Do you think the term "feminist" carries a negative connotation?

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I mean, a feminist is someone who supports gender equality... which I do... but I'm not sure I want to be associated with "feminists" if you know what I mean...
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  • Shawna 2010/09/25 19:49:35
    None of the above
    I usually call myself a humanist. A humanist also believes in equality but it extends beyond gender to include race. I think that the term humanist can embrace the qualities of feminism that I would agree with and leave out any of the negative associations. I should probably have chosen "Yes"

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  • elisa 2011/01/11 10:45:02
    None of the above
    feminism is about equsl rights in society, which means that both men and women chould have equal rights. However society is still not equal for instance men get paid more for the same job, women and are exploited through the media for instance page three. Feminism is portrayed in a negative way which is wrong and discourages girls/ women to see themselves as feminist however, i still see myself as a feminist. Also feminism allows women to have a view which should not be discouraged as the majority of anti-feminists are men!!!
  • Fannie 2010/09/26 16:41:34
    No, there's nothing negative that comes with the term
    it only comes from those wanting to bash women, and keep them in place. Be proud, fight
  • Perry the Platypus 2010/09/26 03:26:26
    None of the above
    Perry the Platypus
    I don't know, I don't normally participate in questions like this. OkamiWorld did have a discussion about this though, if you'd like to read up on it.
  • Angel 2010/09/26 03:02:06 (edited)
    None of the above
    Equality, yes ... but FEMINISM is not FEMINAZISM:


    - I don't shave my legs, armpits, bikini area

    - I wear Birkenstocks and burlap

    - I attended Lilith Fair concerts

    - I will burn my bra ... after paying $60 for it

    - All men are pigs, dogs, or bastards

    - It's okay hate men unjustly; treat men like dirt

    - "I can open my own damn door!"

    - I MUST BE offended by chick, babe, or sweetheart

    - Men shouldn't be gentlemen and treat me like a lady

    feminism offended chick babe sweetheart feminism gentlemen feminism treated lady
  • JHup BN-0 2010/09/26 02:35:13
    None of the above
    JHup BN-0
    Again, it's "how" the term is heard. Some picture a feminazi stomping the boys & their old rules, but a true feminist can be anything she (or he - guys can be feminist too!) wants to be, as long as they support everyone else's right to do the same.
  • Astro-Boy 2010/09/26 02:11:54
    No, there's nothing negative that comes with the term
  • seathanaich 2010/09/26 01:24:46
    Yes, "feminism" has some negative connotations
    Feminism does have some negative connotations to me. In some cases, it's not about equality, but rather inequality - in favour of women. And I don't think any fair person wants that, any more than sexism that favours men.

    For example, as a high school student fully 2/3 of all scholarships were closed to me, because I'm male. There's no way any honest person can defend that.

    We need a term that could be used instead of "feminism" for people of either sex who are in favour of equality between genders, because that is what feminism is mostly about, and should be about. And having gone through a feminist movement - which did make our society better - we need now to become post-feminist in a way that normalises gender equity. I'm very much in support of most "feminist" ideas and movements in the Third World. Cheers.
  • runningintriangles 2010/09/26 01:00:03 (edited)
    Yes, "feminism" has some negative connotations
    Unfortunately, it does. It's because idiotic people seem to think femi-nazi and feminist are synonymous. They're not.

    A feminist is simply a person who supports gender equality.

    And those who think being a feminist is a negative thing? Please, read this, it might clear a few things up.

    feminist simply person supports gender equality feminist negative read clear
  • MeMyself&Kai 2010/09/25 22:55:59
    Yes, "feminism" has some negative connotations
    There are definitely things I support in feminism and things that I'd like to stay away from hha
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/09/25 22:12:42
    None of the above
    Lady Whitewolf

    "The radical notion that Women are PEOPLE."
  • Liza Jane 2010/09/25 21:58:10
    None of the above
    Liza Jane
    I think that maybe, just maybe, some men are the ones perpetuating a rumor that feminists are man-hating bitches. I'm a feminist and I happen to love most men. :-)
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2010/09/25 20:44:38
    Yes, "feminism" has some negative connotations
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    I often call myself feminist, but I am for equality of the sexes.

