Do You Think Gov. Brewer Should Reinstate Transplant Coverage in Arizona?

News 2010/12/12 11:00:00
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Remember those “death panels” that Sarah Palin made up last year when she was trying to scare voters about President Obama’s health care plan? Well, it looks like they may actually come true now, except they don’t have anything to do with ObamaCare, or Democrats.

They’re the work of Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer, best known for her rabid support of the controversial anti-immigration bill SB 1070. The Huffington Post reported that Brewer is facing intense criticism because of a provision of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), a budget-cutting proposal that has leaves some patients without access to medical transplant coverage, including such life-saving procedures as heart and liver transplants.

The governor has declined requests to hold a special session called for by Democrats to reinstate the transplant coverage that the Tucson Weekly reported was dropped due to cuts to Medicaid funding that were “forced through by Gov. Jan Brewer and legislative Republicans in an effort to bring down state spending.”

The cuts were an attempt to bridge a budget shortfall that tops $1 billion and also included the elimination of KidsCare, which provides health insurance to children in households that earn up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level, making Arizona the first state in the nation to eliminate the program.

Republican State Senator Frank Antenori, who voted in favor of the cuts, told the Weekly that the transplant situation was “a tragedy,” but said it’s exactly the reason why you “don’t want government in the health-care business … If we had made health insurance really affordable and expanded competition so that it would come in line with the costs of car insurance, a lot of this wouldn't happen...”

Brewer says the cuts to transplant coverage will stay in place unless state legislators give her a solution for filling the $1 billion budget gap.

"This ‘Brewercare’ has set up real death panels here in Arizona and it is outrageous and disgusting," Arizona Democratic state Rep. Anna Tovar, who had bone marrow transplants in 2001 and 2002 to treat leukemia, told The Associated Press.

There may be a silver lining to this dire situation in the state that ranks below average on a list of the healthiest and least healthy states in the country, though. The Arizona Republic reported on Wednesday that as a result of the coverage of the transplant cuts, Arizona patients registered in the National Transplant Assistance Fund have seen a surge of donations to fund their surgeries.

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  • BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust" 2010/12/12 16:46:50
    BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust"
    She was ready, willing and able to find the funds to expand the search for and detain suspected illegal immigrants. Too bad she doesn't have friends in the organ transplant field. There's no money to be made from saving people's lives with these transplants like there is in the private prison industry.

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  • FactHound 2010/12/17 15:47:23
    Yes, but to Brewer and her cohorts, it's all about bucks. So why should we be surprised that once again the guys w the most bucks also get the best health care, for which they can well afford to pay. After all "tragedy" is not their concern -- and neither is anyone caught in it...

