Do you think the Conservatives on this site are having a pity party?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/11 02:54:05
Rave This If you think the Conservatives on this site are having a pity party
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  • EyeLuvHillary 2013/01/02 02:48:40
    They had better get used to it. The Republican Party is in serious danger of becoming a minority party. The fast changing voter's demograhpics clearly leans toward the Democrats.
  • darling6dimples@yahoo.com 2012/12/20 16:54:18
    They will get over the loss,some have already dismissed the crybabies in their party,lol!
  • Queen B 2012/11/24 02:50:10
    Queen B
    right wing crybabies
  • patrick.bonacoscia 2012/11/21 01:30:32
    Conservatives need to understand that they are losing women votes by being misogynistic. If they understand that they might win next elections.
  • darling... patrick... 2012/12/05 14:51:41
    Lol,do you think they ever will understand? I have my doubts.
  • patrick... darling... 2012/12/06 23:28:13
    ummm I think not, like most conservatives in the world sadly. I do consider women being equal to men,and both women and men have a role to play in a better society.
  • darling... patrick... 2012/12/05 14:55:44 (edited)
    Sometimes I feel like women are only in politics for appearences.The Republicans seem to have little respect for women in office. How would they feel if their mothers and sisters were talked about like they did in this election?
  • patrick... darling... 2012/12/06 23:24:31
    very true... My mother (Italian wit quite strong temper) was dating a guy (italian too) when that idiot told that the place of women was in the kitchen. Knowing my mother thought "poor guy you're dead..." She just left and told the guy to get back to his pampering mom. lol
  • darling... patrick... 2012/12/05 14:57:27
    I am very disappointed .
  • darling... darling... 2012/12/05 15:00:07
    Our President is compassionate and honorable,not like sneaky Bush,Romney and Ryan!
  • patrick... darling... 2012/12/06 23:29:02
    he surely his !
  • addie 2012/11/21 01:30:15
    Be fair, we did after the two rigged elections and through eight years of horror! lol
  • **StarzAbove** 2012/11/18 00:57:50
    Yes and they are so boring. boring baby
  • Trish **Starz... 2012/11/18 18:18:37
  • Mary Mary **Starz... 2012/11/19 21:52:40
  • SABLE 2012/11/17 13:20:22
    It's pathetic
  • mac9 2012/11/17 06:40:21
    Yes we pity the morons that voted for obama.
  • Georgia50 2012/11/17 02:18:26
  • Ben 2012/11/16 22:58:40
  • Average Joe 2012/11/16 22:20:06 (edited)
    Average Joe
    LOL. Just tell them all http://www.youtube.com/watch?... and enjoy the meltdown show. The angry ones (evidenced by all the hate on here) are still nursing that post-election day hangover and crying about the sky falling so they're too busy to actually have any effect in the real world. They're really coming apart at the seams now that the GOP has begun eating its young. Gov. Jindal (R-Lousiana) and GOP Michael Steele each rebuked Romney for his idiocy in the last two days and these intelligent Republicans are realizing the poison must be purged from the party in order for it to move forward.
  • Tarheel Average... 2012/11/19 01:36:07
    "eating their young" lol!!!
  • AL 2012/11/16 21:15:41
    LOL! Please Get back to us after all the unemployment Obama care caused then!
  • Average... AL 2012/11/16 22:21:15
    Average Joe
    (chuckle) The problem is worldwide. The EU went into an official depression yesterday. Did Obama cause that, too (heheh)?
  • AL Average... 2012/11/17 02:21:50
    Nice try! Yet Obama is causing the problem now-with massive lays off -all BECAUSE of his tax the wealthy employers and his insane Obama care scam as well!
  • Average... AL 2012/11/18 15:44:48
    Average Joe
    No, Obama isn't causing the layoffs. corporations beholden to right-wing policies are the blame. People like you defending corporatism have little clue about what's what. For example, most of these large companies have a choice. They can reduce bloated salaries and perks and bonuses and options of CEOs and upper management and/or reduce profits for a quarter or so ... but oh, no! They screw the little guy, the worker bees by CHOICE and people like you blindly point fingers at Obama .. lol. A perfect exampleis Murray Coal (Google it) in Ohio. Murray laid off 160 workers the day after the election and Murray himself wrote a letter to the workers invoking God and blaming Obama. His hypocrisy is illustrated two-fold. First, he implies God is on his side in his layoff letter. What ... did God not want Obama to win the election? He can't have it both ways. Second, what this cretin won't tell you is he donated enough cash to the Republican PACs in the last 12 months to keep those 160 workers employed for the next two years at MINIMUM. So you continue blaming Obama while not only allowing but defending and championing corporations who shove their personal political partisanship on workers and consumers. The rest of us will make sure they are brought to their knees, like Hostess. That's the benefit of a free market society. People have had it with these clown companies screwing America. New ones will rise and take their place. They always do.
  • RawRsaurus 2012/11/16 21:07:02
  • patrick... RawRsaurus 2012/12/06 23:31:35
    that could be shots from an horror movie....
  • SneakyPete 2012/11/16 18:48:33
    No way folks.... We at least know what will be happening over the next 4 years.
  • AL SneakyPete 2012/11/16 21:18:02
    You bet! Just wait until Obama's little useful idiots find out just how much unemployment Obama care caused
  • Mikewlf337 2012/11/16 18:47:52 (edited)
    Your choice won. There is no need to rub it in. I'm sure if your choice did not win then you would be the one throwing the pity party. I did not throw a pity party. It is what it is. Get over yourself.
  • BiMzPhyl 2012/11/16 15:16:02
    Here, there and EVERYWHERE!!
  • Soundstorm 2012/11/16 14:58:07
    Are the liberals having an orgy? It'll be a hell of a four year hangover for you guys once you realize that it's you and your guy who are solely responsible for all the misery you voted for. Twice.
  • RawRsaurus Soundstorm 2012/11/16 21:08:07
    Going to cry into your Bush-shaped pillow? You know, the guy who helped put us in this disaster. The guy you probably voted for. Twice.
  • AL RawRsaurus 2012/11/16 21:24:35
    PLease enjoy all the unemployment Obama care is causing then as well! Because there's no fool-like a damn fool that doesn't understand what a fool he's made of himself
  • RawRsaurus AL 2012/11/16 21:46:53 (edited)
  • AL RawRsaurus 2012/11/16 22:03:37
    So I guess you're not even keeping track of all the lay offs caused by Obama care then right sparky?
  • RawRsaurus AL 2012/11/16 22:10:28
    Oh, you mean the same owner who threatened his workers they'd lose their jobs if they didn't vote Romney? You have to try a LOT harder than that.
  • AL RawRsaurus 2012/11/16 22:20:55
    Son you're not even living in the real world! Every time Obama sticks it to Employers-he also sticks it to their workers as well! There is no way to get around that fact!All that employer did was state the fact of the out come of this election is all! What threat are you talking about?
  • RawRsaurus AL 2012/11/17 05:47:25
  • AL RawRsaurus 2012/11/17 07:59:01
    Grow up son!
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