Do you think it is abuse to put liquid soap in your 7 yr old's mouth for saying a "bad" word?

. 2008/02/28 06:18:15
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I just watched "the Nanny" and the woman put soap in her 7 yr old son's mouth because he said "butt crack"
Would you consider that abuse being that there are chemicals in the soap?
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  • retrosue 2009/04/05 13:34:47 (edited)
    of course, what an odd question and anyone one who says no needs help
  • Nicksgurl101 2008/09/15 14:58:50 (edited)
    hell ya that stuf tastes BAD
  • ►Cesar◄ 2008/03/06 05:58:29
    of course

    just spank them
  • kimmpossiable 2008/03/05 01:49:23
    I also saw that nanny show.. i was schocked. the mother acted like it was funny and a big joke.. thats just wrong.. no telling what she does without a camera being on her..their are other ways to handle situations like that...true abuse
  • TiffanyBelle 2008/03/04 18:48:53
    soap or hot sauce... whatever works. Try reasoning w/ a 7-year-old!!!
    my mom could rip me a new one and nobody ever said anything... now when kids get bruises from playing outside w/ their friends... school counselors and social services are all over the parents for "abuse".
    What recourse do parents today have???
    do u have a better idea???
  • ♥I love dillon♥ 2008/03/04 18:42:26
    ♥I love dillon♥
    ummm.... liquid soap soap yeah but bar soap is different i've had alot of bar soap in my mouth......
  • Mr. Semper Fi 2008/03/04 18:41:58
    Mr. Semper Fi
    my mother put the whole bar of soap in my mouth, AND THEN smacked the hell out of me when i swore. Mind you, not for the phrase "butt crack" ... but still fairly well the same. And i tell you what else,.. after a few times of that happining. I was ALOT more aware of what was dis-respectful and what was not
  • Rani!!!!! Is !!! A !!! DORK... 2008/03/04 15:43:54 (edited)
    Rani!!!!! Is !!! A !!! DORK!!!!
    Yeah that s wrong

    I mean if it was actually a real bad word like fuck or u fasist bastard lol then who really cares all that much; becuz the fact is some families are like that. Mine isnt and it depends liquid soap is cruel no so much bars I ate some once out of boredom lol I dont recoomend it.
  • Elbert 2008/03/03 22:42:35
    There are chemicals in the soaps--I too watched that Nanny show--and I wanted to put soap in that Moms mouth.
  • cutie.babyy. 2008/03/02 19:02:45
    that (depending on what kinda) could make them sick or even die! so what if they say 1 bad word...it's either have they say it a couple more times...or them not even being there to say any good words
  • Polly 2008/03/02 16:22:59
    Any person posing as an adult who has to resort to such measures of putting soap in a child's mouth can expect that same child later to put a bullet in their brains.
  • Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2008/03/02 07:58:44
    Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~
    Better than beating their hindends.
  • DrTim 2008/03/02 04:42:27
    I consider it "Abuse" simply for "The Intent"
    Was this woman delt with??
  • mcaj1331 2008/03/02 00:25:25
  • (blank) 2008/03/02 00:05:45
    It's called DISIPRIN!! You have to have DISIPRIN and HONA
  • (blank) (blank) 2008/03/02 00:06:21
    woops should have answered no
  • Juli 2008/03/01 20:40:19
    Yes. I used a drop of vineger on my son's tongue one time. He had previously been eating a red popsicle and thought for years that the vinegar made his mouth bleed. That did the trick. Didn't do soap. The Dr. told me about the vinegar. It worked.
  • Deanna 2008/03/01 20:37:33
    No way!

  • Whispers 2008/03/01 17:32:59
    liquid soap. c'mon! that's just not right.
  • Gone! 2008/03/01 14:23:12
  • Bobbi F... Gone! 2008/03/01 14:52:59
  • Gone! Bobbi F... 2008/03/01 15:07:58
  • Bobbi F... Gone! 2008/03/01 15:09:46
  • KK 2008/03/01 13:39:50
    I mean come on is butt crack really a bad word? If it was then crap and stupid and sucks and all those would have to be bad words to.....plus now days there putting antibacterial stuff in soap and stuff that makes your skin soft. that crap is dangerous if consumed. now imagine what that stuff would do to a child's body.
  • EscapeVelocity 2008/03/01 05:03:07
    Is she trying to poison her kid? Using a bar of soap is one thing but its easier for the kid to swallow and even choke on the liquid stuff. Whatever happened to just a good old fashion spanking? Not that the kid would have deserved either though, cause since when has saying 'butt crack" been discipline worthy?
  • American Nate 2008/03/01 04:49:42
    American Nate
    thy should get a big fine for dat and maybe even some jail time
  • YourGodisDead 2008/02/29 23:11:31 (edited)
  • Juli YourGod... 2008/03/01 20:33:49
    You're just really a jerk aren't you????????????
  • YourGod... Juli 2008/03/01 20:35:54 (edited)
  • Juli YourGod... 2008/03/01 22:05:48
    Forever young!
  • Special... Juli 2008/03/01 21:07:51
    dont even respond to him...what you are saying about kids..and the graphic is horrific..and there is no NEED for calling others names...plus your id name to me is super offensive
  • Juli Special... 2008/03/01 21:58:40
    I think he's trying to get himself kicked off here. Will happen real soon!
  • MidnightCowboy said "What's... 2008/02/29 23:10:27
    MidnightCowboy said "What's the name? :)
    No my mom use to do it to my brother when he was little.
  • Bobbi Fleckman 2008/02/29 20:24:03
  • America... Bobbi F... 2008/03/01 04:51:18
    American Nate
    y u answered no thn? u mean yes rite?
  • Bobbi F... America... 2008/03/01 07:15:37
  • YourGod... Bobbi F... 2008/03/01 13:42:05
  • Bobbi F... YourGod... 2008/03/01 14:10:34
  • America... Bobbi F... 2008/03/02 23:13:19
    American Nate
    yo wat happened?? wat did he say? i wasnt here because i was at disney
  • Bobbi F... America... 2008/03/02 23:14:27

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