 2010/06/17 16:49:31
    Alien Ramone
    So you don't see the potential for abuse of the system particularly in the hands of a centralized agency like the Department of Homeland Security? Many people are worried about the system, not because they have something to hide, but because of the potential for abuse. History has shown that giving a central government more power in the guise of helping the people ends in oppression. The Patriot Act, indefinite detention, sovereign immunity, the suppression of Posse Comitatus, the formation of a federally controlled civilian army of 400,000 troops on U.S. soil which could be used to control the citizens, legislation to give the government emergency control of the internet, dissidents being put on the terrorist watch list, supporters of political third parties and veterans being labeled as possible terrorist threats, the redefinition of torture by the government, and a push for legalization of assassination of citizens by the government are all recent signs that a control grid is being put in place. If you doubt that any of what I just listed is true, I'd like to see some links to information disputing it:

    "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security." - Benjamin Franklin -

  • NadineAssaffat 2010/06/15 19:21:57
    I think the FAA should …
    tighten pilot licensing requirements by restricting the qualifications of who can apply and receive a license, and conducting thorough background and financial checks. Before the 9/11 attacks anyone who completed an application and paid the fee was guaranteed a license regardless of how much flight time they ACTUALLY logged.
    That's because a pilot license is a privileged right of passage for the well-established vey wealthy, and socially prominent members of American society. Now that American life has adapted to Federal flight restrictions, unmanned aircraft patrolling our skies is feasible. I'm surprised there haven't been any UMA sitings recently.
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2010/06/15 13:36:58
    No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    I can understand using unmanned aircraft in a hostile environment like Iraq, but not the U.S.A. Like any other change for the 'common good' as of late, what's the real reasoning behind this decision? Our government can no longer be trusted, they've too busy de-regulating our freedom as it is. common late real reasoning decision government trusted busy de-regulating freedom
  • agnsttr... Dogzebr... 2010/06/16 05:10:31
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Are you saying America doesn't have hostilities?? Do you know what one of the primary reasons for drones in Iraq?? Probably not, let me educate you. One of the biggest purposes of drones in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else is for gathering information. Some of these drones can fly for up to 12 hours. Imagine this, a shooting takes place in any major city, that city has a drone flying, the suspect takes off on foot, but the drone is called to the suspect location. So rather than waiting for the helicopter to get up and going, they already have air assets on site. The police on the ground can communicate with the operator controlling the drone, and they are able to pinpoint the suspects location wherever they maybe. Oh yeah, and since most of them are equipped with thermal imaging, drones can do that day or night. They have zoom capabilities that outdo anything our police forces here in the US have. Not to mention the ability to lock on and track a target, no matter what. I say, why the hell don't we have these yet??
  • Dogzebr... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 12:26:44
    I'm saying these tools may be very much what I'd want to further our cause in Iraq, but not necessarily what I want spying around my neck of the woods 24/7 in the hopes of catching the proverbial bad guys.

    Newer military technologies have ways of becoming part of law enforcement's arsenal in timely enough fashion as it is. However, this Spy/Drone technology comes at an extremely high monetary cost that most municipalities would never be able to afford. Where I live, we're barely able to pay for the single Sherrif's Deputy that's on duty or even the electricity to keep Henderson Countie's single traffic light burning at 3a.m..

