Do you think there is Gender equality in our society as claimed by the high level officials?

catherine 2010/01/13 03:36:41
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  • petean05 2010/01/13 17:54:02
    I don't think there is. Its just the way it is right now.
  • socokid 2010/01/13 16:03:41
    Absolutely not. Who said that?

    Women are still paid less for doing the same exact job as men. In my state, it's about 10-11% less. They do these studies every year... the gap has been closing, but it's slowed down recently.
  • Bastion 2010/01/13 16:00:09
    We are moving toward political gender equality, but overall women should never settle for mere "equality" with men.
  • Live Free Or Die 2010/01/13 15:55:41
    Live Free Or Die
    Define gender equality.
  • Jo 2010/01/13 14:04:18
    By 'equality' do you mean believed to be the same or equal in dignity and worth but different in terms of their biological and psychological make up?
  • FUTURE BREEZE 2010/01/13 09:22:42
    No! Women are viewed as second class citizens, Religion is to blame for the most part!
  • Schickl... FUTURE ... 2010/01/13 14:48:18
    Women ARE second class citizens.
  • FUTURE ... Schickl... 2010/01/13 18:27:58 (edited)
    and your mentor was a jewish born (out of wedlock) syphilitic megalomaniac, but not lets get into semantics 'eh.
  • Misfit 2010/01/13 06:11:06
    There will never be true gender equality. There is not true gender equality in the animal world either. And it is the human beings natural animal instincts that prevents true equality from happening.
  • Continuing Anglican Priest 2010/01/13 04:49:28
    Continuing Anglican Priest
    No, but I have to ask who has claimed that there is Gender equality?

    Blessings upon you.
  • Scud 2010/01/13 04:01:01
    Of course not, and there probably never will be. Society just hasn't evolved that way and too many belief systems are against equality.

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