Do You Think Lance Armstrong’s Doping Confession Will Help Restore His Public Image?

ABC News U.S. 2013/01/18 02:27:30
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Lance Armstrong, formerly cycling's most decorated champion and considered one of America's greatest athletes, confessed to cheating for at least a decade, admitting on Thursday that he owed all seven of his Tour de France titles and the millions of dollars in endorsements that followed to his use of illicit performance-enhancing drugs.

After years of denying that he had taken banned drugs and received oxygen-boosting blood transfusions, and attacking his teammates and competitors who attempted to expose him, Armstrong came clean with Oprah Winfrey in an exclusive interview, admitting to using banned substances for years.

"I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times," he said. "I know the truth. The truth isn't what was out there. The truth isn't what I said. "I'm a flawed character, as I well know," Armstrong added. "All the fault and all the blame here falls on me."

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  • kdalexander 2013/01/19 10:44:01 (edited)
    I don't. If anything, it probably made it worse. He just comes across as a scumbag who was hoping to gain sympathy by coming clean about something he lied about for years. He should have confessed years ago.

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  • TXredhead 2013/02/09 18:15:52
    Confession, before getting caught, would have shown character and integrity to right a wrong. Confession, long after he's been caught, shows he's wallet's been effected and he is willing to insincerely crawl on his belly no integrity
  • cc 2013/01/30 02:24:17
    It's possible...people who have been addicted to other things have come out and become spokesmen for thier causes. It sure can be done, but it's up to him. I just hope he has learned to do the right thing.
  • PM 2013/01/29 19:14:18
    Nothing restores your reputation more than a public apology and confession, just look at all the guilty CEOs that have come out in the past and apologized for the wrong doing or bad products or bad policies their companies were involved in and each company recovered:

    1. Toyota
    > CEO: Akio Toyoda
    > Year: 2010
    > Incident: “Unintended acceleration” deaths and recall

    2. Bridgestone/Firestone
    > CEO: Yoichiro Kaizaki
    > Year: 2000
    > Incident: Tread separation leading to Ford rollovers