    Invasion of personal privacy is another issue to concern one's self with. I will resist any thought of Big Brother having a permanant spy in the sky.
  • agnsttr... Dogzebr... 2010/06/16 17:46:41
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Well then in the case of small towns such as yourselves, then yes the technology would not only be futile, but a liability. However, in places like LA, Chicago, New York, where it is inconceivable to have enough policemen on the force due to monetary constraints, then the drone would be a lot cheaper on a long term-scale. Initial purchase, regular maintenance and repairs, and very low fuel costs. No paying for training, vacations, retirement, health care, worker's comp. Think about the possibility for big cities, and the logic is undeniable. More eyes, and more capability, for less money.
  • agnsttr... Dogzebr... 2010/06/16 05:12:25
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    By the way, I am a soldier who has gone to Iraq three times, and I've worked with these systems. I know the capabilities of these things.
  • cutter'... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 06:22:13
  • agnsttr... cutter'... 2010/06/16 06:55:47
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Thanks. I just think we get way too nervous over certain things. Okay, the Patriot Act was not a great decision. However, this could actually catch criminals in the act. Imagine if there was a drone up in the air over LA ready to respond in a moments notice, without the time it takes law enforcement to get choppers up. Also think about the benefit of a tool that can actually watch things happen at nigh in thermal imaging, criminals would never get away in that aspect. I'm not sure how they could misuse it. Unless you are talking in the sense of conspiracies. Cite me one example where they could use it on the average law-abiding citizen. Hell, show me one instance where the Patriot Act has done that. The Patriot Act isn't like "Eagle Eye" or "Enemy of the State" would have you believe. The NSA collects PETABYTES of information, and they have to sift through it all to find one nugget of truth or evidence. I think we get way too worried over things that MAY infringe on our freedoms. Whereas direct infractions of our freedoms are overlooked.
  • Dogzebr... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 12:32:10
    "I know the capabilities of these things."

    With all of your military experience and know how related to these aerial spy machines, you also admit to knowing how to utilize these systems in an abusive manner?
  • agnsttr... Dogzebr... 2010/06/16 17:50:52
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    What like watching a spouse to make sure they aren't cheating on you?? I mean, I just don't understand any abuses one could make. See there was always an overseer watching us and making sure everything we were doing was on the level. You can be damn sure they would have that here. Not to mention all the data gathered is recorded so no matter what, it would be reviewed by someone else. An overseer, to the overseer, to the operators. Yes, I'll admit maybe it could be somewhat abused, but it would be caught and the person would be punished. It would probably be a felony for misappropriation of government resources.
  • agnsttr... Dogzebr... 2010/06/16 05:15:46
  • Dogzebr... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 12:54:05
    Conspiracy? Military technologies in the hands of law enforcement is not always such a good thing.

    conspiracy military technologies hands law enforcement

    18 of these 82 dead were under the age of 10 years. Collateral damage?

    law enforcement 18 82 dead age 10 years collateral damage
  • agnsttr... Dogzebr... 2010/06/16 17:54:46
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Waco was a disaster and a fault of the FBI. Even if they hadn't had the tanks it still would have been a disaster, don't blame the technology, blame the idiots who misuse them. It's like the old saying, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people!" If someone is that set on killing someone they'll do it. If someone is going to commit suicide, they'll figure out a way. Once the FBI started taking casualties, it turned into a war zone. Blame the stupid humans, not the tech.
  • Anthony... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 18:29:33
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    anyway, this article is about Civilian UAVs, but people get way to suspicious about UAVs. It's nothing different then patrol aircraft. Some states fly E-9 like planes to enforce speed limits. Nobody's looking into their back yards or anything. UAVs would just do jobs that maned aircraft do now, people are making big deal about it because it seems like juicy conspiracy theory.

    yards uavs jobs maned aircraft people deal juicy conspiracy theory
    P.S. Semper Fi and thanks for serving
    maned aircraft people deal juicy conspiracy theory semper fi serving
  • agnsttr... Anthony... 2010/06/16 18:41:18
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Finally!! Someone with some common sense!!
  • Anthony... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 18:44:09
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    I'm a military aviation nut anyway and future air force.

