Do you think America is sick and tired of the smug, arrogant, elitism of academic liberals who ignore, dismiss, and ridicule the American People because they think they know what's best for Americans?

Conservative in California 2009/12/15 01:48:21
You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitists running the show, ridiculing and dismissing the American People who want no part of what they are offering.
The elite, academic, Democrats know what's best for the masses of Americans too stupid to know what's best for them in the long run.
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Whether it comes to taxes, global warming, Sarah Palin, card check, amnesty, Glenn Beck, or the debt, anyone found deigning to question the liberal Democrat party running up massive debts, refusing to making national security decisions, ridiculing Americans for having the gall to ask questions regarding health care reform is automatically dismissed because Democrats think they know better than the American People.
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  • Bronx at Night 2009/12/15 02:23:21
    You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitis...
    Bronx at Night
    Elitism and the Left go hand in hand... there is actually a concept the Marxists/ Leninists called "The VANGURARD" for their ideal communist state... idea was that the common folk are just too stupid to run their own lives, so an elite chosen by the party would run their lives for them.

    This same concept is seen in the differences between Dems and Repubs... Dems tend to shove regulations and taxes down our throat that we don't want because they say they know what's good for us... while Repubs tend to be more... well... American !

    College campuses are so embedded in the Leftist establishment it's sick to say that there is any academic freedom any more... your average college campus will have tens of covers/ fronts for the Left usually using your dollars, they call them "Labor Center" or "Gay and Lesbian Studies Department" or “JFK School of Government” or "Public Policy Foundation," etc etc.

    Can you think of one Right-leaning institution on a major university campus?? Hoover Institute at Stanford is the only one that comes to my mind... it's outnumbered 100,000 to one.

    And it’s even worse in Europe… forget about it.

    Snobs shouldn't be running America... Americans should be.


