Do you think the Benghazi Massacre was caused by a culture of deception and lies in The White House?

Scalded Eagle 2012/12/10 00:08:31
Do you think we are really at peace in The Middle East thanks to the current administration policies?
 Benghazi Massacre culture of deception and lies in The White House
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  • Phil O'Dette 2014/11/17 02:21:27
    Phil O'Dette
    You bet. Four U.S. citizens were killed over a video, dammit! Can't you see?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • kobidobidog 2013/06/16 04:13:41 (edited)
    People are obsessed with death. That is why this goes on and on. John who blocked be needs what he thinks I need. Religious people wanted Jesus dead. KJV, John 18 >>14,Now Caiaphas was he, which gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man should die for the people.

    Mark 14:1-9, the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death, John 12;10 the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death;

    Matthew 12:14:Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him. Luke 22:2 Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him. And the chief priests and scribes sought how they might kill him; for they feared the people. Luke 11:54: Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him. Religions to day make the bible into a killing machine in the minds of people sighting verses in Leviticus or Exodus in any version make Gods word into a lie. That mentality of kill being good killed the people in Benghazi . Wanting retribution is the same evil spirit. Us being at peace with ourselves is what matters eternally. There is a reason why Jesus did not retaliate when he was going to the Cross. Why can't people learn from what they see over and over again seeing what people did to Jesus seeing how he took it loving them not rejecting them forgiving them?
  • ProudProgressive 2013/05/06 19:48:23
    There is no "culture of deception and lies" in this White House. As far as Benghazi, the lies are all coming from the Right Wing. For instance -

    We know there were no orders to stand down.
    We know there was no secret gunrunning operation.
    We know they were not storing missiles at our compound.
    We know that no officers were relieved of duty as a result of Benghazi.
    We know that there was no live video of the attack at the White House.
    We know that the President didn't "go to sleep" during the attack.
    We know that IT DOESNT MATTER whether a few State Department spokespersons initially said that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to a video.
  • Mark Pi... ProudPr... 2013/05/13 11:49:54 (edited)
    Mark Pillow
    Dear Proud Progressive
    I fought for your right to be ignorant (Damn It) but I never fought for your right to be stupid. It concerns me that you and others continue to fail to read between the lines and recognize that what we have here is the culmination of a campaign to oust former Director Petraeus (albeit he gave them the bullet to shoot him with) but I HAVE NEVER seen a situation where the SOF Com was unable or blocked from an off the books effort to resolve a matter like this and I want to hear Gen. Ham explain the complicated maneuver by which CMD was shifted to his XO while he was in D.C. to keep him from ordering the extremis force in etc. I posit that we have a coup here between DOD and the CIA and Brennen. Brennan out maneuvered them while hiding a WH IRAN/CONTRA LEVEL scandal to arm the MB and others in Syria.
  • ProudPr... Mark Pi... 2013/05/13 11:53:06
    You can stop fighting. You've obviously cornered the market on ignorance and stupidity. While the Right Wingers have spent all their time listening to Darrell Issa "read between the lines", the rest of us have actually READ THE LINES. There was no coverup here. No one lied. General Ham's removal had nothing to do with Benghazi and was a prescheduled, routine personnel move based on the fact that General Ham was already planning to retire.

