Do you support the nomination of Sen. John Kerry as the next Secretary of State?

Fox Report with Shepard Smith 2012/12/21 16:37:14
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President Obama nominated Sen. John Kerry to be the next secretary of state Friday, calling him the "perfect choice" to replace Hillary Clinton and lead America's foreign policy.

The president announced the decision in a brief press conference at the White House as lawmakers were going home for the holidays. The nomination marks the president's first move in replacing those members of his Cabinet who are not sticking around for a second term.

Kerry was widely considered to be Obama’s top choice after U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice removed herself from consideration last week. Rice encountered a wall of Republican resistance over her comments in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi terror attack, in which she claimed the attack was "spontaneous."

john kerry

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  • 4gotten Israelite 2013/01/05 03:53:22
    4gotten Israelite
    After reading some of the extreme right wing post, Kerry will be just fine. America can't afford to stick some war mongering disrespectful republican in that position, because they would have America back in War. These stinkin republicans want to go to war with Iran bad. War is the only thing the party of no would say yes too WAR
  • Steve 2012/12/30 21:31:49
  • Double L 2012/12/28 18:11:09
    Double L
    He's gonna be the next Biden.
  • 4gotten... Double L 2013/01/05 03:47:27
    4gotten Israelite
    I don't think so, Goofy Bolten is quick to go to war. Kerry isn't
  • BARRY0619 2012/12/28 17:11:07
    He's an idiot with a twin:

  • Rick 2012/12/28 16:04:34
    another socialist traitor!
  • 4gotten... Rick 2013/01/05 03:48:09
    4gotten Israelite
    You mean like Eric Cantor?
  • Rick 4gotten... 2013/01/05 05:18:12
    STFU U liberal commie POS!
  • 4gotten... Rick 2013/01/05 15:56:27
    4gotten Israelite
    Oh I see you are a Eric Cantor ball cleaner, LMAO@U robotican
  • joseph digristina 2012/12/28 15:13:54
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2012/12/28 15:03:49
    Bob, the reasonable one
    he hasn't earned it...the man is pure slime, he's as respectable as Harry Reid
  • Marvin Gordon 2012/12/28 14:50:24
    Marvin Gordon
    John Kerry is not even a has-been. He is another "flee" party democrat who has bad mouthed our armed forces while he served in the rear during Vietnam war. I heard that he was looking for a purple heart for some type of injury or sickness to enhance his political career. That may or not be the truth. The Obama administration is filled up with a bunch of losers. You might as well give the secretary of state job to the "super Yenta" Debbie "blabbermouth" Wasserman Schultz.
  • LayLady 2012/12/28 09:40:37
  • Freedom Mom 2012/12/28 08:38:46
    Freedom Mom
    No just another CFR member that wants to get rid of the US Constitution and 1st and 2nd amendmens.. His wife is a globallist, UN depopulation and Agenda 21 supporter. Obama is just replacing one CFR member with another.
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2012/12/28 08:34:37
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Kerry is a loser.
  • juanito 2012/12/28 04:17:30
    “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.” Johnny Kerie
  • TheR 2012/12/28 03:01:18
    At first I did , when I knew he was against the Vietnam War. But John Kerry has changed, and he supports the current Murderers in Washington DC. Doing nothing about the lies of the 911 Commission Report. He has let a lot of Americans down, just like Obama.

    We need new people in Government. Not the same blown out retreads.

    No John Kerry
  • Glenda Simpson 2012/12/28 01:54:37
    Glenda Simpson
    I don't support anyone obama nominates. he just goes around in circles, and accomplishes nothing, look at the wreck our Nation is in thanks to him!!
  • Rob 2012/12/28 01:53:26
    Let's not forget something. We're talking about someone who arguably committed de facto treason during wartime by going to Paris with Jane Fonda and plotting with North Vietnamese political cadres on ways to subvert and sabotage America's war effort.

    It's de facto treason rather than de jure, simply because the legal definition of treason applies only to declared wars as per the Constitution.Vietnam was never a declared war, unfortunately/

    I do not want someone like that in public office period,let alone in a cabinet post, but he's a member of the Senate club so he will probably be confirmed.

    Strange days indeed for our Republic.
  • trentinafur 2012/12/28 00:52:55
    Of course he is.

