Do You Plan to Get Google Glass When They Hit the Market?

ABC News U.S. 2013/03/18 03:00:00
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Google has started to show off bits and pieces about Google Glass – those futuristic, Internet-connected glasses that show digital information right in front of your eyes. The company has already demonstrated how you can record video, take photos or search the Web using your voice; a week ago, it showed for the first time some third-party applications.

At the SXSW Interactive Festival, Timothy Jordan, Google’s Senior Developer Advocate, showed off how you navigate the glasses and how apps like Gmail, the New York Times and Evernote work on the glasses.

The glasses have a small screen visible over your right eye. The right arm of the glasses, which contains the computing parts (processor, RAM, etc.), is equipped with a touchpad. Using the touchpad you can swipe through a series of screens or “cards,” as Google calls them. You can swipe down, Jordan said, to clear the interface (“like the back button in Android”) and then tap that arm to select.

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  • rcardon 2013/03/22 22:11:54
    Maybe not right away, but, yes, I hope to be able to afford one, eventually.
  • Appalachian SodaRube 2013/03/21 00:29:08
  • 3003573 2013/03/20 23:03:05
  • Big One 0909 2013/03/20 22:35:49
    Big One 0909
    I don't know what google glass is, BUT--
    I NEVER get ANYTHING "when it hits the market"
  • Transquesta 2013/03/20 20:03:05
    Why would anyone want to fork over fifteen hundred bucks to have Google/the government keep tabs on them?

    . . .Oh, wait. People already do that with 'smart' phones (a/k/a government leashes).
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2013/03/20 19:53:34
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    No because they will cost too much at first and their uses will be way over-hyped just like the stupid Iphone. I have no need for them and I can wait. Besides they are ugly and I'm sure that will improve after a few years. Want me to buy one? Go ahead and sell it cheap now instead of trying to make a killing off of it.
  • ZB 2013/03/20 18:58:00
    I already wear glasses for one. I don't really feel the need for something that'll be in my face all the time. My phone is on my belt till I need it. Not in my face like these will be.
  • Cal 2013/03/20 15:41:47
    I want one but they are absurdly expensive. Obviously not made for the middle class.
  • AdWhois 2013/03/20 15:30:08
    It looks too stupid... Besides, have we really gotten that lazy that we can't pull our phones from our pockets?

    Based on these poll results it looks like Google should have done a little more market testing before wasting all the money on R&D; lol.
  • Paroxysm 2013/03/20 15:27:14 (edited)
    It seems rather cumbersome. Call me old fashioned; I like my things simple.
  • XiaoKathryn c: 2013/03/20 15:05:23
    XiaoKathryn c:
    I think is the stupidest thing I've heard all day.
  • dBrown 2013/03/20 15:00:48
    sure, i'd give it a try at first.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2013/03/20 14:17:06
    The Winter Sodahead
    It would be cool and futuristic.
    I would get to pretend to be under mind control.
    They would be bloody expensive.
    A better version will probably come out relatively soon.
    If I pretended to be under mind control I would probably burst out laughing and the ruse would be up.
  • Silverlocust 2013/03/20 14:09:28
    Absolutely no, not ever.
    Not only that but I will refuse to talk to anyone while they are still wearing them.

    Are we really so mindless that corporations have to tell us what we need?
  • David 2013/03/20 14:08:14
    I really don't see why I should ruin the beauty of nature by being constantly bombarded by digital information. Maybe if I was Steve Austin I would see it differently!
  • yourbeebeegirl 2013/03/20 13:47:57 (edited)
    $1500.00 though geeze 1500 00 geeze
  • Airhead yourbee... 2013/03/20 19:28:57
    Thats only the demo model. The final public release is supposed to be under 1k
  • Jesferkicks 2013/03/20 12:10:45
    Millions$ are spent training combat jet and helicopter pilots how to train one eye to read an eyepiece display while the other eye views the cockpit and near plane situational awareness. It's going to be a hoot when people try to use these while driving. Google better get their self driving car in production along with this eye piece or we're going to be in for some dicey driving times on the streets.
  • MikeWon 2013/03/20 11:13:33
  • Adam W 2013/03/20 09:01:30
    Adam W
    Yeah, no.
  • Iefan Muineachán 2013/03/20 08:49:30
    Iefan Muineachán
    Hell yes! First step to becoming a full posthuman!
  • Joy Buchanan 2013/03/20 08:25:44
    Joy Buchanan
    If i were to wear glasses then maybe... dunno...
  • S123 2013/03/20 06:34:05
    I don't think I could afford it.
  • Laser Light Shows Worldwide 2013/03/20 06:23:28
    Laser Light Shows Worldwide
    Never buy the first design but wait a while till it's perfected Like the Cellular Phone, The VCR now called a DVR on and on !!

    Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide
    We Specialize in Lasers and Lighting Productions so we know technology
  • Srztanjur 2013/03/20 05:32:14
    Only because I can't afford them, and their usefulness has not been tested on the market yet.
  • Super ludum 2013/03/20 05:30:47
  • Austin 2013/03/20 05:22:58
    Google has enough data gathering practices as is.
  • sglmom 2013/03/20 05:17:27
    I'm BLIND ..
    these devices are useless for me ..
  • Srztanjur sglmom 2013/03/20 05:33:15
    Google Sound will change that. *joking about their next project*
  • sglmom Srztanjur 2013/03/20 05:36:35
    What's truly creepy ..
    I was visiting a city last year . .
    and my travel companion ..
    (who is sighted)
    remarked to me that there was one of those Google vehicles (with the dome and all)
    slowly going up and down the street ..
    and it even paused mid intersection as the entirety of the area was .. recorded)

    Quite frankly ..
    that was not just CREEPY .. but way, way too intrusive ..
    and knowing the state of current technology ..
    much akin to the targeting of individuals/businesses ..
    in a evil way ..

    (just too 'BIG BROTHER' for me .. so shudder worthy)

    1984 (the book) was never meant to be a blueprint for what we now have ..
  • Srztanjur sglmom 2013/03/20 05:49:55
    I have mixed feelings about 1984. I think it's a good read, but I dislike it as a cautionary tale. I take it to be too farfetched in just how far the concept of 'big brother' can go, and I also didn't like that that entire world was controlled by these really organized inner parties in which there was apparently neither ambitious nor conscientious objection among its members to the way in which things were ran in the artificial world those parties had created.
  • sglmom Srztanjur 2013/03/20 05:53:27 (edited)
    Actually ..
    in a lot of ways .. that tale is exactly where we are at right now ..
    and the fact that there are too many who DO LACK Conscience
    (amongst the well-funded political class .. the ones that pass their positions down hereditary lines .. as well as the eternal dependents ) ..
    is also something that I see has happened more and more ..
    look at the pushes for such as 'food portion control' .. the way that there's now government-sponsored discrimination and pre-judging ..

    It was my decision as a parent to have my own children read this book and discuss it with them at an appropriate age
    (despite it not being part of the basic education reading requirements anymore)
  • Srztanjur sglmom 2013/03/20 06:41:30
    1984 is really fresh in memory atm, and from what I remember the inner parties were completely self-regulating. Even if all of the world's sociopaths gathered together to form 'inner parties' to control the masses of empathic, moral people, they would be their own worst enemies. Competition within them for greater control, for greater shares of the oligarchy would drive them to be ineffectual. And this is assuming that all of those within the inner parties are sociopaths.

    And while this is the most regulation that America has likely ever faced, I don't think it's even in the same league as 1984's world
  • sglmom Srztanjur 2013/03/20 06:47:00
    You do have a point ..
    but with that incestuous circle of intertwined sociopathy ..
    the criminals themselves will self-govern
    (and you'd not necessarily notice when the 'vacuum' happened nor who was moved up in the shift)

    (they would not be ineffectual at all .. in fact .. it would amount to an almost preternatural form of self-governing power which would require that the vacuum of the weak be filled by someone from other areas who would be stronger in that role and the ties that bind would remain .. )

    We're too close for my comfort ..
    to that league of 1984 ..
    when you look at the antics of those in politics ..
    and see how they are not held to the same standard as the rest of the population .. (and how intertwined they are familial lines ..)
    clearly .. we have a lot more in common with 1984 .. than with a freedom ..
  • Sophie 2013/03/20 05:12:39
    "Looks" interesting but I think I will wait for them to be out a while. Wait for the newer, better and probably cheaper version that will most likely come out.
  • David 2013/03/20 05:11:19
    I would like something similar, but despite my best efforts, Google already tracks too much of my life.
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2013/03/20 04:27:10
    Keegan The Fabulous
    I find it interesting, but only as new technology that's never been developed before. I'm not trading in my smartphone for a copycat device that merely mimics my smartphone.
  • Lefty-Lucy 2013/03/20 03:22:04
    No. Goddamn, I hope nobody does. It's already irritating enough to try to talk someone while they're on their iPhone or something, but with this it'd feel like they're not even looking at me. Everyone is way too sucked into these technology worlds, and I know I may sound like a hypocrite saying that because I'm on Sodahead a lot, but I get out a lot, I go to school, go on walks, go to plays and museums and experience LIFE. I really don't like this trend. Is it too much to just experience things for what they are, without having to google everything or update a status or take a picture or something?
  • cynthia.johanson.7 2013/03/20 03:16:55
  • a_random_guy 2013/03/20 02:22:53 (edited)
    In a world of unlimited money I would absolutely get them in a second, unfortunately I am not independently wealthy to the point where I can drop what will probably be at least grand on an at best marginally useful electronic device that duplicates all of the functionality I currently have in my smartphone.

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