Do you plan to do any shopping on Presidents' Day?

ABC News U.S. 2013/02/18 12:55:29
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  • Pamela 2013/02/18 17:32:45
    Why don't you report about the high price of gasoline. Like you did when bush was in office. Because you give Oblunda a pass for every mistake he has made. The price of rising gasoline will diminish this economy. Don't you get it?
  • WinterLynn 2013/02/18 16:55:10 (edited)
  • superangrymonkey 2013/02/18 15:33:43
    I'm staying home.
  • tom C 2013/02/18 15:29:23 (edited)
    tom  C
    Gas is to high to travel....so no shopping.....thanks Obama for screwing that up.....

    Maybe I can go support some american businesses..and buy something from
    Smith & Wesson or Ruger ..keep americans working.....before our president takes those rights away...
  • Ozzyboy 2013/02/18 15:26:19
    Health care premiums just went up 40%. What would I use for money to shop with. It is all being mandated to the insurance companies and government taxes. MIddle class continues it's slide toward poor while paying for separate vacations and golfing.
  • Mr.Clark 2013/02/18 14:31:58
  • WinterLynn Mr.Clark 2013/02/18 16:55:58
  • timberwolf 2013/02/18 14:06:09
    I am going to spend the day mourning for this great Nation....
  • WinterLynn timberwolf 2013/02/18 16:56:53
  • timberwolf WinterLynn 2013/02/18 17:04:02
    Agreed... just a matter f time... But do We as a people have that "time"... I hope when this train wreck is gone we can undue all his F up's....
  • Stardust 2013/02/18 14:01:26
  • mike j 2013/02/18 13:38:32
    mike j
    Shopping !?? , maybe in a wishbook only , my shopping money is going for gasoline , taxes, sure not doing any shopping in this economy
  • timberwolf mike j 2013/02/18 14:16:32 (edited)
    Try an support all the Mom n Pop business's in your community... Thats all we have left... Seems to me I heard a lot a talk about boycotting lib Co. and business's and unholywood movie stars movie's one that comes to mind is Satllon's bullet to the head...
    This is grass roots folks, they can't prevent us from spending our money where it count's...
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/02/18 13:25:23
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot

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