    You just keep on reading between those lines. Try not to snort too many along the way.
  • Mark Pi... ProudPr... 2013/05/18 03:43:44
    Mark Pillow
    You are being sarcastic aren't you? Because if your not, you must think us fools to try to sell that tripe here. The Benghazi 4
  • princess 2012/12/28 09:44:27
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/12/25 22:33:27
  • Mark Pillow 2012/12/17 01:56:07
    Mark Pillow
    this forum seems to have a few who vehemently oppose discussing it here.
  • Israel Mark Pi... 2012/12/17 11:16:28
  • rk 2012/12/16 04:44:25
    Yes And I cannot believe that the admin is getting away with it
  • cut and paste king 2012/12/15 22:22:33
  • Scalded... cut and... 2012/12/16 01:29:36
    Scalded Eagle
    Sorry but that has nothing with question, we need to know about Benghazi now.
  • cut and... Scalded... 2012/12/16 01:34:05 (edited)
    cut and paste king
    My friend benghazys 15 minutes of news Are up it has been replaced by The school murders i dont think anybody cares much anymore about benghzahi Vhuiolc
  • Scalded... cut and... 2012/12/16 04:12:32
    Scalded Eagle
    I know what you are saying, but we know how important it is to keep Benghazi alive.
  • Scalded... cut and... 2012/12/16 04:10:09
    Scalded Eagle
    Please, stop the spam.
  • Stop Hillary 2016 2012/12/15 18:44:48
    Stop Hillary 2016
    BREAKING NEWS : Clinton Unable to Testify on Benghazi, Cites Concussion

  • Scalded... Stop Hi... 2012/12/16 01:30:49
    Scalded Eagle
    She will never be allowed to testify about Benghazi.
  • Israel Scalded... 2012/12/17 00:04:48
  • cut and... Stop Hi... 2012/12/16 04:35:15
    cut and paste king
    We interrupt the benghazy hearings to inform you that Kim Kardasian will replace her old breast implants for new ones.
  • cathy bleecker 2012/12/15 17:32:48
    cathy bleecker
    I think conservatives take an unfortunate event and try and twist it to get mileage out of it. So what was reported when how do it affect what happened.)
  • Scalded... cathy b... 2012/12/16 01:37:23
    Scalded Eagle
    "Never let a crisis go to waste" is the Democrats motto.
  • Directioner 2012/12/15 13:22:46
  • Wolf 2012/12/15 11:33:00
    The Benghazi Attack response and cover up from the administration (Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta, Patreaus, Rice,etc. is Treason and should be prosecuted if there is still a US Constitution---
  • Jesse-T... Wolf 2012/12/15 14:46:32
    Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy
    You are right. If this is still America at all, someone will make these parasites answer for what they did.
  • Scalded... Jesse-T... 2012/12/16 01:40:54
    Scalded Eagle
    Right, we must keep pushing to bring them down, Benghazi could be The Holly Grail.
  • cut and... Wolf 2012/12/15 22:24:03
  • Scalded... Wolf 2012/12/16 01:39:02
    Scalded Eagle
    ...or any libtard officals LEFT.
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/12/15 09:10:33
  • scottcleaves 2012/12/15 05:22:55
    Move on, dummies. You're boring the rest of us to tears. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Israel scottcl... 2012/12/15 11:40:54
  • Scalded... Israel 2012/12/16 01:41:46
    Scalded Eagle
    LOL, yeppers.
  • Israel Scalded... 2012/12/16 18:16:29
  • Scotty 2012/12/15 05:17:30
    No because I'm not a spastic
  • johndhutcheson 2012/12/15 05:01:08
    Al Qaeda et al are motivated the perception of moral corruption of Muslim societies by western influence. This perception is inferred from foreign policy and military interventions in the Middle East and South Asia.
    Broadly, as far as Libyans are concern, The US did what was needed. It looks like Libya is USA's new friend in the region.
  • Israel johndhu... 2012/12/15 11:42:00
  • johndhu... Israel 2012/12/16 09:46:17
    I not did say "Libya is US's friend." I said it looks like this is so.
    A natural implication is the appearence may differ from reality. I did not think I would have to point this out. :o
  • Israel johndhu... 2012/12/16 18:18:21
  • johndhu... Israel 2012/12/16 22:40:13
    Seriously re-read my last comment, your last comment shows you only understood half of it.
    I was NOT describing the naturalness of aspects of geopolitics of the muslim world, I was describing the natural implications of the *language* of the my preceding comment
  • Israel johndhu... 2012/12/16 22:57:28
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