Do you think Obama will allow our military to fight back when N. Korea attacks ours or an Allies ships?

EagleEye 2009/05/27 22:05:11
He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
He will allow our ships a limited response!
He will allow the full force of our military of the attacking ships!
He will destroy those attackers and then attack N.Korea!
He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
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After all he didn't fire back at the PIRATES....and these boys have bigger guns! Will he back down again....Is he a COWARD....or will he allwo our military to destroy the attackers...and then what do you think is next?

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SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened military action Wednesday against U.S. and South Korean warships plying the waters near the Koreas' disputed maritime border, raising the specter of a naval clash just days after the regime's underground nuclear test.

In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned that Pyongyang faced unspecified consequences because of its "provocative and belligerent" acts.

Pyongyang, reacting angrily to Seoul's decision to join an international program to intercept ships suspected of aiding nuclear proliferation, called South Korea's decision tantamount to a declaration of war.

"Now that the South Korean puppets were so ridiculous as to join in the said racket and dare declare a war against compatriots," North Korea is "compelled to take a decisive measure," the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea said in a statement carried by state media.

The North Korean army called it a violation of the armistice the two Koreas signed in 1953 to end their three-year war, and said it would no longer honor the treaty.

South Korea's military said Wednesday it was prepared to "respond sternly" to any North Korean provocation.

Clinton said "there are consequences to such actions," referring to discussions in the United Nations meant to punish North Korea for its nuclear and missile tests.

She also underscored the firmness of the U.S. treaty commitment to defend South Korea and Japan, U.S. allies in easy reach of North Korean missiles.

North Korea's latest belligerence comes as the U.N. Security Council debates how to punish the regime for testing a nuclear bomb Monday in what President Barack Obama called a "blatant violation" of international law.

Ambassadors from the five permanent veto-wielding council members — the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France — as well as Japan and South Korea were working out the details of a new resolution.

The success of any new sanctions would depend on how aggressively China, one of North Korea's only allies, implements them.

"It's not going too far to say that China holds the keys on sanctions," said Kim Sung-han, an international relations professor at Seoul's Korea University.

South Korea, divided from the North by a heavily fortified border, had responded to the nuclear test by joining the Proliferation Security Initiative, a U.S.-led network of nations seeking to stop ships from transporting the materials used in nuclear bombs.

Seoul previously resisted joining the PSI in favor of seeking reconciliation with Pyongyang, but pushed those efforts aside Monday after the nuclear test in the northeast.

North Korea warned Wednesday that any attempt to stop, board or inspect its ships would constitute a "grave violation."

The regime also said it could no longer promise the safety of U.S. and South Korean warships and civilian vessels in the waters near the Korea's western maritime border.

"They should bear in mind that the (North) has tremendous military muscle and its own method of strike able to conquer any targets in its vicinity at one stroke or hit the U.S. on the raw, if necessary," the army said in a statement carried by state media.

The maritime border has long been a flashpoint between the two Koreas. North Korea disputes the line unilaterally drawn by the United Nations at the end of the Koreas' three-year war in 1953, and has demanded it be redrawn further south.

The truce signed in 1953 and subsequent military agreements call for both sides to refrain from warfare, but doesn't cover the waters off the west coast.

North Korea has used the maritime border dispute to provoke two deadly naval skirmishes — in 1999 and 2002.

On Wednesday, the regime promised "unimaginable and merciless punishment" for anyone daring to challenge its ships.

Pyongyang also reportedly restarted its weapons-grade nuclear plant, South Korean media said.

The Chosun Ilbo newspaper said U.S. spy satellites detected signs of steam at the North's Yongbyon nuclear complex, an indication it may have started reprocessing nuclear fuel. The report, which could not be confirmed, quoted an unidentified government official. South Korea's Yonhap news agency also carried a similar report.

The move would be a major setback for efforts aimed at getting North Korea to disarm.

North Korea had stopped reprocessing fuel rods as part of an international deal. In 2007, it agreed to disable the Yongbyon reactor in exchange for aid and demolished a cooling tower at the complex.

The North has about 8,000 spent fuel rods which, if reprocessed, could allow it to harvest 13 to 18 pounds (six to eight kilograms) of plutonium — enough to make at least one nuclear bomb, experts said. North Korea is believed to have enough plutonium for at least a half dozen atomic bombs.

Further ratcheting up tensions, North Korea test-fired five short-range missiles over the past two days, South Korean officials confirmed.

Russia's foreign minister said world powers must be firm with North Korea but take care to avoid inflaming tensions further.

The world "must not rush to punish North Korea just for punishment's sake," Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, adding that Russia wants a Security Council resolution that will help restart stalled six-nation talks over North Korea's nuclear programs and will not provoke Pyongyang into even more aggressive activity.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak urged officials to "remain calm" in the face of North Korean threats, said Lee Dong-kwan, his spokesman.