    Unfortunatley, there are some feminist out there who are sexist. They want all the postives for women, but don't realize men need rights, as well.

    For instance, if a woman accidently gets pregnant and she chooses to keep it, the man is expected to pay child support. However, if the man wants to keep the baby and the woman doesn't, she usually is not expected to pay child support.
    That is definitely not fair, and is definitely one of the times where men get screwed (and not in the way that they like).
  • ZILdeactivated 2010/09/25 20:11:25
    Yes, "feminism" has some negative connotations
    When the movement first began, it had merit. Now it's pretty much women trying to rule over men and make them look stupid.
  • Conservative in California 2010/09/25 20:09:13
    None of the above
    Conservative in California
    It used to until Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and other conservative women came into the picture in the last few years...because of them, now little girls really can aspire to be anything they want when they grow up, not just angry, man-hating, resentful socialists who demand government funded abortions for all. Now women can truly be productive members of society and believe in anything they want to, and not be afraid of the far Left coercing them into silence.
  • Jimbob 2010/09/25 19:58:33
    None of the above
    By and large "feminists" only want rights for women, what about equality for everyone?
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 01:01:07
    Obviously you don't understand feminism. :\
  • Jimbob running... 2010/09/26 02:21:54
    Maybe someday someone will explain it to me ;-)
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 02:28:25
  • Jimbob running... 2010/09/26 02:42:53
    Yep...that's what I thought it was :I
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 02:50:48
    Really? Because you seem to think feminists are only for women's rights, when really, they're simply for gender equality. But perhaps your mind can't comprehend that. Was the essay I linked you to too highbrow for you?
  • Jimbob running... 2010/09/26 02:58:45
    Highbrow? I'm not sure that's the word I'd use but the exact one doesn't come to mind. So many groups cry out for equality but none of them say equal with who.
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 03:00:34
    Equal with each other, with everyone. It saddens me that you fail to comprehend such a simple concept.
  • Jimbob running... 2010/09/26 03:07:15
    I guess I look at it the same as people who long for world peace, that is something that has never existed and if history is any teacher, it never will. It's been my experience that most people don't want to be equal, they want to be better than the next guy.
    It may not sound like it, but I do share your feelings on equality, it would be great if everyone lived in peace and loved one another, but the reality is that just isn't probable.
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 03:11:38
  • Jimbob running... 2010/09/26 03:25:00
    I wish you luck on your quest. Weak willed? Perhaps I am. But to struggle for something unobtainable might make one appear weak in another faculty.
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 03:45:43
  • Jimbob running... 2010/09/26 03:53:49
    Weak willed, lazy and far behind western civilization is that the kind of judgmental criticism that's brought feminism so far in your country? I'm not going to chew up anymore of this person's thread with this personal conversation. If you care to continue feel free to mail me :-)
  • running... Jimbob 2010/09/26 03:55:53 (edited)
    Well, you folks are a bit behind, in general. Not all of you, I suppose, but as a country? Just a wee bit.

    Feminism, the fight for equality, has progressed because people attempted the "impossible," not because people sat on their asses whining about things.
  • Shawna 2010/09/25 19:49:35
    None of the above
    I usually call myself a humanist. A humanist also believes in equality but it extends beyond gender to include race. I think that the term humanist can embrace the qualities of feminism that I would agree with and leave out any of the negative associations. I should probably have chosen "Yes"
  • Psykhê Shawna 2010/09/26 13:46:18
  • Shawna Psykhê 2010/09/26 19:30:36
    Why thank you. I have my moments :)
  • Prometheus~phaet~ 2010/09/25 19:49:27

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