Do You Think Racism Still Exists In The Workplace?

Futureman 2010/08/05 20:31:51
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Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
No, racism like this does not exist in the workplace
I think racism in the workplace....
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While police are investigating the tragic shooting in Hartford, Conneticut, many are wondering if Thorton's deadly rampage at Hartford Distributors was spurred by racial tensions. In the early hours of the morning and after the shooting, Thorton reportedly left a message on his mother's answering machine.

"I killed the five racists that were bothering me," Thorton said. Thorton is also to have reportedly told friends and colleagues that racial epitaphs were scrawled on his locker. However, the owners of Hartford Distributors have no record of complaints filed by Thorton. In fact, many things may have contributed to Thorton suddenly losing it.

According to police, managers confronted Thorton on the day of the shooting. They showed Thorton a video of him taking beers and informed him that he would not be driving trucks any longer. It was then that Thorton walked to the companies dining area, pulled his weapon from his lunch box, and began firing.

Regardless of what ever injustice Thorton did or did not face, it does not excuse the fact that he killed eight men. However, the Christan Science Monitor reports that six of 10 incidents in the workplace are racially motivated.

Do you think overt racism like this still exists in the workplace?

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  • gracie935 2010/08/06 02:22:14
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    There most definately is racism everywhere in the world, but this case has nothing to do with race. It is about a man getting fired for stealing and it pi$$ed him off. This playing the race card anytime a black person is busted is old and moldy now. Cry wolf too many times and no one believes you.

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  • william raggett 2011/09/28 11:51:03
    I think racism in the workplace....
    william raggett
    As long as there are different races there will always be racism. I think this guy was just a loose screw though. There is nothing anyone can do to make someone not racist if that is what is in their mind.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2011/03/03 02:07:34
    I think racism in the workplace....
    The only racism I've seen in the workplace is the deep resentment blacks have torwards whites. This guy could have reported this incedent and sued the people and the company REAL good. This man clearly has other issues going on.
  • Maya Ying Lin 2010/10/28 13:24:26
    I think racism in the workplace....
    Maya Ying Lin
    Affirmative action is racism sanctioned by the government!
  • Jan 2010/08/11 20:28:42
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    The problem is racism is used as a crutch for everything that is done. I am sick and tired of the excuses I hear all the time. Now its so bad that freedom of speech is suppressed. People should be allowed to say what they feel no matter who it hurts! That's how we learn either by standing by your words or refuting them but to call everything racism is just and excuse that, as I said before, I'm just tired of! Tell the ones who use racism as an excuse to get what they want to get a life!
  • fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust" 2010/08/09 17:56:58
    I think racism in the workplace....
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Exists but it is a personal, no longer an institutional thing.
    Regarding this case there were no complaints of racism ever levied with any agency or the union for this company. Not by any employee or this guy.
  • b man 2010/08/09 17:40:25
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    b man
    Hell yea it does most blacks conspire against and undermine whites all the time. And when whites get tired of it.... well then the race card goes into action.
  • susan 2010/08/09 17:05:14
    I think racism in the workplace....
    As long as there are separate, distinguishable races, there will be racism. Thorton was obviously a racist; whether his co-workers practiced racism is not known. Businesses can control their business practices in the workplace to a certain extent; they cannot control individual hate and racism.
  • Kaimeso 2010/08/09 16:25:50
    I think racism in the workplace....
    Racisim is like skin cancer, covering it up does nothing to help. But racisim goes both ways and it needs to exposed and treated.
  • KELLI2L 2010/08/09 15:54:02
    I think racism in the workplace....
    There is BIG 'reverse' racism..... I'm seeing incidences of African Americans who hate Whites....
  • TombstoneJim 2010/08/09 15:28:50
    I think racism in the workplace....
    like all other human ideas occurs here and there, but is NOT accepted in most locales. It does not excuse the piece of crap that murdered his fellow workers. He got caught on tape stealing from his own company and should have been arrested rather than fired....but, being black that too would have been racism...
  • Merl 2010/08/09 15:17:28
    I think racism in the workplace....
    Is an excuse used to cover those who cannot handle being told they are flat out worthless.
  • Sarah5121 2010/08/09 13:17:21
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    Maybe not super severe but yeah it still exists.
  • William 2010/08/09 11:30:32
    I think racism in the workplace....
    Racism is stil around, and will be until the end of time if you ask me, it will always be part of a society, although it can be improved or reduced to some extent.
  • Shelby 2010/08/09 09:21:45
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    i do believe there is strong racism in most workplaces , even if this wasn't one of them there are many people in the world who are racist - me not one of them ! - and if this man was telling the truth about being picked on i believe him
  • classact-11 2010/08/09 09:00:21
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    There are always gonna be a few bad apples
  • USAF Vet 2010/08/09 05:27:39 (edited)
    I think racism in the workplace....
    USAF Vet
    You can't legislate racism out of anything; especially the racist, be he black, white, brown or rainbow.
  • Tonare ... USAF Vet 2010/08/09 06:49:19
    Tonare Amour BN-0
    Rainbow! YAY!
  • potlatch 2010/08/09 04:56:52
    I think racism in the workplace....
    Yes it still exists but people are people and some can't change.
    I do believe all the talk of racism, since Obama was elected, has made it worse.

