Do You Think Hugo Chavez Is A Threat To The United States?

TinCanSailor 2010/09/01 17:12:17
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Caracas. After an urgent consultation the National Assembly, President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, sent this message to President Obama:

Gringos of shit. We declare war to the USA. We let you know we have:

65 war tanks, 50 airplanes, 9 ships and 35,221 soldiers"

The American President answered:

"We are so afraid, but we accept your war declaration. We are tired of your shit. We have: 18.000 war tanks, 127 aircraft carriers, 215 nuclear submarines, 15,756 missiles (IBM), that can reach about 25,000 kilometers, 12,900 ships, and 15,000,000 soldiers."

The Chancellor, Nicolas Maduro answered under his commandant's orders:

"We quit ! We do not have enough beds for all those son of a bitching soldiers we would have to take car of as prisoners of war.

You are lucky...by now !"
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  • Markie 2011/05/04 00:51:52
    He is not a threat to anyone.
  • Archangel 2010/11/09 19:32:00
    No he's no threat,to the United States. He is a Socialist and Socialist states will always and inevitably collapses under their own weight given enough time. Socialists are a threat to their own people far more than anyone else.

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