Pyongyang isn't afraid of any repercussions for its actions, a North Korean newspaper, the Minju Joson, said Wednesday.

"It is a laughable delusion for the United States to think that it can get us to kneel with sanctions," it said in an editorial. "We've been living under U.S. sanctions for decades, but have firmly safeguarded our ideology and system while moving our achievements forward. The U.S. sanctions policy toward North Korea is like striking a rock with a rotten egg."


Associated Press writer Steve Gutterman in Moscow and Edith M. Lederer at the United
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  • Kim 2009/06/14 15:33:54 (edited)
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    He may be a coward,but I just think he hates us SOOOOOO much that he wants us to be the weakest country on earth, afterall he is NOT the President of the US, He is the Ruler of the World and we are a thorn in his side. He wants us taken down to what he thinks we should be taken down to.
  • ken 2009/05/31 20:11:34
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    I have to tell you....I do not think we are going to have much of a chance.....If it comes to taking on the north koreans. We are having a tough time fighting against a bunch of rag tag rag heads in Iraq and Afganistan. Korea has a pretty impressive Army massed together. Unless we nuke them I think we may be be screwed..But if we nuke them then we nuke South Korea and maybe some others. I do not think this country can sustain a war on three fronts. Please do not think I am not patriotic..Just realistic
  • luckyfugal 2009/05/30 17:38:09
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    he will put on the a good act and send the troops over... and then let them die. because shooting our enemys no matter what they have done to Americans isnt justified.

    America !!! Assume the position!!!!!

    send troops die shooting enemys americans justified america assume position
  • Anti-Christ in the Name of God 2009/05/30 09:48:51
  • CRX H22 2009/05/30 07:26:55
  • govout 2009/05/30 05:47:51
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    obama will be forced to do something more than trade embargo's. He will then come up with a fancy speech so his sheeple will accept obamas war as a just war.
  • Kim govout 2009/06/14 17:16:07
    Or have them accept Obama war as Bush's war
  • alegra::Anti-Choice:: 2009/05/30 04:10:09
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    are you kidding? HA! I find this funny, because just today I watched a clip with him saying that he was going to help rid the world of nuclear weapons, and yet he didn't even have the balls to stand up to them when they started testing and say "HEY DON"T YOU DARE!" ...oh yeah i am sooo feeling safe in my environment now...HA!
  • kahless 2009/05/30 03:01:11
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    how can you trust a president who burned american flags at peace rallys with his bigot wife!
  • USAMom 2009/05/30 01:19:14
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    America is already in 2 wars.
  • ken USAMom 2009/05/31 20:13:31
    That is correct and I think we will have a difficult time fighting on three fronts
  • BoJay 2009/05/30 00:33:30 (edited)
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    I well talk to our enemys. talk enemys
  • Ashley 2009/05/30 00:02:09
    He will allow our ships a limited response!
    The thing about North Korea is that we have to be very careful when dealing with them. If any given American citizen did research on what has been released about North Korea, they would understand why. It wouldn't be wise to just bust in with guns blazing. That would actually probably be the worst possible thing to do. Though I don't think Obama will do much if anything, which I don't agree with at all. In dealing with something like this, with this particular country, he'd have to be extremely strategic, which is something that I don't believe he is.
  • EagleEye Ashley 2009/05/30 05:01:54
    Good thought but....explaiin why?,,, be more specific please
  • Ashley EagleEye 2009/06/16 00:02:10
    Well, given the potential that North Korea has to launch into a war with the U.S, we have to be careful. America isn't the only trigger happy country on the planet. North Korea in general would already love to do away with the nuclear weapons we have, and from what I've caught on to, they're looking for an excuse to fight fire with fire when it comes to us. They seem to be fearless when it comes to launching a nuke in our direction, or anyone at anyone else at that.
  • 930SPX 2009/05/29 22:36:49
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    He won't fight N. Korea is pushing to see how far they can go.
  • AndreD 2009/05/29 21:49:43
    He will allow the full force of our military of the attacking ships!
    interesting article!
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2009/05/29 21:28:17
    He will allow our ships a limited response!
    I think that every time North Korea wants to test one of their new missiles, U.S. and South Korea should "test" one of our own missile defense systems. Hahaha.
  • woody 2009/05/29 20:39:02
  • BlueMax372 2009/05/29 19:36:55
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    I believe he has a contingency plan to surrender immediately no matter who attacks us or how.
  • ketch 2009/05/29 18:54:39
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    lmao....was this a trick question?
  • Gwendy 2009/05/29 17:38:05
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    I believe this is the answer you wanted to hear, so here you go.
  • EagleEye Gwendy 2009/05/30 05:03:11
    Not what I want to hear...what do you really think?
  • Doc Ock 2009/05/29 16:07:54
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    Doc Ock
    That choice is an understatement! turn runi coward choice understatement
  • True Le... Doc Ock 2009/05/29 17:50:41
    True Leadership
    U suck too!
  • Doc Ock True Le... 2009/06/01 18:15:19 (edited)
    Doc Ock
    Let me guess-another Loser Obama supporter? guess-another loser obama supporter
  • jking 2009/05/29 14:36:43
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    I think he'll be saying give peace a chance, as we're counting body bag's!!