    A man who is half White, part Arab and part Black should have been a uniting factor for us but it hasn't turned out that way.
  • Nadia Quintero 2010/08/09 02:48:31
    No, racism like this does not exist in the workplace
    Nadia Quintero
    It sure doesn't look like it!

    racism exist workplace
  • FaNii 2010/08/09 02:39:59
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
  • Alan_Scott 2010/08/09 00:34:27
    I think racism in the workplace....
    is less overt, but it is still, sadly, there.
  • leftright 2010/08/08 23:18:16
    No, racism like this does not exist in the workplace
    So everyone who feels they have been given a hard time can kill several people and get sympathy. There is actually more reverse discrimination going on than minority racism. Companies are walking the line because they can't even have a slight odor of racism or they will be crucified.
  • Kris P. Kreme 2010/08/08 20:27:00
    I think racism in the workplace....
    Kris P. Kreme
    Is more subtle than it used to be, but it still exists.
  • flippytude 2010/08/08 19:47:36
    I think racism in the workplace....
    It seems to me that racism and discrimination has been so ingrained in our society (I.E, the Trail of Tears, Segregation, Women's rights....) that it's still apparent in today's society. Though it seems better, it's still floating around.
  • grok70 2010/08/08 19:30:28
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    Depends on the organization, but where there are racist employers I'm positive racism will be expressed. When it can be proved in a court of law (which is very rare) it will be brought to justice. But most racism is easily concealed behind a farcical justification.
  • Crank_It_Up 2010/08/08 15:57:08
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    yes racism still exists in the workplace and everywhere else, but not quite as bad as in years past. Although we still have a long way to go, progress has been made. As to what really was behind this shooter's rampage, who knows? In his own twisted version of reality, there is no way to speculate what was going on leading up to this tragedy.
  • NOBAMA 2010/08/08 14:37:17
    I think racism in the workplace....
    There is no excuse for this man shooting anyone in cold blood! It sounds like to me that Thornton just did not accept or like the fact he was black and he probably developed a defensive personality towards white people. I'm not saying racism is right, personally I don't believe that any one of us is better than another. We are all equally human. But what he did was wrong and it appears he had a huge chip on is shoulder against white people. Not to mention the fact he was caught stealing from the company he worked for.
  • Peace t... NOBAMA 2010/08/08 16:10:46
    Peace to the USA
    'he did not accept or like the fact he was black'....WTF how did you get to this conclusion?? 'huge chip on his shoulder against white people' why

    Amasing how people hear/see what they want to see...he said he was harrassed at work, but instead of believing that was his experience (and agreeing that is NO excuss for his actions) you claim that he 'did not accept or like the fact he was black' and has a 'huge chip on his shoulder'

    This is why we have race issues in this country, no one is listening!!
  • teigan Peace t... 2010/08/08 22:00:04
    His claim that he was harassed at work would be more believable if he had filed a complaint. I believe he was just trying to excuse his crime.
  • Peace t... teigan 2010/08/08 22:11:09
    Peace to the USA
    wow..with no information about his HR history you make these judgements...

    Obviously, killing his co-workers/managers is not excusable, I dont care how bad the racism was. With that said, how can folks discard his claim of racial issues at work and then conclude he "did not like the fact that he was black"....that is crazy!
  • teigan Peace t... 2010/08/08 22:18:19
    I did not conclude that "did not like the fact that he was black". Where did you read that in my comments? I stated that he had not filed a complaint on being harassed, that came from his boss. He was trying to excuse his crime. He got fired because he was a thief.
  • NOBAMA Peace t... 2010/08/08 23:19:57
    Maybe because he made this claim after gunning these people down in cold blood.
  • Peace t... NOBAMA 2010/08/09 00:49:26
    Peace to the USA
    Yes, because he hated being black and hated all whites....of course...makes perfect sense now.
  • NOBAMA Peace t... 2010/08/09 07:10:15
    Racism does not solely fall on white people. Believe it or not, there are black people who just don't like white people.
  • NOBAMA Peace t... 2010/08/08 23:07:52
    He gunned down his co-workers in cold blood. It's obvious the man had a deep rooted mental problem due to the fact he was black. My opinion is no matter what color any man is, we should all accept and be proud of who we are and the color God made us, because we cannot change it. We can, however, choose how we react.
  • Peace t... NOBAMA 2010/08/09 23:30:28
  • KLynn Peace t... 2010/08/09 06:20:24
    The reason we still have racial issues in this country is because losers like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson make a living out of perpetuating it.
  • teigan NOBAMA 2010/08/08 21:58:10
    I don't believe that it has anything to do with him not accepting that he was black, whatever that means. He was trying to excuse his crime by blaming others, we don't even know that any racists worked there because he never filed a complaint.
  • NOBAMA teigan 2010/08/08 23:17:30
    I mean nothing more than that there are some black people who don't like the fact they were born black. I think if a person is confident in who and what they are, they are less likely to be offended by anyone. Now I am not excusing racial comments, but even if it did happen it would be no excuse for what he did.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/08/08 13:53:41
    Yes, severe racism still exists in the workplace
    Unfortunately, it appears to be government mandated and is entirely against "White". It certainly, is not merit based. The quotas must be met........

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