    3. BP
    > CEO: Tony Hayward
    > Year: 2010
    > Incident: Gulf oil spill

    4. JetBlue
    > CEO: David Neeleman
    > Year: 2007
    > Incident: Passengers stranded on planes for hours

    5. Sony
    > CEO: Howard Stringer
    > Year: 2011
    > Incident: PlayStation Network hack

    6. Facebook
    > CEO: Mark Zuckerberg
    > Year: 2006
    > Incident: Newsfeed privacy scandal

    7. News Corporation
    > CEO: Rupert Murdoch
    > Year: 2011
    > Incident: New of the World phone hacking

    8. Tepco
    > CEO: Masataka Shimizu
    > Year: 2011
    > Incident: Japan nuclear disaster

    9. JPMorgan Chase
    > CEO: Jamie Dimon
    > Year: 2010
    > Incident: “Robo foreclosures”

    10. Netflix
    > CEO: Reed Hastings
    > Year: 2011
    > Incident: Sudden price increase
  • Dave 007 2013/01/27 12:52:33
    Dave 007
    We forgave Kobe Bryant and Ray Lewis, so why not Armstrong.
  • Octoplasm 2013/01/25 17:14:40
    Ther'es no business like show business
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/25 00:47:40
  • PeggyHawkins 2013/01/24 14:41:12
    so many people like myself was and is battling cancer and his story gave us hope to keep on fighting and staying positive.today this makes so many say what is the use,the only thing that helped him was to take these steroids,but we do not want steroids to help us deal with cancer.
  • Soulja12389 2013/01/24 03:30:04
    Oprah seems to be able to pull anything out of anybody
  • Diddley Squat 2013/01/24 02:19:09
    Diddley Squat
    Reminds me of that old proverb about "out of the skillet and into the fire."
  • DrRenovation 2013/01/23 23:50:06
    Who works at ABC?
  • Robert 2013/01/23 16:11:22
    Just by an admission? No, of course not! He's got to go to jail like others have. Look at Marion Jones: 1st time offender and received 6 months and Armstrong is still on the street? This is definitely unfair. Not only did Armstrong use drugs he pushed them on other bikers. He was not only a user but a pusher. This guy deliberately contributed to the delinquency of the sport.
  • PM Robert 2013/01/29 19:17:47
    You've got a point. I had forgotten Marion Jones did jail time. She of course used for years too. It was evident after she had her baby and came back and didn't have the definition or speed.
  • bt sedlock 2013/01/23 06:15:01
    bt sedlock
    And guess what, I don't care!
  • cass 2013/01/23 00:38:40
    Come on folks,Check out the other athletes out there..That's all i am saying
  • Susan Recchie 2013/01/23 00:07:45 (edited)
    Susan Recchie
    I don't know how anybody could live a lie for so many years. It's not as if nobody else knew about it.
    It appears to me that some men have such a huge ego that
    they feel above reproach. Examples of this would be presidents of the US who have had affairs while in office. You can go back to Jefferson who had children by a slave. They obviously feel superior to the common man.
  • New Yorker 2013/01/22 20:00:00
    New Yorker
    NO WAY!
  • Tre 2013/01/22 19:21:30
    Won't restore it but it will keep people from talking about him. People will finally leave him alone.
  • johnnyg 2013/01/22 19:00:17
    because he is the best man in the world!!
  • enlightened one 2013/01/22 18:33:13
    enlightened one
    But he will make money just from the notoriety even if it means book sales or a movie. A cheater is always a cheater and if he can still capitalize on it you know he will.
  • BigFig#9 2013/01/22 18:03:43
    Hate to be contrary and NO, I don't think Lance is a saint, BUT I appreciate that when he did finally go before the American people he didn't at least put on a blathering crying 'I have sinned' show like umpteen others but instead was remarkably plain spoken and analytical and I think as honest as circumstances would allow.
  • fivecentfather 2013/01/22 17:29:08
    His confession is something he needed to do for HIM. He KNOWS that most people won't believe/accept his confession - that's just human nature. But it's not about the public in general. It's about him, his family, and those specific people he knows he has wronged. This is a personal process for him, which he stated multiple times, that is just now starting and will take years to complete, if it ever really is complete. He will forever be a man with a tainted public legacy. He knows nothing will change that.
  • mae 2013/01/22 17:16:59 (edited)
    I don't think he's out to necessarily restore his reputaion, but to line himself up for public appearences, a speaking tour about the dangers inherant to professional sports, professional training facilities for young sport enthusiasts--including triathelon training, Olympic training centers, even a network sports announcer stint for Olympic events, and a sports talk show on Sirius... And of course, can a book be far behind? Call it a Sarah Palin approach to supplimental income...except that Lance Armstrong really does know his subject matter, better than most.
  • Jesse James 2013/01/22 16:53:49
    Jesse James
    He's a criminal and should be put behind bars just like Olympic athletes who were found guilty of doping during their performances.
  • jabberwocky 2013/01/22 16:42:33
    He was an idiot and cheated, people aren't just going to forget that because he said "sorry"
    roll eyes gif
    roll eyes gif roll eyes gif
  • libertybelle 2013/01/22 15:56:11
    He is an immoral liberal. I was against them persecuting him until they had enough evidence..but they have it now and he has finally come clean...I can forgive him for lying to all of us for SO long..but..I have no use for him otherwise and would not believe a word that came out of his mouth..I hope he gets his heart right with God and changes his life for the better.
  • cranejumper 2013/01/22 14:51:09
    To long and to late. Just wonder how much Oprah paid for the confession
  • patrick.bonacoscia 2013/01/22 13:48:33
    Tour-de-France bicyclists all dope, not only Lance.
    All these guys dope because there is no other way human body could deliver to match sponsors and public expectation. We are all responsible.
  • moviebuff 2013/01/22 12:42:53
    Truthfully, I'm so over this story
  • Soundstorm 2013/01/22 12:05:58
    As they say in my family of a particular relative, "Let us speak no more of him.'
  • Watermusicranger 2013/01/22 10:08:20
  • Jim 2013/01/22 10:03:19
    He's a disappointment. We thought we had a true sports hero. He let us down.
  • Soundstorm Jim 2013/01/22 12:08:16
    Even worse he robbed many other athletes of their opportunity for glory.
  • oldhouseMD Jim 2013/01/22 12:16:19
    He did fool a lot of people. That's what he did more than anything, his secret was also used by many others in all competitive sports. Bet your last dollar on that, he was the only one who got caught. That's only because he was a winner and had the best drug makers supplying him is why he was taken down.
    Will he regain his image? Hard to say, depends who he is trying to seek out a second chance from. For most people they could care less, in a few months they will forget who he was.
  • Efram Paul 2013/01/22 09:26:56
    Efram Paul
    It is good that he is finally owning up to his behavior. However, he had been considered the greatest cyclist in the world. How could he ever restore that?
  • Soundstorm Efram Paul 2013/01/22 12:08:56
    No longer our worry.
  • Robert Soundstorm 2013/01/23 16:13:27
    Yea, it should be in the court's hands now.
  • Soundstorm Robert 2013/01/24 08:59:26
    I've heard it'll be in many courts' hands. Sucks to be him now.
  • Robert Soundstorm 2013/01/24 18:58:45
    I suppose so, especially since he said he didn't think he was cheating. In fact, I read he pushed drugs on the other bikers.
  • Jackie 2013/01/22 07:45:10
    Boy, did he screw up!
  • Cadfael18 2013/01/22 06:18:50
    I hope it doesn't improve his image. The "world" is too keen on rewarding bad behavior such as giving book deals to people who have no business being lauded. The best thing to do with this dreadful man is to ignore him completely. No media, no public profile whatsoever.
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