Do you think JAY CARNEY is a jerk?

Tee Quake 2013/04/29 22:22:05
Preceded by Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney has been among the most awful press secretaries to represent the White House. If White House press secretaries were gauged by their ability to be bald face liars, then Jay Carney would be among the best. Lies roll off the tip of his tongue more easily than Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, himself. Look at Benghazi, Carney lied to America without batting an eye. Of course, give credit where credit is due, when he was told to lie about Obama's role in implementing the Obama sequester, he refused to lie and admitted that Obama was the architect of the sequester. Of course, by that point even Obama's Lame Stream Media was admitting that the sequester was Obama's brain child. My question is, why aren't lying White House press secretaries prosecuted for lying to the American public?
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  • Sherry 2013/05/02 16:45:18
    I'm too kind by giving him the nickname Blarney Carney.
  • Illuminatti 37° 2013/05/02 05:57:54
    Illuminatti 37°
    Jay Carney is a LIAR, the puppet doesn't believe what he says, that is very visible on his face and audible in his voice when he spews out lies to cover the ass crack where he has his head planted. YES, he is a jerk
  • Susan Sterling 2013/05/02 04:35:50
    Susan Sterling
    yes, i think he's a puppet - can't grab the remote fast enough when he starts his cover ups for Obama. really galled today when he said bengazi was "a long time ago"... the entire administration is a big disappointment and keeps getting worse.
  • V~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2013/05/02 03:53:21
    I don't think he's a jerk, but he sure has a crappy job. Covering for the Obama administration requires a limitless supply of spin and propaganda techniques. Not even Baghdad Bob had to deal with such difficult reality.
  • Silvershadows 2013/05/02 03:51:27
    Had to rave you for this one! He hasn't been prosecuted because he's part of the Obama stable just as the Justice Department is along with all the current government agencies. We're being lied to and regulated to death. Muslims or Muslim supporters can lie to Christians or any non-believer and it's not a sin------guess what----we're lied to continually.
  • marcuss....PHART 2013/05/02 03:42:17
    He's a LYING douche bag.
  • debrarae POTL _ PWCM 2013/05/02 00:51:43
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    Between Gibbs and Carney, the arrogance...and self serving nature of both of these losers knows no bounds. I especially love how they accuse others of twisting arms ...while ignoring their own regime.



  • bill 2013/05/02 00:14:10
    After today he has proven he is a real DOUCHE BAG when saying Benghazi was a long time ago! These people are running this great country acting like they don't seem to know what the hell is going on or they just don't give a &#!+
  • Cat 2013/05/01 19:05:00
    He does his job.
  • Tee Quake Cat 2013/05/01 21:24:03
  • keeper 2013/05/01 18:55:03
    Yes!!! Very much so...He isn't really "stupid", but he sure is as much or more of a buttwipe as Gibbs was!
  • Tee Quake keeper 2013/05/01 21:25:15
  • RevJim 2013/05/01 17:53:47
    Lying is protected under the First Amendment, so they can't be prosecuted for that. Both Carney and Obama seem to act as though nobody tells them anything, which is either a bald-faced lie, or proof that there is no real leadership in the Executive Branch.
  • Tee Quake RevJim 2013/05/01 21:26:37
  • Road Dog 2013/05/01 17:05:55
  • Tee Quake Road Dog 2013/05/01 21:26:55
  • shenendoah 2013/05/01 17:03:02
    Of course he's a liar but I think that is one of the qualifications obama looks for in a hire. Must be dishonest and have the ability to lie in any situation.
  • RubenRibnik 2013/05/01 16:22:22
    a total tool of the administration
  • Tee Quake RubenRi... 2013/05/01 21:27:27
  • Bill 2013/05/01 15:01:32
  • Tee Quake Bill 2013/05/01 21:28:02
  • boneman1 2013/05/01 14:32:31
    Jay Carney can be annoying and I'm sure I disagree with him politically, but he's got one of the worst jobs in the world. I can't imagine having to go out in front of the media and having to take questions about what Obama has done and trying to give answers that make him look good. Reminds me of the old saying "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear".
  • shenendoah boneman1 2013/05/01 17:05:20
    Why would someone take this job where lying is in the job discription.
  • RevJim shenendoah 2013/05/01 17:56:11
    Because that someone is a pathological prevaricator. It's in his DNA. Think about all the other propaganda ministers throughout history, they fit naturally into the job.
  • Tee Quake RevJim 2013/05/01 21:29:55
  • Tee Quake shenendoah 2013/05/01 21:29:19
  • Tee Quake boneman1 2013/05/01 21:28:53
  • Illumin... boneman1 2013/05/02 06:02:14
    Illuminatti 37°
    A job he and Gibbs failed miserably. No one can make obama look good.
  • JustTheFacts 2013/05/01 14:21:05
    Like his boss, he is a complete moron. He has the hardest job since he has to go out and attempt to smooth over the Liar In Chiefs horrible policies. Luckily, for the most part, the lamestream media is complicit in the administrations destruction of America.
  • Tee Quake JustThe... 2013/05/01 21:30:39
  • 4570GOVT 2013/05/01 13:31:48
    In A Word ................................ Yes ! - he is A PAID LIAR .
  • Tee Quake 4570GOVT 2013/05/01 21:31:17
  • 4570GOVT Tee Quake 2013/05/02 15:03:36
    I'm sure that I already AM ( flagged ) and a room is waiting for me at the local " Camp F.E.M.A. " !

    BTW - Most of the conservatives on SodaHead will be joining me . I will save you a good bunk ( against the back wall - facing the door )
  • James 2013/05/01 13:30:49
    Almost anyone in the WH is a liar. He just happens to stand out as the top muneca.
  • Tee Quake James 2013/05/01 21:31:52
  • Dale 2013/05/01 13:00:37
    Yep, I do believe he is a jerk, but you have to remember what and who he is working for. And please, don't get me wrong, this is not in his defense. If he wasn't a jerk he would be out holding down a "real" job.
  • Tee Quake Dale 2013/05/01 21:32:28
  • Risk 2013/05/01 12:50:48 (edited)
    They're not prosecuted for the same reason none of the WH administration, Congress and other political hacks are. Honor among thieves, is very much bipartisan ! One of the few things the whole damn crooked bunch can agree on.
  • Tee Quake Risk 2013/05/01 21:33:42
  • Dave 2013/05/01 12:38:37
    not only a jerk but also a jerkoff

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