Do you want to see Hillary run in 2012? Would you support her?

Hillary Grassroots Campaign 2010/02/16 06:23:06
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  • JezzXv 2010/11/14 08:59:05
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    I agree it would be great to have a female president, however we don't want to fall into the same trap twice of voting for someone based on sex or race just because they would be the first. Qualifications and experience should be the only reason to vote for someone. If they happen to be the first of a race or sex that would just be a bonus.
  • Fef 2010/11/14 06:16:06
    Yes...but I don't have time to help
    Go Hillary Go! Don't let Barack Obama rob you twice of your destiny!
    2012 hillaryhillary barack obama rob destiny
  • Coot 2010/02/16 14:40:14
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    NO WAY NO HOW!!!! She is a supporting element of the KOOL AID CREW. I don't hear enough about her as SEC OF STATE...What is she doing behind the closed doors? We'd never know till it was too late. BO is her boss & she will follow his orders & his agenda....
  • Diane Coot 2010/02/16 16:18:07
    Billary is a self-proclaimed Progressive, she will NEVER get my support.

    As for the question "do I want to see Hillary run in 2010"? Hell YES! I would love to see her run her a$$ outta my country. Run all the way to some socialist country and leave mine the hell ALONE!

    AMF Hillary! And I don't mean 'adios, my friend'...
  • steve "Democrats have commi... 2010/02/16 13:52:38
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    steve "Democrats have committed Treason on their country"
    I would Never vote for a backer of Sal Alinsky and his progessive cause! Clinton is a treasonous scum, a member of the council on Foreign Relations, and a member of the Bilderberg Group. She isn't fit to even be a dog catcher , let alone POTUS. Anyone who even thinks for supporting her is committing treason against your country and your countrymen. fit dog catcher potus thinks supporting committing treason country countrymen
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/02/16 11:27:48
    Yes...but I don't have time to help
    Lady Whitewolf
    YES! We need a woman President!
  • steve "... Lady Wh... 2010/02/16 13:48:41 (edited)
  • DELETE 2010/02/16 08:37:39
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    None of your answers applied in my case. I have time for politics. What I don't have time for is the Clintons...
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/02/16 07:11:12
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    I care a lot about Politics but I wouldn't support that Progressive Traitor if it was my only choice to vote. Do you really know this women or do you hate this country. Are you telling me of all the people in the nation you couldn't find anyone in your part that's not corrupt?

  • DELETE Hula gi... 2010/02/16 08:43:07 (edited)
    Oh give it a rest already! Politicians are corrupt on both sides. This wasn't the first ridiculous post of yours that I've come across. You are right-wing radical. I'm not saying that I'm not a Conservative, but I frankly don't see how anyone can be completely to one side of the spectrum on every issue. Sorry, but the world isn't black and white. There will always be gray areas.
  • Hula gi... DELETE 2010/02/16 09:14:22
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    So it's alright to have a known corrupt politician be President? Really you can't find anything better than that? Give it a rest? God I hope no one ever give caring about this country and not wanting such a blatant Progressive Traitor as a President.


    You should be ashamed of yourself for lowering your standards for this country. I take it you are a progressive and don't give a darn about this country. Sorry, but I'll fight people like you to the end to stop them from destroying this country no matter what party they are in.

    This country isn't about parties...it's about our Republic and getting back to the Constitution. Ever heard of it?
  • DELETE Hula gi... 2010/02/16 09:18:47 (edited)
    I didn't say that. I simply stated that corruption is not limited to Democratic candidates like the majority of your responses on here seem to insinuate...

    I'm done arguing with you. Narrow-minded and stubborn...
  • Zuggi 2010/02/16 06:55:29
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    pumas lol
  • Simmering Frog 2010/02/16 06:29:13 (edited)
    No...I don't care about politics anymore
    Simmering Frog
    noi care politics
    Jesus, how much communism can America take?

    I think feminism has rotted this woman's head. If a question is mistakenly interpreted by the interpreter, she goes off like a V2 rocket. You want that as president? I don't.

    By the way, I care a lot about politics. Therefore, no rotten progressive is ever going to get my vote.

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