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I love lemon Grass
Great for Recipes
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Nature has such miracles for us to discover
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Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citrates) is a popular herb in folk remedies and aromatherapy. Lemongrass essential oil has been used in Indian aromatherapy for centuries. The tropical plant is native to Asia and is grown commercially in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia

centuries tropical plant native asia grown commercially thailand vietnam malaysia
When talking about lemon grass, most of us would visualize thin streaks of grass.. Lemon grass, also called Thai lemon grass (in Thailand) is more like a stalk or stem. Pieces of this stalk are cooked in various dishes, the upper portions of lemon grass are often boiled in soups. Fresh food marts normally sell lemon grass in lengths of around 8 inches, The origins of lemon grass can be traced to China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. The distinct lemon (citrus) aroma of lemon grass has impressed cooks in many more countries. Today, fresh lemon grass stalks, powdered lemon grass and dried lemon grass are options available to cooks. The best flavour is ofcourse available by using fresh lemon grass, use the other options only if you cannot find fresh lemon grass stalks. The Thai word for lemon grass is takraai.

grass options fresh lemon grass stalks thai lemon grass takraai
Few people know that its Cousin is the citronella - the common scent you usually find in candles, perfumes and soaps.
nbspfew people cousin nbspthe nbspcitronella common scent candles perfumes soaps
Citronella plant

Citronella and lemon grass are both closely related species belong to the genusCymbopogon and are members of the Poaceae, family of the grasses. The scientific names of the lemon grass which is used in cooking is C. citratus while the citronella that has uses as an insect repellent and fragrance industry is C. nardus. Citronella oil extracted from the leaves are used to make mosquito repellents, in fact.

So how can one tell them apart? One of the most obvious tell-tale signs is that citronella has red pseudostems while those of the lemon grass are green. The citronella also have slightly wider leaf blades compared to those of the lemon grass.

These two plants are the ‘must-haves’ in any medicinal or fragrant gardens.

both lemongrass and Citronella is known for its calming effect that relieves insomnia or stress. It is also considered as a mild insect repellant. But more than scent, tanglad or lemon grass provides a lot of health benefits. Studies have shown that the lemon grass has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Mixed with pepper, it's a home therapy for menstrual troubles and nausea. Drank as tea, it is an effective diuretic. When it comes to pets, citronella is used to neutralize excessive barking of dogs. Since dogs hate citronella, it is sprayed to dogs to prevent them from barking or just to lessen the behavior.
dogs hate citronella sprayed dogs prevent barking lessen behavior nbsp

The Lemon grass is a good cleanser that helps to detoxify the Liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract. It cuts down uric acid, cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins in the body while stimulating digestion, blood circulation, and lactation; it also alleviates indigestion and gastroenteritis. It is said that lemongrass also helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples and acts as a muscle and tissue toner. Also, it can reduce blood pressure. Just make a concoction by boiling some lemon grass leaves, let it cool for a while and drink the liquid.

pressure concoction boiling lemon grass leaves cool drink liquid nbsp
Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea
grass leaves cool drink liquid nbsp health benefits lemongrass tea
In 2006, research discovered citral (a substance in lemongrass) caused apoptosis in malignant cancer cells, meaning the cancer cells would kill off themselves (a cell suicide). Citral not only caused cancer cells to kill themselves on a petri dish, it caused no harm to normal cells that were present. More amazingly, the quantity of citral used in this experiment was equivalent to one cup of tea using 1 gram of lemongrass in hot water.
citral experiment equivalent cup tea 1 gram lemongrass hot water
Lemongrass tea can help with poor digestion, stomach aches, gas, bowel spasms, and diarrhea. It is said to be a mild sedative and can calm nerves. Because it contains vitamin A, it can be helpful in keeping the eyes and skin healthy.
Lemongrass tea, with pepper, can help relieve menstrual problems and nausea. It can promote perspiration and lower fevers or cool the body in high temperatures. It may also help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
When used externally, lemongrass tea can help treat athlete's foot (because it has anti-fungal properties), heal cuts and sprains, and relieve arthritic pain.
Preparing Lemongrass Tea

• Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of dried lemongrass herb (or, if you have your own plant, rinse off a few blades and cut them in inch-long pieces).
• Cover, steep for about 5 minutes (or as long as you wish), and strain.
To enjoy the benefits of lemongrass tea even more, you can add a little honey to sweeten its taste. You can also add some ice and drink it cold

lemongrass tea add honey sweeten taste add ice drink cold

1.. Find a supply of lemon grass. You can usually find fresh lemon grass at your local grocery story in the produce section or a local Asian market.
2. Select the best stock. Look for bundles of fresh lemon grass with bulbs and roots still attached if possible. Avoid wilted or dry product.
3. Trim the lemon grass. When you get home, trim the tops off of the bundles and any dry leaves.
4. Place it in water. Place the bundle in a jar of water and place in a sunny window until you have an inch or two of roots.
5. Transplant the lemon grass. Transplant your lemon grass into a pot with soil. Place it in warm place with lots of sun. Keep the pot moist but do not over water.
6.Watch the temperatures. If you live in a cold climate, you will need to bring your lemon grass in during the winter. Planting your lemon grass outside near a water source is a good way to get large plants.
lemon grass winter planting lemon grass water source large plants
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  • sweet nightmare 2011/04/04 17:40:31
    I love lemon Grass
    sweet nightmare
    love the smell too
  • carrotcat 2011/04/01 04:24:45
    I love lemon Grass
    Vietnamese food has the best lemongrass recipes
  • Anna E 2011/03/31 20:04:40
    Tastes Great and Good for you
    Anna E
    Lemon grass and citronella also helps keep bugs off you.
  • captkirk999 2011/03/31 19:58:36
    I love lemon Grass
    learn something new every day.
  • MudDiva 2011/03/31 05:24:23
    Nature has such miracles for us to discover
    I use it. One of the main essential oils too :)
  • OzSin 2011/03/31 01:41:00
    I love lemon Grass
    Mom has that growing in her yard, love to break off a blade and scrunch it up and inhail,
  • Gloria 2011/03/31 00:26:41
    I love lemon Grass
    Lemon grass is great herbal tea.
  • mae 2011/03/30 21:15:19
    Great for Recipes
    Thai food staple, and soooo good for us! I love the taste of this herb in cooking, and in tea.
  • WTF Turtle BN-0 2011/03/30 18:57:28
    I love lemon Grass
    WTF Turtle BN-0
    Should have put "All of the above"
  • Marberico 2011/03/30 17:53:44
    Great for Recipes
    Lemon grass is widely used in cooking in our country.
  • Lennonlives 2011/03/30 17:33:00
    I love lemon Grass
    learn something new every day
  • FYI 2011/03/30 15:41:17
    Nature has such miracles for us to discover
    DAW, Why are you posting these questions in the political section?
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... FYI 2011/03/30 19:52:39 (edited)
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    NEWS health benefits is news
  • FYI ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2011/03/30 20:02:46
    In case you didn't notice, SodaHead break new up into categories, your question would be more appropriate for the "living" section, lemongrass is hardly a political topic.
    Not that it's a bad question, just belongs in a different section.
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2011/03/30 15:27:50 (edited)
    I love lemon Grass
    luigi1- in god we trust
    You bet. Try it in Thai chicken or shrimp lemon grass soup.

    bet thai chicken shrimp lemon grass soup lemon grass soup
  • Golden Ratio 2011/03/30 15:13:09 (edited)
    Nature has such miracles for us to discover
    Golden Ratio
    Yes, and it's the only natural mosquito repellent besides cloves, but smells much better on your skin, and cloves gives some people a rash, while lemongrass has not been shown to react that way with anyone. I use to use lemongrass oil in alaska to ward of those damn noseeums. A flying bug like a mosquito, but so small you can't see them untill you have been bitten, or sucked of your blood, lol, that's why they call them no-see-ums, lol.
    Lemongrass oil even wards off bees, wasps, and a viriety of bugs, and all types of ants because their bio system can't handle the oil on them and it suffocates them to death, so they stay away fron it's scent, which is sweet smelling to us humans, lol.
    You got ants every summer, spray lemongrass around your home every week and you won't have an ant problem. I do it every year, and while my neighbors on both sides of me have ants invade their home, I don't have any, lol.
    Live and learn the natural solution to problems, the solutions our ancestors used before chemical mixtures started killing our environment. They work!
  • Izadorra 2011/03/30 14:48:33
    I love lemon Grass
    One of my favorite smells. I use the oil in my bath. I didn't know about the other uses though so I'm going out to get me some today. Thanks for the post.
  • christine95~sumgirl 2011/03/30 14:20:33
    Tastes Great and Good for you
    It tastes great with um.. fish pudding(?) :D
  • DouglasSignorovitch 2011/03/30 14:13:11
    Great for Recipes
    I cook with it a good bit.
  • tinmaddog 2011/03/30 14:12:05
    Tastes Great and Good for you
    what!?...no all of the above?? that really woulda been my choice =)

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