    Why do you think people want to freak out about UAVs all that much anyway?
  • agnsttr... Anthony... 2010/06/16 18:50:46
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    The same reason they want to freak out over stuff like the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was designed specifically so the NSA would not be constrained when terrorists came into the US by laws our own government put in place to protect Americans. What they don't realize is that is the purpose of the Patriot Act, not to spy on Americans, but to turn our spy satellites on the US when terrorists come into our country. They still want to argue it infringes on their personal freedoms without being duly informed. The NSA collects a PETABYTE of data in one month, one month man!! Then they have to sift through that data using manpower. Do you really think they are going to spend the time or manpower on anyone who is not worthy of that monetary commitment?? NO!! People fear what they do not understand, it has been the same for centuries. Good talking to you man, good luck with the Air Force!!
  • Anthony... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 18:57:52 (edited)
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    Makes a lot of since.
    Thanks a lot.
    Its funny If I layed out my planed career path's a lot of the paranoids and conspiracy theorist would hate me.
    AFROTC at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University:
    Majoring in either Aerospace engineering or home land secuirty with a focus on terrorism
    Air Force: I want to work as an FCO on one of the J model gunships they'll be pumping out in the next few years.
    If I don't go career air force. I'll either look for a job with a aerospace defense contract designing air or spaced based military systems, or doing something counter terror related with either the government or a private firm. Depending on my major.
  • agnsttr... Anthony... 2010/06/16 19:05:27
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Sounds like you have a good solid plan, and I'm happy for you!! Nothing is better than serving your country. I wish you all the best on all of your endeavors. Thank you for your future service.
  • Anthony... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 19:07:07
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    thanks a lot.
  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/06/15 13:08:44
    No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
  • nettie 2010/06/15 13:04:19
    No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  • cutter's falls 2010/06/15 12:32:58
  • agnsttr... cutter'... 2010/06/16 05:16:22
  • cutter'... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 05:36:31
  • agnsttr... cutter'... 2010/06/16 05:43:09
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    What the hell are you talking about?? What does the KGB have to do with drones flying over our country by LAW ENFORCEMENT??
  • cutter'... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 05:57:17
  • agnsttr... cutter'... 2010/06/16 06:02:13
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    Slippery slope my @$$!!! I once again give you my tinfoil hat award!!! Is your life really that interesting that you think they'd give a $#!t to watch you. American EGO!!! 'Nuff said!! What are you worried about them spying on you for?? Hollywood NSA is not REAL NSA!!! If they are using it to help capture people committing illegal actions, why is it bad??
  • cutter'... agnsttr... 2010/06/16 06:12:33
  • agnsttr... cutter'... 2010/06/16 07:00:49
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    I'm not having a conniption per se. By the way, thanks for your service. I totally agree, I distrust the government and politicians without prejudice. Mainly because once you are in politics you are almost forced into corruption, kind of like joining the mob. However, I do like the idea of making our streets safer, and I think drones could do that on our borders, as well as, in our cities. The hat was just a joke, with a wake-up aftertaste. I'm just saying that I think there are other things to be concerned about, you can see a drone flying in the sky, I'm more worried about the things we can't see, like what goes on behind closed doors in DC.
  • Ancient Dragon 2010/06/15 12:23:01
    No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    Ancient Dragon
    I would think they would be a hazard in the skys. Our manned aircraft would have to keep dogging them in air. And who or what is controlling them?
  • agnsttr... Ancient... 2010/06/16 05:16:44
  • Anthony... Ancient... 2010/06/16 18:45:48
    Anthony~ Agent of  PHÄ€T
    UAVs are controlled by pilots on the ground.
    If installed with transponders and successfully integrated into our airspace, it wouldn't be to bad.
    I can see them becoming extremely common in the next 30 years.
  • apachehellfire65 2010/06/15 12:00:05
    I think the FAA should …
    why not we already have unmanned drones running gov!
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/06/15 11:45:12
    No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    It does not sound like a recepie for disaster, but it is a recepie for disaster.
  • NarcolepticGoat 2010/06/15 11:37:34
    No, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    That *is* a recipe for disaster.
  • Ancient... Narcole... 2010/06/26 13:04:44
    Ancient Dragon
    Well, it all depends on what "is" means. :) http://www.slate.com/id/1000162
  • keliffa 2010/06/15 10:28:45
    I think the FAA should …
    patrolling the borders sound like a good idea.

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