Do you swear to Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth, so help you .......?

doc moto 2012/08/24 01:53:43
An entire Continent, Africa knows our president is African and mainly an Islamic or Muslim President
The 'laser' print on the original 'certification' papers from Hawaii shows different borders on the same 'published' file document records and 'standard' forms and their own authenticity is fraudulent!  Shame Shame! Is what they found, but who cares?
Heck we all know the man is a fraud, so when does he go to trial and face these charges, will he/she ever face any charges?
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If what was previously stated; the entire Hawaii Office of Birth Records and all attorneys and those involved at that time should come up and face charges of "FRAUD"... JUST with the White House posting the birth certificate that has been proven to be a forgery, that should point to Hawaii and someone there and all that claim saying that BHO was born there as their 'records' so amended reflect as someone what all of us to believe and yet, congress and the senate and supreme court do not and does not care! Are they all muslim as there is a unique deal where it is okay to lie, like a small sin, as it might not hurt anyone, a small white LIE, just a LIAR's circle! So what then, right? Well, Africa has another story and so does NPR and many others... Well, so lets just change the records so all is okay to have an African President as he is not American, not will stating 57 states and he was serious about that one too!
"Blue Hawaii" Also:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc5JE0JAqlk <---more LIARS!


Read More: http://usurpador.blogcindario.com/2010/06/00685-ha...

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