Do you think corporate sponsorship of the Alabama and Notre Dame football game was worth $15 to $20M?

ABC News Money 2013/01/08 16:59:45
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Do You Think Corporate Sponsorship of the Alabama and Notre Dame Football Game Was Worth $15 to $20M?

Perhaps the only people more disappointed about Monday’s national championship game than Notre Dame may be the television sponsors. Alabama University quarterback AJ McCarron, who led his team in his second national championship game victory, trounced Notre Dame 42-14, leading many to possibly tune out before the second half of the game, says Jim Andrews, senior vice president of sponsorship analytics firm IEG.

“That’s some of the inherent risk in advertising in sports,” Andrews said. The marquee sponsor, Discover, likely paid $15 million to $20 million for its advertising package.

Another winner was ESPN, which broadcast the game. The sports cable network said ratings for last night’s game was 13.8 percent higher compared with the 2012 game last year between Alabama and LSU, according to Nielsen. ESPN said it was the highest-rated program on Monday night of all programs.

notre dame alabama

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  • im1luckyduck 2013/01/10 02:14:31
    None of the above.
    Didn't get to watch since I can't afford cable tv (ESPN).
  • CAPISCE 2013/01/09 17:02:04
    Yes, it was a great game to sponsor.
    The viewership was huge despite the game sucking
  • CynthiaLorenzo5 2013/01/09 16:25:15
  • Sperry23 2013/01/09 16:11:51
    None of the above.
    Don't watch college games.
  • jacktown kid 2013/01/09 15:47:52
    Yes, it was a great game to sponsor.
    jacktown kid
    Number 1 vs Number 2 what more can u want
  • HailSci... jacktow... 2013/01/13 05:37:02
    a good ranking system, for one. the one they have is broken
  • jacktow... HailSci... 2013/01/14 15:53:02
    jacktown kid
    needs an overhaul change to say the least
  • OneLastWord 2013/01/09 15:34:35
    Yes, it was a great game to sponsor.
    Yes. Both schools benefited financially from the sponsorship from big money.

    That’s called democracy and free enterprise.

    Alabama is part of the SEC and the teams that go to post season bowl games share their bowl wealth with their conference.

    Don't know about the Irish, because their football team is independent I believe.
  • Anthony 2013/01/09 14:51:36
    None of the above.
    Oregon should have been in it. Notre Dame sucks not even Rudy would have helped.
  • smitty 2013/01/09 14:27:00
    No, I lost interest in the blowout score of 42-14.
    Best part of the game was the center showing the quarterback who was boss.

    game center quarterback boss

    I will give AJ credit he did the right thing in the end.

    alabama quarterback hugging center
  • Drummerboy 2013/01/09 10:51:52
  • smitty Drummerboy 2013/01/09 14:30:25
    I think they are starting an all Catholic conference now that the Big East is a shell of what it used to be.

    Man.. I work with a bunch of Notre Dame grads... I know how people who dislike Ky feel when they work with a bunch of rabid Ky fans.
  • Drummerboy smitty 2013/01/09 14:48:40
  • OneLast... Drummerboy 2013/01/09 15:48:47 (edited)
    My sympathies to you my man.

    I lived in Cincinnati for 19 years, and not being from there was a UK basketball fan. My wife and many of my extended family members got school teaching degrees from UK in Lexington, but the Cincy N.D. fans just about made me puke every collage sport season, especilly football season.

    This school has recruiting in-roads to all Catholic homes and non-Catholic homes.

    However, they are a very good academic school; anyone should take a degree from there if that chance comes their way.
  • Drummerboy OneLast... 2013/01/09 16:00:28
  • OneLast... Drummerboy 2013/01/09 16:48:39
    Yipper, on that.
  • EmoMcPa... Drummerboy 2013/01/14 01:23:06
    It's all about the Money$$$ I love Notre Dame but they didn't show up
  • smitty OneLast... 2013/01/09 19:01:07
    Grew up in the cinci area as well... Went to UC too. All my friends in college came from the Catholic belt of Cinci. Man there are a ton of them..
  • mrdog 2013/01/09 10:01:23
    None of the above.
    It just doesn't matter...bark
  • Adi 2013/01/09 09:59:11
    Yes, it was a great game to sponsor.
    Well you forgot to mention that $80 thousand plus went to the Sandy relief fund...which was for a good cause!
  • smitty Adi 2013/01/09 14:28:24
    That's .004 of the total.. make it more like 40 percent and I would get all giggly at that.
  • Adi smitty 2013/01/09 18:54:50
    $1.00 for every ticket sold went towards The Sandy Hook relief and at least some of the money went to a good cause and I am trying to be positive about this!
  • smitty Adi 2013/01/09 19:01:54 (edited)
    heehee I cannot take that away from anyone. Kudos for seeing the good from something!
  • S* 2013/01/09 05:01:51
    None of the above.
    I think the corporate sponsors have to make that call.
  • Joey 2013/01/09 04:26:13 (edited)
    None of the above.
    Funny how everyone is making money off of these young men, but if one of them were to sell this own jersey for a tattoo he would have to set out 7 games.
  • OneLast... Joey 2013/01/09 16:07:28
    Your right, but the strict rules are to protect the smaller schools.

    However, a reasonable program where university athletes get some money would be better, but the universities are greedy as corporations and don't want to share any athletics profits,

    Also, all athletes would have to receive money or it would become an ugly fight among students and faculty.

    If they get a scholarship they are baciclly already receiving money from the university , and some universities are not as rich as Alabama’s or N.D. sports programs.
  • Joey OneLast... 2013/01/09 23:48:23
    I hear that scholarship reasoning used a lot . However If I get a Music scholarship I can still go some place and get paid for playing music, If I got a dance scholarship I can go some place and get paid to dance all while I am in school . Football players can not do this . Besides no one who is really good would go to the UAB when they could go the Alabama .

    UAB blazers mascot
  • Chrissi 2013/01/09 02:01:17
    None of the above.
    No, it was a blow-out, but couldn't that money be spent more wisely on medical research--the many diseases we know little to nothing about?
  • Popeye 2013/01/09 00:21:09
  • Gregaj7 2013/01/08 23:33:52
    None of the above.
    Since I only have a color antenna, I couldn't watch the game. Money needs to be taken out of the college system.
  • Lanikai 2013/01/08 22:48:38
    No, I lost interest in the blowout score of 42-14.
    Hubby turned it off after the first quarter, most folks around here did.

    Until there is a playoff OR a better way to match bowl teams, this will be a money losing DOG.

    And I hate Bama-just thought I would toss that in.
  • KeithL 2013/01/08 21:56:50
  • RLUX 2013/01/08 19:16:50
    Yes, it was a great game to sponsor.
    i thing so yes if it had turned out into a good game but ... sadly it wasn't ... they creamed the irish .. they came all this way for nothing

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