Do You Think President Obama Will Win the 2012 Election?

Politics 2012/03/14 00:28:43
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We know you want to make your opinion count -- especially during the time of a serious election. So, every week, SodaHead will host a handful of up-to-date polls having to do with the upcoming 2012 election.

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  • Lee 2012/03/14 04:31:56
    While I am a progressive independent, I regret what the Republican party is doing to itself: alienating women, Latinos, labor, etc. When the working middle class finally wakes up, they too will realize that the Republicans support welfare for the wealthy. There will come a time when the Koch brothers will no longer be able to buy our Democracy. At least that's what the idealistic side of me holds onto.

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  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/22 04:49:46
    But it wouldn't be true, would it?
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/22 18:05:22
    Looking over this conversation, it would be very much so true.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/23 05:29:40
    You would be wrong. I'll bet that happens to you a lot.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/24 05:05:15
    Actually, no. It's very rare, and now is not the exception.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/24 05:25:13
    You delude yourself.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 06:10:09
    Just saying, if you want "The Kenyan" out of office, don't bitch when it becomes a choice between bad and worse. Whether or not you can control it is irrelevant (Besides, votes don't count for anything, unless you're in the senate or House of Reps.) At least pick someone that CAN beat him out.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 06:17:16
    I will bitch about the Kenyan as much as I desire.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 06:43:55
    That's your problem then. Your life's just going to be unnecessarily difficult, having to cope with it.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 06:48:40
    The First Amendment is no problem.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 06:54:18 (edited)
    It's not, but obviously, you seem to be upset over our President. You DO realize that all he can do is suggest legislature and pull one or two executive orders, right? He's been doing pretty good with public relations and diplomacy, since other countries don't think as badly of us now.

    If anything, CONGRESS would have to turn us into a Marxist nation. I could much sooner see them turn us into a Theocracy than a Socialist nation. Best off we have an Atheist in there, or at least someone who keeps their personal views aside and focuses on *trying to convince Congress to help solve* the real problems.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 07:02:35 (edited)
    Obama sets the agenda for the Cloward-Pivin strategy. Until the 2010 reset in the House, Obie had both Pelosi and Reid to do his bidding. He still has the fourth-estate and Hollywood.

    An atheist could not be elected.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 07:04:47
    To your knowledge, what does this actually do? I'm curious. You're acting like Hollywood has a say other than public appeal.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 07:13:59
    Both Hollywood and the fourth-estate influence public opinion.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 07:24:20
    Okay, AND?
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 07:25:59
    Public opinion is what congressmen amd senators live and breathe.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 07:35:31
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 07:39:05
    We get rid of the Progressives.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/21 07:47:42
    Riiight, lets bring back everything that made us leave Britan in the first place. Now you're thinking like a Conservative.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/21 08:09:09
    Conservatism embraces the Constitution. The Constitution did make us reject English rule. Now you're thinking like a Conservative.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/22 01:28:13
    You obviously don't understand how to read. Allow me to rephrase.

    Everything BRITAN did to make us leave.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/22 04:51:07
    You obviously don't have any idea why we rejected English rule.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/22 18:06:00
    Where did I exhibit that? I can clearly exhibit where you failed to read.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/23 05:30:33
    No, you have exhibited only ignorance.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/24 05:05:37
    Which has what relevance to your claim? None.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/24 05:26:32
    Relevance? It is the essence of my claim.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/24 11:43:57
    Alright then. Enlighten me. Why did we reject the English claim?
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/24 14:31:01
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/24 23:20:41
    And how is Neo-conservatism representative of freedom?
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/24 23:27:24
    "Neo-conservatism" is a Ron Paul fantasy. Conservatism is adherence to the Constitution. The Constitution is synomous with freedom.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/25 01:09:11 (edited)
    So where in the Constitution/Bill of Rights does it specify

    Marriage being between a man and a woman
    Abortion being illegal
    The nation is a Christian nation
    And let's not forget, the idea of Separation of Church and State not being absolute
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/25 04:27:22
    It does not. Why do you ask?
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/25 05:27:30
    Then why, exactly, is Rick Santorum a "Conservative"? Moreover, why are Mitt and Newt "Conservatives"?
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/25 05:50:31
    Santorum is the closest to the Constitution. Gincrich is conservative. Romney is a Moderate.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/25 05:59:31
    Closest to the constitution? He REFUTES one of the MAIN values in our Bill of Rights.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/25 06:11:21
    Which one?
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/25 06:12:15
    Separation of Church and State. Which is, as it was worded in the First Amendment, absoulte.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/25 06:17:32
    The Constitution does not mention the seperation of church and state. Not now, not ever. You are wrong.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/25 06:22:10
    Constitutional Amendment. Number One.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    If separation of church and state WASN'T absolute, then the freedom of speech clause is automatically discounted. As is the freedom of the Press. If God were a value in this country, originally, you would NOT see satire on it, ANYWHERE.
  • Wolfman Tylurr 2012/03/25 06:34:08
    There is nothing in that Amendment about separation of church and state. Nothing, nada, zip. It quite clearly states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. That is quite different than a separation.

    You are inventing things and spinning the words. That won't work here. We do not hold values depending on how much satire is written about it. Where in the world did you get and idea like that? Read the rest of Amendment #1. That guarantees that there will be satires written about absolutely everything.

    You don't understand the Constitution at all.
  • Tylurr Wolfman 2012/03/25 06:37:14
    You completely missed the second part of the post

    I'm waiting for the part where you actually seem educated and understand multiple meanings of words, as well as what the Founding Fathers meant in their doctrines. Clearly, it's universally accepted by everyone BUT the Neo Conservatives.

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