    And do not think for a moment of touching their tax breaks or their free $5-10million inheritances! They'll rip out your heart -- or your lung or whatever they can get their greedy mitt$ on. Who needs all those poor sick people, anyway -- right!? Bunch of dead wood -- probably on unemployment, to boot, so Xing them saves the country from that expense, too (such be the thot's, among others, of such as our rich rels w their silver spoons stuck in their...brains.
  • Timmy 2010/12/15 05:20:08
    If you have insurance it should pay. Why should the Government pay and take care of your Health. America thinks it can pay for everything when almost 3/4 pay nothing to fund the Federal Government I guess it would be OK if you are willing to pay more.
  • FactHound Timmy 2010/12/17 15:53:49
    Yes, for god$' sakes give up your organs and go die somewhere, and leave us rich people alone! We need to concentrate on our dividends and off shore accounts and loopholes and figure out where to hide a bunch of our money to keep the total down to $10 million so there won't be any taxes on it! It's Hard Work -- if only we had W back!
  • Bob Aro... Timmy 2011/02/13 16:19:29
    Bob Aronson
    Gee, I wish I thought of that. Let's send more people home to die. They are not our responsiblity. We need the money to buy big TV's, liquor and cigarettes. I've got it now...thanks!
  • Shirleywillow 2010/12/14 19:40:17
    This woman is truly a hard hearted idiot. Anyone who has a chance of a life giving procedure should get that procedure. Life vs Money..which do you choose?
  • askmike Shirley... 2010/12/14 21:12:37
    Wow are you ever the intelligent one. You would spend a disproportionate part of your budget to save one person's life, and by spending much of your limited funds you now cannot save dozens of sick and injured people. So yes, it is a matter of life vs money, and you choose the one that saves the fewest lives. Bravo.
  • Shirley... askmike 2010/12/16 20:42:05
    I guess you believe in Sarah Palins" Death Panel" Philosophy too.
  • askmike Shirley... 2010/12/16 21:29:20
    Not so. The Puppy Dog claimed the Health Care Bill included death panels, which was an untruth. That claim and your assertion concerning the AZ situation have nothing in common. You truly are a dim bulb.
  • FactHound askmike 2010/12/17 15:56:54
    Nasty mouth: the last defense of the weak "man." Try reaching higher than attack teeth?
  • askmike FactHound 2010/12/18 00:44:10
    Wow, I am in the presence of two dim bulbs. How very fortunate for me.
  • Shirley... askmike 2010/12/18 19:46:59
    Have you heard the old saying "Every one's crazy ceptin me"?
    Well I've thought of a new one just for you "Every one's stupid ceptin me". If you haven't heard the saying, it means you're so stupid you don't even know it.
  • FactHound Shirley... 2010/12/17 15:55:41
    Well, it did get her outta the Gov's office and onto Faux Noose, after all, so the correlation is pretty clear...
  • FactHound askmike 2010/12/17 15:54:47
    think deeper, harder, longer...?
  • Bob Aro... askmike 2011/02/13 16:20:24
    Bob Aronson
    So you believe that government has the right to decide who lives and who dies huh?
  • askmike Bob Aro... 2011/02/13 16:48:50
    Insurance companies have done so for decades. If Arizona paid for an unlimited number of transplants with a limited state budget, a few, but not all candidates for those procedures would benefit. And by spending so much money on transplants the state would not be able to provide other life-saving procedures for thousands of other citizens. Keep in mind the Arizona taxpayers are providing certain defined coverage for citizens who do not have health insurance. At what point would you set a limit on the amount of funds the state can afford to spend? Your position is very naive and short sighted.
  • Carol 2010/12/14 14:58:48
    Worse governor ever.
  • FactHound Carol 2010/12/17 15:58:44
    3rd worst:
    1.W shrub
    2. Sallie Paling,
    3. gusty Brewery (nothing against the beer place ;)
  • Carol FactHound 2010/12/17 17:13:30
    Good list
  • Arclight 2010/12/14 13:38:45
    After showing her guts on immigration law/enforcement, I trust this woman. It's her call.
  • freethinker 2010/12/14 13:14:10
    Based on the Huffington post??? LOL! Why should she?? All their money is being used to fight Illegal Immigrants!!! Too bad there isn't a Real government out there to do their job instead of Terrorizing states!! Can't wait till the new cabinet is in!!! Get Ready for the Whiners!!
  • dfhjtykyu 2010/12/14 12:21:21
  • Claymore Cactus 2010/12/14 07:14:30
    Claymore Cactus
    Whilst it sounds like the most humanitarian thing to do, I cannot automatically rapid-fire a "YES" to this question until someone tells me how they propose that the State of Arizona funds these transplants.

    I was on AHCCCS a number of years ago, and I was grateful to receive the help. But, things have changed. There are far more people receiving AHCCCS these days, with not enough money to go around. If the State of Arizona can't make its payments to Arizona physicians, pharmacists, clinics, and hospitals then Arizona's medical industry will completely refuse to accept AHCCCS as an insurance provider.

    Already, every year fewer Primary Care physicians and facilities are accepting AHCCCS. It is already getting more difficult to find quality medical providers. What will Arizonans in need do if the whole program crumbles because creditors fear slow, or no payments?

    Just tell me how you propose to make up the shortfall, and I will vote YES!
  • FactHound Claymor... 2010/12/17 16:01:47
    RE: "I was on AHCCCS a number of years ago, and I was grateful to receive the help. But, things have changed. " Certainly have, now that you have yours, huh?

