Do you think that republicans are greedy,selfish jerks with no personalities.

groovemaster 2009/01/04 22:32:04
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  • dingobully 2009/02/27 06:47:43
    This is America after all.
  • rukiddingme 2009/02/27 05:05:34
    Republicans cant understand other peoples disadvantages...because they have had a wonderful life, up bringing and enviroment or somewhat of an upper hand over another person (It doesnt make you better than another, it makes you more fortunate...People in this country start at all different levels..and its to bad this country has lost the caring for or brothers and sisters. ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!!! real sad I hope we all prosper as a country....Not just a certain segment
  • cgy40200 2009/02/27 02:30:51
    AND HATERS thats why you can not get any of them to agree with The President but thats ok he will do good with what he set put to do Replublicans are all the above and then some mainly haters on the PRESIDENTS. keep up the good work President Obama LOVE YOU
  • USAmom 2009/02/18 05:12:56 (edited)
    Sorry, but when I watch the GOP in action it frightens me to death. It is all about the rich getting richer, they don't give a flying flip if we have health care and the middle class get the dirty end of the stick. It is ALWAYS their way or the highway. They do not understand the REAL America. Our country and economy suffers when they are in charge.
  • screwybruce 2009/02/14 16:37:34
    No more then that other good for nothing party.
  • Papa Bear 2009/02/11 20:00:11
    Papa Bear
    Overall no. And this is proven out in the stats in the book Who Really Cares by Arther C. Brooks. Very eye opening
  • Lipstick Republican 2009/01/05 17:58:07
  • mike 2009/01/05 00:00:07
    All of the above
    I think all politicians are....you dont see them divided when it comes to pay raises and perks for themselves...
  • Bring it ~STS~Freewill Dirt... 2009/01/04 23:40:20
    Bring it ~STS~Freewill Dirty Pheonix
  • OhioCritter-Adopt a Homeles... 2009/01/04 23:09:55
    OhioCritter-Adopt a Homeless Pet
    Funny you asked that I was just thinking that Democrats were greedy, selfish jerks with no
    personality. Photobucket
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2009/01/04 22:41:44
  • flaca BN-0 2009/01/04 22:38:32
    flaca BN-0
    they are right, shame though that the current government does not follow republican principles.
  • Lou 2009/01/04 22:37:57
    Just depends on the individual. Just like there are conservative Democrats. Some members of both parties can go too far to the right or too far to the left, and that makes trouble for everyone.

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