    I'm sure you know better than to think you're getting anything CLOSE to representative poll stats here, Fox. SH is roughly 75% RWNJ's who have nothing better to do than spew their RW fringe lunacy all day - as is abundantly evident here.
  • Bobbie S 2012/12/27 23:42:41
    Bobbie S
    Wow. All you have to do in America now is marry a Ketchup Queen. You get to never work a day in your life and still mingle with the Kennedys like you're really someone. You get to talk about how the rich are strangling America while you donate less than one percent of your wife's income to charity, and almost get to be president.

    When that doesn't work out, you still get to be Secretary of State, while doing nothing with your life but define the word "hypocrisy".

    I'm glad Washington and Lincoln aren't alive today to see this; I can imagine them turning over in their graves. This isn't what thousands of men gave their lives for to make this country great.
  • readmylips 2012/12/27 22:12:37
    Just another liar to benefit his own arrogant nepotism. Read the book about how he obtained his medals. Did he serve the same amount of time as the other servicemen? Swift Boaters didn't lie. It is documented. Just what we need. Another liar. Is he being placed in this position because the present regime has something they can later use to throw him under the bus with all the others already there that have served their purpose?
  • Stix 2012/12/27 21:10:46
    John Kerry is an American traitor...
  • madsam 2012/12/27 21:09:59
    He is a liar and another rich moron. (What happened to the occupy wall street crowd here.) Then again all the people in power are hypocritical rich.........
  • Boss 2012/12/27 18:38:09
    because we need him as a DEMOCRATIC senator..what,s wrong with obama??wants more negative republicans in the senate???
  • Wahvlvke Boss 2012/12/28 14:37:02
    He is a good commie crat.
  • john.newell.771 2012/12/27 18:03:03
    There is nothing I can do about it. Whoever this POS president picks will be bad for the country, it is one of Obama's requirements. Tyrants seldom surround themselves with anyone other than more tyrants.
  • Mo 2012/12/27 17:52:43
    Fraud. If he's half as bad as Hillary, we will continue to witness genocide, threats to countries that look weak, arms acceleration by avowed one way murderering theocracy.
  • Glenn Schulthies 2012/12/27 17:36:09
    Glenn Schulthies
    Makes sense; a muslim socialist-liberal appoints a traitor to be sec of state. Maybe they can find a cabinet position for his buddy, Hanoi Jane. What a pair they would be: Traitor John and Hanoi Jane!
  • bhab Glenn S... 2012/12/27 18:27:41
    After his villifying our military in both the Vietnam and Iraq conflicts and his meeting with and
    glorifying our enemies, you`ve got to be kidding. Sure, that would be Obama`s perfect choice. What a surprise!
  • Airwool 2012/12/27 16:44:40
    He is a friend of the military... “You know education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don’t you get stuck in Iraq.”
  • Torr 2012/12/27 15:47:01
    Kerry was most likely guilty of sedition if not treason during the Vietnam war. ...He's never been called to account for his lies under oath, and fabrication of atrocities allegedly committed by US Soldiers.

    Oh, there is no doubt that he will be confirmed, because there is such a lack of honesty and honor in the contemporary Congress, but "i" don't support Kerry and i'd be pleased if the Swift Boaters would reemerge and expose Kerry for the lying fraud that he was.
  • CMR Torr 2012/12/27 16:28:23
    Kerry was a hero in Vietnam, and scumbags like you besmirched his record. You have neither decency, nor honor.
  • cinbadl CMR 2012/12/27 16:40:09
  • CMR cinbadl 2013/01/02 17:42:41 (edited)
  • cinbadl CMR 2013/01/02 17:49:30
  • Torr CMR 2013/10/05 16:38:42
    Hahahahah! ...I read with interest until i came to the snopes link, ...then just began to laugh. You obviously know about as much about Snopes as you do about Kerry.
  • john.ne... CMR 2012/12/27 18:12:43
    Kerry did nothing to be called a hero in Vietnam. His medals were fradulent just like Kerry has been all his miserable life.

    kerry hero vietnam medals fradulent kerry miserable life
  • bhab CMR 2012/12/27 18:29:50
    Bite me!
  • airplan... CMR 2012/12/27 19:53:27
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