Drue-AFCL 2012/03/30 00:55:00
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  • DM Twin 2012/03/30 02:28:38
    DM Twin
    The DemonRATS are finished.... Senate , House and President.....enjoy the Republican Super Majority liberal dipwads . hhhh

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  • rightside 2012/04/02 03:40:44
    Lets just say that I sincerely hope so. If we want to keep bama at bay.
  • NO
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    We have way too many complete morons in our country for the dems to lose. (sarcasm)
  • Vnvet 2012/04/01 19:17:27
    We have one idoit still left in the House that insists on passing bills without so much as reading them just so we can see what's in them.So yes the Demacratic party will lose this half of congress also because of the inept way they handle every orther thing ever.One day they will wake up and see who really butters the bread in this country.
  • mustangluver 2012/03/31 08:17:29
    We can only have the audacity to hope..LOL
  • Drue-AFCL 2012/03/30 22:22:03
  • ed 2012/03/30 19:27:18
    I sure hope they do.
  • mich52 2012/03/30 18:08:53
  • Hawkeye mich52 2012/03/30 18:38:18
    No.. Recessions only happen when DEMOCRATS take over like they did in 2006..
  • mich52 Hawkeye 2012/03/30 18:55:46
  • Hawkeye mich52 2012/03/30 20:13:33
    Dems,, INCLUDING Senater Obama,, took over in January of 2007 and a year later we're going into a recession..Obama takes over in January of 2009 and EVERYTHING goed down the tubes and NOTHINGS begins to improve until the Republicans take over the House..

    YOU can spin it any way you want to but the FACTS show that the MORE control the Democrats get,, the worse off America becomes.. And It's like a Mathematical Proof..The reverse is ALSO true and proves the entire equation..

    When the Democrat Control gives way to Republican Control,, America IMPROVES..
  • mich52 Hawkeye 2012/03/30 23:21:45
  • Hawkeye mich52 2012/03/31 00:35:06
    About a year after the Dems. took over the COngress.. And if you LOOK at History you'll see that it doesn't matter which side of the Political Spectrum the President's on the recessions are ALWAYS when Democrats run the Congress and it's CONGRESS that holds the Purse Strings..
  • mich52 Hawkeye 2012/03/31 04:01:58
  • Hawkeye mich52 2012/03/31 10:25:38
    Sure.. THEY have veto power and the Congress ,, under certain circumstances,, has the right to over ride that veto.. now,, in all fairness.. Bush did NOT veto anything.. He went along with the Democrats and for THAT he will forever share in the responsibility but even so.. The recession didn't occur because of anything that Bush did.. It occurred because of the things that the Democrats DID and that Bush didn't stop..
  • Hawkeye Hawkeye 2012/03/31 10:27:18
    In ANY event.. NOBODY that supports this guy in the WHite House has ANY room to talk about any other President.. YOUR guy is simply DISMAL when it comes to driving this country underwater..
  • dallas Hawkeye 2012/03/31 11:16:32
  • Hawkeye dallas 2012/03/31 11:30:15
    He wasn't even the worse President in History before Obama came along.. Carter was.. But,, Obama has them ALL beat but hey.. It's like I've been saying all along..

    The only GOOD thing about an Obama Presidency is that the NEXT Black President can't help being the BEST Black President this country ever had..
  • dallas Hawkeye 2012/03/31 12:56:19
  • Hawkeye dallas 2012/03/31 13:03:09
    Well.. THAT'S your opinion and you're entitled to it.. For MOST of America,, including MANY who once SHARED your Opinion,, the only OTHER thing that Obama managed to succeed in doing was to make Bush look GOOD..
  • dallas Hawkeye 2012/03/31 13:09:20
  • Hawkeye dallas 2012/03/31 13:29:51
    Woodrow Wilson= WWI
    FDR=Pearl Harbor and WWII..
    Truman= Hiroshima,, Nagasaki and the Korean War..
    JFK and Johnson =Viet Nam
    Carter= Hostages in Iran
    Clinton=Bosnia and Somalia

    Wanna keep score??
  • dallas Hawkeye 2012/03/31 13:32:31
  • Hawkeye dallas 2012/03/31 13:47:58
    SURE you do.. Now go play in your sandbox.... Adults are talking here..

    And take your little friend with you..
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/01 19:33:04
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    How old are you? 10? Do you know anything at all about American History?
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/01 23:08:36 (edited)
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/01 23:25:24
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Um, what in the hell are you talking about? Where did you get that from, a bad acid trip? What a random and meaningless comment.
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/01 23:40:00 (edited)
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/01 23:51:02
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    So you connect that to me how?
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/02 00:07:04
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/02 00:20:24
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    How in the hell do you connect me to that? Do you know my political affiliation? You should do your homework far better.
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/02 00:38:36 (edited)
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/02 00:40:21
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Why would I vote for an enemy of the United States?
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/02 01:07:12 (edited)
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/02 01:12:04 (edited)
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    So you concede that Obama is our enemy. Very good. I rest my case. You are a complete fool. If you don't say something intelligent, I will block you for merely being a moron.
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/02 02:49:59 (edited)
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/02 02:54:07 (edited)
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Where dallASS? Quote me.
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/02 03:00:22
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/02 03:03:03
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Quote me dumb-ass.
  • dallas Jerry (... 2012/04/02 03:17:34 (edited)
  • Jerry (... dallas 2012/04/02 03:24:37
    Jerry (Iron Priest)☮ R ☮ P ☮ 201
    Time to block you. You're just way too stupid for my time.

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