Do you know who BHO really is?

mustangluver 2010/09/22 22:24:32
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Obama Jr's African Roots Obama Jr. says his quest for the presidency was "inspired" by his "love of the country Africa
that allowed his father to triumph against astonishing odds." Obama
Jr's father was born a member of the Luo tribe in Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya
District, Kenya. Senior's Luo father (Obama Jr's grandfather), Hussein
Onyango Obama, was a prominent and wealthy farmer who converted from
Christianity to Islam. In Obama Jr's book,
Dreams From My Father,
his step-grandmother Sarah Obama traces his male ancestral line in
Africa back 12 generations. Obama Jr. has at least one great and revered
Luo leader on the African side of his ancestry. One of Obama Jr's great
grandfathers (several generations back), "Owiny" was said to be a
powerful leader of the Luo tribe, which moved into Kenya some 400 years
ago from the Arabian Region.
Obama, a devout Muslim, was quoted telling Obama Jr. "What your
grandfather respected was strength. Discipline. This is also why he
rejected the Christian religion, I think. For a brief time he converted
to Christianity,
and even changed his name to Johnson. But he could not understand such
ideas as mercy towards your enemies, or that this man Jesus could wash
away a man's sins. To your grandfather, this was a foolish sentiment,
something to comfort women. And so he converted to Islam-he thought its
practices conformed more closely to his beliefs." Obama Jr's
grandfather, for whom he was given the middle name, Hussein, was
"fiercely devoted to Islam." He had at least 3 wives: Helima, who had no
children, Akuma who gave birth to Sarah Obama, Barack Hussein Obama,
Sr. and Auma Obama. The third wife was Sarah, who Obama Jr. refers to as
his "grandmother." Sarah became the primary care giver for Senior after
his mother, Akuma, left the family when her children were still young.
At 18, Obama Jr's father, Barack Obama Sr. (Senior), married a girl
called Kezia from a local village. Four years later (1957) Obama Sr.,
because of his father's wealth and influence, was awarded an American
sponsored scholarship in economics to the University of Hawaii. The
presumption was that Obama Sr. would return to Africa and use his
"Western-honed skills in a new Kenya." At the age of 23, Obama Sr. left
behind his pregnant wife Kezia and their children to become the first
African student enrolled at the University of Hawaii. Obama Sr's other
wives While still married to Kezia, Obama Sr. married fellow University
of Hawaii student Anna Dunham, an 18 year old white anthropology major.
Anna gave birth to a son on August 4th, 1961. in Honolulu. Obama Sr., a
Muslim, chose the Muslim Koranic name, Barack Hussein Obama, for his
son. The middle name "Hussein" to honor Muslim grandfather Hussein
Onyango Obama. Two years later, Obama Sr. abandoned Anna and Obama Jr.
for a scholarship to pursue a PhD program in economics at Harvard
University. In June 1964, Obama Sr. returned to Kenya to work for the
Jomo Kenyatta administration. Soon after, he married another white
woman, his third wife, an American-born teacher called Ruth, who he met
at Harvard. She followed him back home to Africa and conceived 2
children by him. He fathered 2 more children by his FIRST wife Kezia.
Anna divorced Obama Sr. when Obama Jr. was 6 to marry Lolo Soetoro, an
Indonesian Muslim. Soetoro moved his new family to Indonesia, the worlds
most populous Muslim country. Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro was
born in Indonesia. Obama Senior died in 1982, the result of an
alcohol-related car accident (his second) in Kenya. He left behind three
wives, one mistress, six sons and a daughter -- also a possible eighth
child by a mistress. Although Obama Jr. claims Senior was an atheist,
Senior was buried as a Muslim. Obama Jr's mother, Anna, died of cancer a
few months after the publication of his 1995 memoir. Obama Jr's Muslim
schooling Soetoro enrolled Obama Jr. in an Indonesian Catholic school
and later in one of Jakarta's Muslim controlled public schools. During
his time in Indonesia, Obama Jr, was known as Barry Soetoro. He attended
first grade at a Catholic elementary school near his home, St. Francis
of Assisi Foundation School, which accepted students of any religion.
Barry's primary school teacher said he registered as a Muslim and that
he attended Koranic religious class. "At that time, Barry was also
praying in a Catholic way, but Barry was Muslim. He was registered as a
Muslim because his father was Muslim." Barry's first-grade teacher
Israella Dharmawan told the +San Francisco Times, "Barry was a Muslim.
He went to the mosque," boyhood buddy Zulfin Adi told the
"My whole family was Muslim, and most of the people I knew were
Muslim," half sister Maya told another reporter. In the third grade,
Obama transferred to a public school, where he also registered as a
Muslim. Students at the school attended weekly religion lessons about
Islam which were taught by Muslims. In his autobiography,
Dreams From My Father, Obama mentioned studying the Quran and describing the public school as "a Muslim school." Obama Jr's American Schooling
At age 10 Obama's mother sent him to live with his white grandparents
in Hawaii and attend the prestigious Punahou Academy. After high school,
Obama Jr. attended Columbia University and then to the streets of
Chicago as a community organizer and the Trinity United Church of Christ
of Chicago. Obama Jr. denies that he has ever been a Muslim, He says he
is a Christian with "deep faith rooted in the Christian tradition." He
points to his membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ, which
bears the motto "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian."
Trinity United's web site declares its congregation to be "an African
people" who remain true to "our native land, the mother continent, the
cradle of civilization." _
Barack Hussein Obama IS NOT AN American. _ HIS HEART BELONGS to AFRICA.
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  • pamela 2010/09/23 01:12:32
    He is the Muslim president sitting in the oval office, trying to take down America, with his Marxist, Socialistic agenda.