    . stanford mind outnumbered 100000 europe forget snobs running america americans

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  • Lanikai Conserv... 2009/12/15 19:30:30
    That one is a paid obot sock puppet.
  • Papillon Hussein... 2009/12/15 19:45:33
  • Hussein... Papillon 2009/12/15 20:30:14
    Again you are proof that education in America has failed. So many conservatives are so misguided that they can't see the writing on the wall. Socialism isn't a bad word and works in many countries. This country has a problem and that's the corporate giants that are fueled by greed. They have less than informed folks like yourself making it believe it's otherwise. BTW, I don't need a welfare check since I work for a living. That is yet another lie the conservative whack jobs like to make to have you and your clueless ilk believe is what defines liberal Americans.
  • Conserv... Hussein... 2009/12/15 21:39:15
    Conservative in California
    socialism has never worked anywhere it's been tried.
  • Hussein... Conserv... 2009/12/15 21:43:21
    Keep listening to the folks from FOX it's seems to be working for you. listening folks fox working
  • wwgd Hussein... 2009/12/16 01:11:07
  • Hussein... wwgd 2009/12/16 01:33:03
    ROFLMAO!!! roflmao
  • wwgd Hussein... 2009/12/16 01:07:00
    you are proff that you can be poor brain dead!!! do you like being a slave to social ran goverment?Do you not care about your freedom?
  • Hussein... wwgd 2009/12/16 01:32:16
    Jesus christ you can't even spell nor make your comment in a coherent fashion and you're calling me brain dead? LMAO you crazy right wing nuts are too damn funny.
  • RAVEN W... Hussein... 2009/12/16 04:10:26
  • Papillon Hussein... 2009/12/21 05:10:26
  • Papillon Hussein... 2009/12/23 16:01:28
  • Papillon Hussein... 2009/12/21 05:08:50
  • Hussein... Papillon 2009/12/22 19:48:47
    Hahaha says the dumb RWNJ 55 year old limp dick idiot. Thanks for the input.
  • Papillon Hussein... 2009/12/23 16:02:51
  • wwgd Papillon 2009/12/16 01:04:42
    you go fella,he must think he,s going to get a free ride
  • Papillon wwgd 2009/12/21 05:12:52
  • Hussein... Papillon 2009/12/22 19:50:34
    If you had half a brain and weren't so damn lazy you'd bother reading my profile and know that I am a woman. BTW that picture is just a funny Tropic thunder character [...]
  • Papillon Hussein... 2009/12/23 16:11:38
  • Hussein... Papillon 2009/12/27 16:59:34
  • wwgd Hussein... 2009/12/29 01:23:19
    who,d thunk it ya called hussien do you have a wallet in ya back pocket and have a beard ya have no right to call peter lazy he seems pretty cool to me ya crazy broad
  • Hussein... wwgd 2010/01/04 19:10:17
    Go back to school you lack a coherent message.
  • Hussein... wwgd 2009/12/22 19:51:07
    Free Ride what the fuck are you talking about? I never got a free ride get a clue asswipe.
  • wwgd Hussein... 2009/12/29 01:25:58
    by the filth ya talk I take ya probaby a he no woman could be so nasty talking!! that is a real woman.Wash ya moluth with some soap trash
  • Hussein... wwgd 2010/01/04 19:11:20
    Again try going back to school or lay off the cough syrup or whatever it is your drinking your message is garbled.
  • Papillon wwgd 2009/12/23 16:03:54
  • You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitis...
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    Hey, I am sick of Big Government and the crazy spending in both parties!
  • Conserv... ☆The Ro... 2009/12/15 18:36:50
    Conservative in California
    you got that right. Conservatives and independents need to hold the GOP accountable when they are re-elected enmasse next year.
  • Barracuda69 2009/12/15 17:46:58
    You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitis...
    America requires REAL change! We need to vote them all out and get leaders who really care about the people. Gov. Sarah Palin 2012 YOU BETCHA! Run Sarah Run, America really needs you!
  • Papillon Barracu... 2009/12/15 19:48:12
  • skip 2009/12/15 17:43:58
    You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitis...
    When we take control in 2010 and we will,we need to tell our new employees to pass a bill to do away with the retirements and the life health care for our former employees,do you all think this is possible?
    we need to kill the lifetime retirement for these people in congress,so that they have to go to work in the private sector------please blog and pass on ,how many think like I do?
  • ALofRI 2009/12/15 17:24:51
    The elite, academic, Democrats know what's best for the masses of Americans t...
    JEEZ! Every word above (except the dirty ones, Palin, Beck and amnesty), all sound JUST LIKE "conservatives"! Guess we see each other in similar lights. As far as health care reform, in every "independent" poll the "American people" WANT GOOD reform by around 80%. Of course any RW poll or poll paid for by the insurance "Cartel" sees it differently, but then, their profit levels run at about the same levels of those "independent polls, whereas "government run" healthcare has a small overhead, NO CEO bonuses and pay out 85% or more to the people they insure. There is NO WAY healthcare "taxes" will EVER reach the amount charged by insurance companies for their "protection"(?) (and NO WAY insurance CEO's will EVER give 85% protection to the "American people, including "foolish conservatives" who are biting off their nose to spite their faces!)
  • Papillon ALofRI 2009/12/15 19:52:21
  • ALofRI Papillon 2009/12/16 02:41:45
    And YOU are one of the "sheeple" following the Shepherds... Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Hannitty....all shepherds of the disgusting right wing. The "sheeple" with no mind of their own, the "sheeple" who got us into this mess, the "sheeple with their nose up the arse of the sheep in front of them. LEAD ON O' sheep of the realm, I will follow you over the cliff of destruction! What a SICK bunch of mindless RWNJ's!
  • Papillon ALofRI 2009/12/21 05:16:47
  • Bear 2009/12/15 17:24:46
    You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitis...
    i think Americans are sick and tired of name calling and labeling whole swaths of society with denigrating descriptions
  • Conserv... Bear 2009/12/15 18:39:23
    Conservative in California
    I could have substituted socialist for liberal. Hey, if the description is apt...
  • Bear Conserv... 2009/12/15 23:18:01
    hey...you can substitute whatever you want....it's a free country......but I still think people are sick and tired of the name calling
  • ALofRI Conserv... 2009/12/16 02:43:40
    You could have substituted conservative for "Brown Shirt", for Nazi, for ANYTHING but "patriot"!
  • Daveman 2009/12/15 16:31:18
    You betcha' Americans are sick of this current bunch of smug, arrogant elitis...
    Elitists really annoy me. They think they can spend other peoples better than we can for ourselves. They think they know whats best for everyone. How about every individual decides whats best for themselves and their families with government staying the heck out of the way.

    "Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda." —Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

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