Do you think conservatism sucks?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2013/01/13 20:26:16
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I feel that this is a right wing leaning site. Lets see if there are many who share my progressive leaning ideals.
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  • Mr. Smith 2013/01/14 18:03:51
    Mr. Smith
    Define what you think conservatism is first, then we can debate whether it sucks or not. Are you referring to Neoconservatism, Social Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Cultural Conservatism, etc.???
  • Captain... Mr. Smith 2013/01/15 01:58:27
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Pfft on sh if you're not a neocon you'll be called everything else. Lol
  • Mr. Smith Captain... 2013/01/15 05:40:08
    Mr. Smith
    And I've been called many things on this site.....including a neocon. Most people, including the neocons, don't even know the correct definitions of the various ideologies/labels they call people.
  • Captain... Mr. Smith 2013/01/15 07:36:12
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    They are like robots. They think everyone is like them, black or white, all left or all right, so if you disagree with anything they say you must be a liberal progressive socialist etc.
  • Mr. Smith Captain... 2013/01/15 13:08:35
    Mr. Smith
    I find the two extremes have so much more in common than either would like to admit. They've traded positions just by having Bush leave and Obama assume office, their allegiance is based on party, not fundamental principles.
  • Captain... Mr. Smith 2013/01/15 14:31:16 (edited)
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Yeah I don't see the left in an uproar about the patriot act or whatever it's called now. It's shameful.
  • Mr. Smith Captain... 2013/01/15 15:38:05
    Mr. Smith
    The Patriot Act is a perfect example, on both sides! The left was against it under Bush and now for it under Obama, meanwhile, the right was for it under Bush, but now against it under Obama. Their position changed SOLELY on the fact that there was a power switch at the party level.

    And what about the drone strikes? Obama's illegal use of drone strikes dwarfs anything Bush ever did. Obama has ordered at least 300 drone strikes in Pakistan. Those strikes have killed about 2,152 people, including 290 civilians, 64 of whom were children. Yet we hear nothing from the left or the media.

    Same thing with warrantless wiretapping, that's all we heard from the left during the Bush years. But the outcry concerning civil liberties has been mostly non-existent from the left in the Obama era.

    Again, the extremes don't follow any kind of principled foundation, other than party affiliation. Red = bad, blue = good (and vice versa). It's politics for the simpleminded.
  • Captain... Mr. Smith 2013/01/15 15:51:15
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Agreed. The two sides are so afraid to admit any wrongdoing that they just won't. They're dishonest cowards.
  • Quietman ~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/14 17:58:45
    Quietman   ~PWCM~JLA
  • beachbum 2013/01/14 17:54:19
  • MetroidJunkie2009 2013/01/14 17:50:37 (edited)
    Why do you think conservatism sucks? Does the idea that government can be small, work with lesser funds without going over their means (Going over their means is causing the debt to raise at an alarming rate) and doesn't have to drain so much money out of its people, does that idea suck?

    Sure, there are many Republicans just in it to protect the rich but, at its core, conservatism insists on personal responsibility and climbing the ladder to be successful rather than depend upon the government and give them control over your life. Conservatism can even mean to conserve. In other words, making the most of your resources instead of just bloating yourself with more.
  • macbeth Metroid... 2013/01/14 17:59:02
    Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while others, called reactionaries, oppose modernism and seek a return to "the way things were" - wikipedia
  • lee macbeth 2013/01/14 18:21:31
  • lisa Metroid... 2013/01/14 18:26:28
  • John.J.... Metroid... 2013/01/19 07:45:49
    actually this is incorrect that (todays) conservatives want a small government - if they did we would be taking a long hard look at the military budget. The military is part of our government spend and it is the largest we have. Additionally our military spend is four times larger than the next four largest militaries with a large portion of that spend going to outsourced labor - various jobs that our own soldiers can do on our bases - with organizations that are owned directly or indirectly by various members of our own government ( Newt for example has ties to two different laundry firms that have military contracts, as does Romney (and catering service) among others ). They also would not be wasting time on a "better use of light bulbs" bill while jobs bills are on the table during an economic recession. As I said before today's fanatics are not truly conservatives, however as long as they call themselves that - well the rest of us suffer
  • aherbert 2013/01/14 17:38:37
  • lee aherbert 2013/01/14 18:22:09
    dumb ways to die..... really, dumb ways to die
  • aherbert lee 2013/01/14 18:30:09
    What are you trying to say? spit it out .... spit it out
  • lee aherbert 2013/01/14 18:36:38
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2013/01/14 17:28:14 (edited)
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/14 18:22:38 (edited)
    well if you don't know by now, i think you may be beyond help.

    fyi... you are a conservative.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/14 22:18:50
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/14 22:35:30
    i don't do that, usually.

    my discussions with you lead me to file you under conservative on the issues we have discussed.

    you may be more 'liberal" on other issues, but i've not seen it.

    as for conservatives disagreeing with other conservatives... well that's just plain fun to watch for me personally. and i've been QUITE entertained by it all.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/14 22:58:29
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/15 00:18:29
    in only know what you tell me.

    but i do know the difference between liberal and conservative on most issues.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/15 14:53:07
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/15 17:23:32 (edited)

    lets find out... check out the links at the top, take the quiz
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/15 17:44:33
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/15 17:47:07
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/15 18:13:04

    i think we should get more bang for the buck out of our government.... i don't agree that government is necessarily bad.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/15 19:19:12
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/15 19:40:36 (edited)
    med size gov is more where i would put it...its not always one extreme or the other.

    if you don't like social contract that is our Constitution, then you can look for a system more to your liking, but you can NOT have half of mine.

    it doesn't work that way.... the Constitution is all or nothing.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/15 20:08:56
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/15 20:24:03
    they can leave... like i said.

    but they don't get to take half the real estate with them... they have to find their own land to govern as they please.

    here it is governed by the Constitution.... which was formed so ppl could act thru government to establish justice, peace, protect and promote the general welfare and prosperity of its ppl.

    its not perfect, but we are getting there.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/15 20:32:35
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/15 20:38:20
    you could not be more wrong....

    this union is in a constant state of becoming "more perfect"

    and it has ALWAYS been liberals who made it better.

    name ONE conservative addition to the perfection of this union.

    name ONE.

    and don't say abolishing slavery or you will really disappoint me.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/16 16:52:31
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/16 19:36:46
    you are not liberal, you are a libertairan.

    a liberal belives their is a role for gov in our daily lives... libertairans do not.

    liberals say NO all the time, but we are more open to looking at new ideas than conservatives... its just when we see a BAD idea, or one that has been PROVEN not to work.. .we say NO.
  • Chris -... lee 2013/01/17 17:20:08
  • lee Chris -... 2013/01/17 18:36:56
    then you have missed the point of it.

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