Do you think the 6 billion dollars spent on this election's campains could have been better spent?

Iconoclast1919 2012/11/07 07:32:35
Well, I certainly think the answer to this is a no brainer. Heck yeah I think it could be better spent on education, rebuilding our infrastructure, and aiding those in need. A sickening amount of money has been spent and we're exactly where we were with Obama as President, a Democratic Senate, and a Republican House. Don't get me wrong, I prefer Obama and Democrats over Republicans, but the real issue for me is that I think there should be a cap for all candidates to prevent waste and also to limit the ability of money to buy an election. It is also an issue of really messed up priorities in our country when we spend this much money on campaigns while 1 in 4 children go hungry every day in the United States of America. We desperately need VOTING/ELECTION reform, not just campaign reform. CNN had a good article (America's voting system is a disgrace by David Frum) about our system that illustrated how and why out system is so flawed and also illustrating how absurd our elections are when compared to other countries. What are your thoughts about these issues?
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