Do You Support Extending bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy?

StarrGazerr 2010/08/20 20:44:53
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Only 50% Of GOP Supports Extending Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy
August 20, 2010

Only half of all Republicans and self-identified conservatives favor extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, a new public opinion poll shows. Even fewer say they favor extending the Bush tax cuts just for those making less than $250,000 a year.

A study released by CNN on Friday suggests that Republicans face a curious public opinion deficit in their efforts to keep tax rates at current levels for income groups across the board. The party's base isn't entirely sold on keep the rates in place. But they also don't favor raising them on the wealthy and no one else.

Top officials in the GOP have said they will fight the president's proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts for the lower and middle classes while allowing those for the wealthy to expire. But few voting blocs appear to back that approach.

According to the survey, only 53 percent of self-identified moderates back extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Only nine percent of liberals said the same thing. Conventional wisdom would hold that Republicans would be the chief proponents of the proposal. But only 50 percent of conservative respondents said they want tax rates for the wealthy kept in place -- the same percentage of Republicans support a full extension of the Bus tax cuts.

As for extending the tax cuts for those making under $250,000 a year, 69 percent of liberals support that approach, 53 percent of moderates, and only 36 percent of conservatives (yes, more conservatives want tax cuts extended for the wealthy than for the middle or lower-income brackets).

Meanwhile, every single age group polled by CNN favored extending tax cuts for just the lower brackets over extending them for all groups (including the wealthy). So too did respondents from every single region of the country.

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  • santa6642 2010/08/20 22:39:29
    they create the Jobs, what part don't you under stand Jobs or Create
  • Joseph E. Bowker, CMSgt, US... 2010/08/20 22:36:32
    Joseph E. Bowker, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)
    The tax cuts should be maintained for those making less than $250,000.00 a year. The top 3% needs to start paying for the breaks they got when they were pushing to destroy the global economies by engineering the flow of wealth to themselves for the past 8 years, destroying the working, middle-classes of America, and America in the midst of their greed based sucking of the dry economical hole of the country. Let them eat cake and we will redistribute the wealth to the people that earn it with their sweat and blood.
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2010/08/20 22:11:12
    lurx: the soda jerk
    I personally don't know anybody that would gladly pay the taxes that those in the upper brackets pay, as long as they can spend the kind of money that's left over.
  • Lunacat 2010/08/20 21:04:14
  • unclepat 2010/08/20 20:56:37
    Hell no. It was those very same tax cuts, along with an illegal war that got this country into the mess we're currently in. My right wing brethren seem to think the surplus gained by the last democratic administration was a mirage of sorts. In addition, of course to blaming the current admin for this deficit now. You'd think the previous administrations 8 years never happened!
  • No TEA for Grae 2010/08/20 20:55:30
  • patriot 2010/08/20 20:54:06
    If you are getting you info from CNN and the Huffy post-I question the polls.
  • No TEA ... patriot 2010/08/20 20:56:08
  • Mollydolly 2010/08/20 20:52:23
    I believe that anyone who makes over a million dollars should pay even more taxes. Anyone making under even 50,ooo with a fam should pay a fraction and anyone under 20,ooo should pay nothing

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