    Re making up the shortfall: might we start w the $3.7 billion for the tax cuts to the rich. Or how about a little bit of the tax that should be collected on their inheritance Income. A small tax on $5-10million x ____ (# of wealthy croakers) = quite a bundle of health care.
  • Claymor... FactHound 2010/12/17 20:38:57
    Claymore Cactus
    Those both, unfortunately,are Federal and don't affect the state budget of Arizona. I do, however, hope that they can find a way to re-instate the transplant program in the AHCCCS program in Arizona because AHCCCS is critical to the healthcare of Arizona.
  • Bob Aro... Claymor... 2011/02/13 16:25:49
    Bob Aronson
    The answer is simple. in 2010 it would have cost $800,000. In 2011 it will cost $1.4 million..remember all these people don't get transplants at once and many never get them at all if there aren't enough organs...(thanks to the lazies who don't get around to being donors). Brewer spent $2 million on algae research and $1.7 million to fix a roof. She also has $30 million in federal stimulus money to use at her discretion. She says it's all allocated but refuses to say for what. There's your answer. Plust Steven Daglas, a Chicago republican did a thorough examination of the governor's budget and found 26 more ways she could pay for the transplants. But she ignored him too. She is soooooo sweet!
  • Claymor... Bob Aro... 2011/02/15 02:09:21
    Claymore Cactus
    http://www.azcentral.com/ariz... Outsider finds ways to fund transplants
  • Boss 2010/12/14 07:10:31
    of course...I,m so confused that the ones who were afraid of obamacare death panels say nothing about republican jan brewer approving them here in az,,,SHAME!!
  • hunter 44 2010/12/14 07:01:45
    hunter 44
    That is a call for the AZ government and it's citizens to make. If they want it then they are going to have to figure out how to pay for it which usualy means a tax.

    Of course, true to form, SH news doesn't mention that the liberal bastion of california is also cutting medical or more accurately, dental, along with several other states.
  • Don Leuty 2010/12/14 06:11:06
    Don Leuty
    That is Arizona's call. Unfunded mandates of the federal government should not become a burden on the state. If the citizens of the state wish to start a charity to fund transplants, that would be wonderful, if not, it can't be helped.
  • Wilde~M... Don Leuty 2010/12/14 07:00:02
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Why cant it be help in American, but it can be in other countries? I thought we were the leaders of the world?
  • Don Leuty Wilde~M... 2010/12/14 07:16:26
    Don Leuty
    Greece is cutting back on health entitlements, as is England, Spain and Portugal. The list grows every day. We used to be the leaders of the world, now we only get scoffs because of our "spend yourself rich" and "borrow yourself out of debt" farces. When China criticizes our borrowing and spending practices, it might be worth taking a second look at.

    I am not about to impose my opinion on the State of Arizona, since I don't live there. I would be one of the first in line to make a contribution to a private charity to fund Arizona transplants, but I am not about to tell them how to spend their money, especially since I don't anything about or contribute to their budget.
  • Wilde~M... Don Leuty 2010/12/14 07:21:07 (edited)
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    No one said anything about you imposing your opinion. The poll is ASKING for it.

    I'm going to check out the information you gave me about the other countries, thats something I haven't heard as of late.
  • FactHound Wilde~M... 2010/12/17 16:03:23
    Good, bcs that info is the MIS version....incorrect
  • Wilde~M... FactHound 2010/12/17 16:21:31
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Sorry.. so many posts. MIS?
  • Boss Don Leuty 2010/12/14 07:12:39
    billions in aid to haiti...palin crying over there..IMAGINE!!!and we allow Americans to die here in arizona..we,re a sick country....
  • Don Leuty Boss 2010/12/14 07:55:10
    Don Leuty
    That is AZ's call. Write or call your legislators and the governor's office expressing your opinion. It should have much more weight than here. Transplants are expensive. Transplants are a last resort procedure. They have a fairly high failure rate from a large number of causes. I would not like to be in any governors chair in this economy. There are some tough calls I'm not sure that I could make.

    That is what happens when we spend all our money propping up losers. Crap rolls downhill.
  • FactHound Boss 2010/12/17 16:04:31
    Literally and figuritively.
    But...how about, let them eat cake!
    At least they'll feel better while they'r dying, right?
  • Bob Aro... Don Leuty 2011/02/13 16:27:33
    Bob Aronson
    Right...let 'em die!!!
  • Wilde~MoonChild ™ 2010/12/14 05:41:05
    Wilde~MoonChild ™
    Is there something in the water in AZ?
    Brewer is a nut job and a liar.
    It needs to be reinstated.
  • FactHound Wilde~M... 2010/12/17 16:05:16
    Thre is no water in AZ -- the reason their brains are drying up
    (and they better not ask for a transplant!)
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