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  • garyt212 2010/09/26 04:13:55
    He is an anti-American, Progressive Socialist that wants to destroy the United States of America and everything this great Country of ours stands for!
  • Niki 2010/09/25 21:46:08
    He is the enemy of America. White man's greed rules a world in need. He doesn't stop to think about what the founders and early settler's went through to make this a great country. He doesn't stop to think about how many hours Americans have worked to make a nice living for themselves and that America is the most generous country in the world. When a country is in trouble, who do the call? Ghostbusters? No, America and then turn around and demand help. Deport him and take his dog, Pelosi with him.
  • mustang... Niki 2010/09/26 03:38:12
  • dick 2010/09/23 21:14:05
    He is an african Muslim that does not belong in the white house and is doing the best he can to run our economy into the ground!
  • MarinerFH 2010/09/23 06:21:41
  • retiredingeorgia 2010/09/23 06:14:53
    I know who he is MOST LIKELY to be, and it sure isn't allowed by our Constitution. What may be even worse, if possible, is WHAT he is. (I'm referring to his background and politics here, not his nationality).
    As to what he thinks he is, I won't even go there...
  • Phillip 2010/09/23 03:08:08
    He is a Lying-Kenyan-Muslim fraud hellbent on the destruction of America as we know it.
  • pamela 2010/09/23 01:12:32
    He is the Muslim president sitting in the oval office, trying to take down America, with his Marxist, Socialistic agenda.
  • mustang... pamela 2010/09/23 02:47:48
    I'm with you...
  • Patsy pamela 2010/09/23 15:29:26
  • MikeBravo52 2010/09/23 01:05:48
    He's a light skinned black guy that speaks with no negro dialect about hopey-changey free stuff.
  • Lil Roo 2010/09/23 00:53:44
    Lil Roo
    He's my baby daddy!
  • mustang... Lil Roo 2010/09/23 02:49:39
    LOL...poor baby!
  • Lil Roo mustang... 2010/09/24 05:13:00
    Lil Roo
    Yeah and despite all his talk about sharing the wealth and all, he treats me and that baby like we're his aunt or something!
  • mustang... Lil Roo 2010/09/24 05:35:17
    ROF...maybe he is racist against roos...
  • Lil Roo mustang... 2010/09/24 05:37:14
    Lil Roo
    WHAT?!? Why that would be just crazy! Who could possibly have a problem with a cute lovable ball of fur like me? Unless, of course, they don't dig people who don't support their deplorable agenda in any way.
  • mustang... Lil Roo 2010/09/24 22:51:26
    Everything the dems do is crazy..
  • evil Lil Roo 2010/09/23 11:51:47
    If you think he is great why the hell dont you go and live in Africa with his mooslim brother and find out what Obammie the communist is trying to do to this country. If the muslim idiot who sits in the white house is so concerned about the poor .why the hell doesnt he give his brother in the mud hut 20 dollars a month so he can eat.
  • Lil Roo evil 2010/09/24 05:12:11
    Lil Roo
    Whoa. Slow down, turbo. Pretty sure we're on the same side. I'm a guy. Obama's a guy. We couldn't have a baby even if he ('cause I surely wouldn't) wanted to. Think about it. I was being silly.
  • hisomouth Lil Roo 2010/09/24 21:34:57
    You better be careful --they changed a lot of rules in Obamaville.
  • Lil Roo hisomouth 2010/09/25 13:32:04
    Lil Roo
    Some people say that there's a woman to blame... but I know... it's Obama's fault. Aren't those the words to that song?
  • hisomouth Lil Roo 2010/09/25 18:52:33
    In Obamaville all is Bush's fault.
  • Lil Roo hisomouth 2010/09/25 21:44:00
    Lil Roo
    And if that was ever in doubt, ask a Dem/Lib/Progressive.
  • mustang... hisomouth 2010/09/26 03:39:08
    And his supporters believe it is all Bush's fault..
  • hisomouth mustang... 2010/09/26 18:14:49
    Of course they belive that they are Obamavillians.
  • Niki Lil Roo 2010/09/25 21:40:29
    Sitting beside Obama, there is a woman to blame, Pelosi.
  • Lil Roo Niki 2010/09/27 04:24:35
    Lil Roo
    Are you quite sure she's a woman? Maybe in a past life or something...

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