Do You Think the Upcoming Election Will Be Very Close or a Landslide?

Politics 2012/06/26 22:50:20
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We know you want to make your opinion count -- especially during the time of a serious election. So, every week, SodaHead will host a handful of up-to-date polls having to do with the upcoming 2012 election.

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  • RON Erok 2012/10/03 16:19:42
    I think Romney will pull It of after enough people wake up to the truth.
    If they don't they will regret,regret,regret.
  • Erok RON 2012/10/04 01:35:06
    I hope so!
  • T A 2012/06/28 04:56:04 (edited)
    T A
    By a landslide, the majority of citizens won't vote . But you only count if you believe what goes on in the polls has any meaning.

    The minority who vote won't be given a meaningful choice. Just a choice between which thief they like better.
  • Jayne 2012/06/28 02:57:33
    Very Close
    Citizens United will make it a very close election. Lets face it, it's no longer our vote that counts. The ignrant will believe the lies in the massive media campaign financed by Citizens United for the Republicans. The Supreme Court should be sent to their rooms without vittles for that decision.Speaking of which, I see the major job for the president is to nominate new Justices. Imagine if the republicans get the White House. Kiss the Middle Class good-bye. Kiss womens rights good-bye. Good-bye Unions & hello Lower Wages for the workers and bigger profits for big business. This doesn't even take the environment into consideration. If the Republicans win the country loses.
  • dasimon1 Jayne 2012/07/06 22:18:34
    HOGWASH your not very smart !
  • 3003573 2012/06/28 02:55:12
  • RON 3003573 2012/10/03 16:21:01
    reverse that and you might be right.
  • 3003573 RON 2012/10/05 23:35:36
  • 3003573 RON 2012/10/05 23:38:05
  • RON 3003573 2012/10/17 19:06:11
    I think that might be reversed Romney 57,Obama 43
  • 3003573 RON 2012/10/19 17:29:31
  • Crime Time 2012/06/28 01:44:28
  • wildcat 2012/06/28 01:19:53
    Very Close
    very close popular vote fairly wide electoral vote.
  • ☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2012/06/28 00:51:11
    Very Close
    It will be very close and it is too early to tell which way it will go.
  • stevmackey 2012/06/28 00:49:54
    Everybody should be ashamed of the vote that got him in.
  • RON stevmackey 2012/10/03 16:21:47
    You are 100% right on that
  • Going Terrier 2012/06/27 19:27:03
    Going Terrier
    Obama is more Presidential. Romney panders to the crazies.
  • RON Going T... 2012/10/03 16:23:01
    This President could'nt be a boy scout leader.
    Wake up .
  • Rickelis 2012/06/27 18:49:14
    Very Close
    Maybe not as close--but that's pretty much what the MSM would have us believe.
    InTrade has this:
    Barack Obama to be re-elected President in 2012
    54.0% CHANCE
    Last prediction was: $5.40 / share
    Today's Change: +$0.05 (+0.9%) --
    As for me, I'm still formulating my guestimation.
  • jerder 2012/06/27 17:50:50
    Very Close
    I think it will be close. Too many people, like myself, do not like Romney. He never gives a direct answer when asked how he would approach different policy issues, he does not come across as a very personable person, and he seems to think that having invested millions of dollars to make billions makes him an expert on how to deal with economic issues. By the same token, Romney agrees with the G.O.P. that turning this country around is about cutting spending, alone, and not in tempering it with tax reform that would make multimillionaires, billionaires, and corporate America pay a fair share of the taxes, but then all those huge tax breaks benefit Romney, as well. Obama, on the other hand, has let the right wing radical policies of the G.O.P. in congress run roughshod over his administration and the American people, and goes along with their "our way or no way" philosophy. As an independent, with Obama and Romney the two presidential candidates, I still think Obama is a better choice than Romney.
  • dasimon1 jerder 2012/07/06 22:21:51
    Believe all that you read and takje a good look at what Obama is doing to this country. Socialism,Marxism,New World Order, UN Agenda 21. If you want all that YOU LOSE
  • RON dasimon1 2012/10/03 16:30:18
    This president has No backbone and needs a pair of gagusie's,and by the way I heard he had to surrender his law lic because he liedv on the bar app.
    OH ALSO I heard the first lady had to surrender her law lic back In 1993 or face charges
    of Ins fraud. Nice pair
