Do you know who writes laws in the United States?

gsteinum 2009/08/07 00:04:09
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I hear alot of fear mongering and disinformation about obamacare and obama's health care plan. Well, whether you agree with this or not, and despite what you've been told on a.m. radio, Congress writes a bill and the President either signs it to make it law or vetos it. even then, a presidential veto can be overidden and then, if successfully overidden, it becomes law. A bill is not a law and a President doesn't write law. The President may sign a bill into law. So, if you can read, maybe you can give a correct answer. See if you can figure out this very complex question.
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  • Bettyboop 2009/10/17 20:06:49
    The Congress and the President have a role in making law.
    I think most of us would be surprised to know that Congressmen and women do not "write" the bills, they sponsor the bills and then vote yea or nay on the bill. An outside source actually "write" the bills that congress vote on. The President gives some guidence to attorneys and such and they write it out. Most congressmen or women don't have the knowledge or expertise to write out such complicated legislation.
  • seamus ... Bettyboop 2010/11/17 15:55:58
    seamus o'bannion
    In reality, the "outside source" is the congressional representative's assistants who sit down and write legislation with the lobbyists involved. When a bill is completed, the representative will ask the assistant how he's supposed to vote on it, not having read it himself. This leaves the representative largely free for politicking, hand-shaking, posing, speechifying, and otherwise campaigning for the next election. seamusobannion.blogspot.com
  • Innocuous 2009/08/07 00:25:02
    the Congress (house of representatives and the senate)
    But the President can have his sheepdogs in Congress propose a bill. We all took civics in highschool. The problem is the corruption of the system. I believe that if we are going to have a two party system, that no one be allowed to hold a ( "Filibuster-proof") majority. Such a power in either sides hands cannot represent the will of the majority of the people. You end up what we have now: a POTUS and a CONgress that represent special interest. I'm no fan of GW, but he had more integrity than this. And for all you Demoncrats:

    in·teg·ri·ty (n-tgr-t)
    1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
    2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
    3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.
  • Zuggi 2009/08/07 00:11:43
    Certain correct thinking A.M. Radio announcers.
    Especially ones they make up whole cloth.
  • Conservative in California 2009/08/07 00:11:17
    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
    Conservative in California
    None of the above. Usually lobbyists, staffers, and/or special interests. Why do you think Waxman didn't know what was in his own bill. He never wrote it. He never even read it.
  • gsteinum Conserv... 2009/08/07 00:23:02
    i don't think that, you think that. i believe you are mistaken. while i don't like mr. waxman, i'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing. thank you for your response.
  • Piglet gsteinum 2010/03/19 11:21:41
    Think what you want. However, what they said was the truth. For example:

    here is a video of Waxman saying he doesn't have a clue about exactly what is in his own bill:


    ...and a more general example that shows who really writes the laws:


    In particular, here is a video from today that discusses the health care "reform"... aka, Aetna-Big PhRMA industry bailout:


    If you want to take the time to really learn the truth... listen to Noam Chomsky speak at Harvard University in this video:


    Chomsky talks about how our laws are made in that also.

    Don't believe the corporate propaganda! It comes from corporations:

  • Me 2009/08/07 00:07:58
    the Congress (house of representatives and the senate)
    I have never seen anyone say that the president writes the law. However I have seen many state that the president can INFLUENCE the laws being written, which is completely true. All one must do is know history and a bit of political science to understand that.
    As for Obamacare, it's a lousy bill, I've read it and it does NOTHING to reform health care, not a damn thing.
  • gsteinum Me 2009/08/07 00:20:07 (edited)
    please read what i wrote again. since you are calling it obamacare, then you fail to grasp the fact that congress writes a bill. there is no bill written by the President. since the President doesn't write the bill, then it's not his plan. there is a kenedy bill, and that can correctly be called the kenedy plan. there is a waxman/markey bill, and that can correctly be called the waxman/markey plan, although there are many amendments that have changed the original draft. if you're unable to take my word for it, then perhaps you should read one of the many books that describe the legislative process. not a matter of debate, but i'm sure you'll try. there is no obamacare bill, and there are many bills before congress that propose to reform health care. some will do so effectively and i don't expect you to agree with that. keep your opinion if it means so much to you, but there is no obama health care bill.
  • Me gsteinum 2009/08/07 00:29:50
    Really? Is that a fact? Using a slang term for a bill written by congress which Obama is promoting means that I do not grasp the inner workings of the US Government? Alrighty then, mind if I ask what brand of logic that is?

    Perhaps you chose to ignore my opening statement, so I shall repeat it once more.....
    "I have never seen anyone say that the president writes the law. However I have seen many state that the president can INFLUENCE the laws being written, which is completely true. All one must do is know history and a bit of political science to understand that."

    I find it amusing you could only comprehend that which disagreed with your beliefs, nice.
  • gsteinum Me 2010/02/15 15:44:22
    this is sodahead after all. i'm always ready to disagree. you are absolutely correct in stating that the president can influence a bill, through his party. however, there is no obamacare. (and probably never will be in any form).

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