    trade embargos peace chance counting body bags
  • True Le... jking 2009/05/29 17:50:55
    True Leadership
    U belong in one of those
  • jking True Le... 2009/05/29 17:58:23 (edited)
    Thanks, I'm so sorry that your soul is so full of hate that you have to make such a remark. I'll pray for you. God bless you and have a good day.

    Remember allot of American G.I.'s did end up in one of those, just so you could have the free speech to make such a comment.

    Signed by
    An American vet
    And damm proud of it
  • My Country jking 2009/05/30 04:02:32
    My Country
    That is the pot calling the kettle black don't you think? There is nothing funny about your picture and you shouldn't even wish to predict such a thing.
  • jking My Country 2009/05/31 23:04:50
    It wasn’t meant to funny. More of eye opener so people can better understand, what happens with lack of action. Sorry if I offended you that was not my objective. God bless and have a good day.
  • JP 2009/05/29 14:10:14
    He will go to the UN and ask for more Trade Embargo's
    we must follow the UN's advice! We need the rest of the world to respect us! oh wait, we're no longer here...
  • Jackson 2009/05/29 13:58:43
    He will make us turn and run...I believe he is a coward!
    Obama is a moron. Who in the hell knows what he will do. He's killing this country
  • Sunshine 2009/05/29 13:54:55
    He will allow the full force of our military of the attacking ships!
    He is not the coward everyone makes him out to be.
    He is taking a diplomatic approach to the presidency. If he feels we are in danger or our govt. in Korea, and Japan then he will give orders to protect themselves and the rest of our country. Stop quoting FOX NEWs and Rush Limbaugh and cheney. Half if not all of the shit they spew out is taken out of context anyhow. See for your self come to your own conclusion, dont jump on the bandwagon. The GOP could be so much better if they would shut Cheney and Rush up. There is common ground between the GOP and The Democratic party that could be met if they would man up to those two fools.
  • jonny man Sunshine 2009/05/29 21:13:44
    jonny man
    how is fox news full of bull shit fox was the only one that treated obama n mccain with respect when they come on, al cnn, nbc, an all other news channels r on the left they bashed bush and mccain left n right. but obama is doing the same shit bush did when he was in office so they is no different between bush n obama how they do things but bush say im going to do this n obama says im going to do this but does the opposite.
  • Sunshine jonny man 2009/05/30 13:46:26 (edited)
    Same goes for fox news, They never have anything to say within respectful boundaries about obama. Screw what else is spewed about the people. FOX houses alot of rightwing individuals. They go on "assumptions" about different articles they go for the "but what if it doesnt go as planned" and that right there gets all this fear mongering Propaganda started. Then you add dumb limbaugh and crazy cheney in to the mix and you have your recipe for disaster. Next thing you know they are going to be telling you to build an underground bunker because obama is going to blow us up on purpose but claim it was an accident.
  • jonny man Sunshine 2009/06/01 06:23:12
    jonny man
    fox get both some for the debates n they both get the same amount of time n respect. here is a question for u do u believe that only right-wing nuts were at the tea parties. i dont i was at the one in DC n im in the middle but i want to here what u think or r u going by what CNN said about it.
  • Sunshine jonny man 2009/06/01 20:04:23
    I dont go by cnn all the time I like to mix up my news. As far as the tea parties go, there were people from all over the spectrum, but in some cases the ones from the extreme right were there making it more than just a protest against tax....
  • Lynn 2009/05/29 06:42:44
    He will allow our ships a limited response!
    Just enough to claim to be a hawk, but not enough to actually offend his war hating base.
  • Mollybdamned American Atheist 2009/05/29 06:07:11
    He will allow the full force of our military of the attacking ships!
    Mollybdamned American Atheist
    As far as the Pirates go you have an incredibily Short memory.
    April 12th 2009
    MANAMA, Bahrain (CNN) -- U.S. Navy snipers fatally shot three pirates holding an American cargo-ship captain hostage after seeing that one of the pirates "had an AK-47 leveled at the captain's back," a military official said Sunday.

    Now, with that settled. I am not sure about Korea, ya know why? Many of our troops are now bogged down in Bushies Iraq War Farce. Some of them have done 4 and 5 tours. And the mess he created over WMD's (found any yet) and Saddam and 911 Scare ya Lies will keep us there for a quite a while. Say thank you Geo. Bush!
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