  • dasimon1 RON 2012/10/03 23:16:56
    Birds of a feather...........They need to be kicked to the curb !
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/06/27 17:15:59
    Very Close
    t.eliot, topbard
    Depends on how many votes Mitt's super PACS are able to buy.
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/06/27 16:49:25
    Ron in Oregon
    tomorrow we will know how bad a debacle and a waste of time that the Democrat Party spent on health care that nobody with a thinking mind wanted except maybe Pelosi.
  • RON Ron in ... 2012/10/03 16:33:58
  • RG 2012/06/27 15:42:13
    Romney Landslide! Why would Americans want Dictator Communist Obama? Unless of course Obama brings out cemetary residents, cartoon characters, and invaders to the booths again, Romney will win by a landslide.
  • RON RG 2012/10/03 16:35:50
    this president will try or do anything.
  • RG RON 2012/10/03 18:22:42
    I agree 100%!
  • Todd_I 2012/06/27 14:38:10
    Very Close
    I expect Romney to win. It will be a hard fight.
  • RON Todd_I 2012/10/03 16:37:29
    Say your prayers for Romney,
    We might lose that If Obama wins
  • Neil Poppel 2012/06/27 14:23:16
    Neil Poppel
    As long as stupid people exist,, they will vote against their own interests, and vote for Romney. Bush set this country back 30 years, Romney could kill it. When he allows the reactionaries and super rich to control our government, we are lost.
  • paulvic... Neil Po... 2012/06/27 14:57:15
    What are you talking about? Because someone doesn't have the same "interests" as you, they are stupid? You typical arrogant liberal. "Super Rich" What about super rich George Soros the Nazi collaborator (True story) and the Unions that support Obamao?? Well buddy my interests are someone who will remove regulations so that business can expand and open up thus creating jobs, which in turn generates more tax dollars, So I will be voting Romney. Obamao is the worst President since Carter. Instead of focusing on jobs when he had the super majority, he pushed thru health care, what a moron....
  • Jayne paulvic... 2012/06/28 03:13:16
    President Obama has tried to do the right thing and was blocked at every turn by the Party of NO. Consider your vote in November countered by mime. Now go back to Fox NOT-News and continue your ignorance lessons. The only way Mr. Romney will win is by Citizens United buy the votes from the ignorant. I am certain one of which wil be yours.
  • paulvic... Jayne 2012/06/28 15:08:32
    Blocked? He had the House, The Senate and the Presidency his first 2-years you dolt. And if Obamao wins it will be because of all of the cash from George Soros (A confirmed Nazi collaborater) and the special interest groups like the communists, Oppps I mean the Unions. Quit getting your info from MSLSD the lowest rated cable news netowrk....And that's because Liberals or moonbats only make up 20% of the populace. Most Americans other then you have common Sense......
  • paulvic... Jayne 2012/06/28 16:00:28 (edited)
    I mean as despicable as George Soros the self hating Jew and Nazi collaborator is, look at Obamao's other friends...Reverend Wright an American hating Militant, Bill Ayers a Militant Liberal who set off bombs in Chicago (And who's wife Bernadine Dorn said "That's groovy" after the Charles Manson murders that included a pregnant woman about to give birth...) These are the disgusting people he befriends and YOU support. He is the only president to have a Chairman Mao (The Communist leader) X-mas ornament on the White house X-mas tree....
  • toasty paulvic... 2012/07/07 17:58:51
    Do you mean to say that George Soros is a self hating Jew and Nazi colaborator, as in he collaborates with Jews AND Nazis, or that hes a self hating Jew, who is also a Nazi collaborator? Please clarify. Also, i truly thought that the Nazis were ousted from any kind of power in 1945 with the fall of Berlin, but thats just me believing those pesky history book again.
  • paulvic... toasty 2012/07/22 16:29:14
    Uh slick....Soros was a Jew who during WW2 in Europe worked with the Nazis leading them to other Jews houses....Google it. Facts are a mere inconvenience to Liberals....
  • toasty paulvic... 2012/11/08 16:05:09
    Soros was 9 at the start of WW2, and you're kind of over simplifying in true teabagging style! Kudos.
  • paulvic... toasty 2012/11/12 14:57:15
    Yes he was young when he was helping the Nazis..His parents were self-hating Jews. He also took great joy in toppling countries currencies in his adult years....look it up. He's scum, pure and simple.

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