Do You Know That Political Correctness Is a Part Of Marxist Ideology?

safari 2012/05/04 03:17:55
Yes I knew Political Correctness Comes From Marxist Ideology
Obama Being Elected President Was The Signal That Marxist Ideology VIA Political Correctness Is Controlling The Minds Of The Masses
I Didn't Know Political Correctness Comes From Marxist Ideology - But I Do Now!
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These truly excellent and informative videos expose the History of Political Correctness and how it came about over a period of over eighty years straight out of the Marxist Ideologies through the German Frankfurt School.

But they don't stop there. If you want a better understanding of most of what we see coming from the Democrats and the left today, these will go far in explaining it. Even the OWS movement will have much light shed on the agenda.


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  • Dave0626 2012/05/04 04:16:32
    Yes I knew Political Correctness Comes From Marxist Ideology
    Oh heck yeah I knew that. It is straight out of the book '1984' from the concepts of 'NewSpeak' and 'Doublethink'. This is a basic summation :

    ....Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.

    rabidly promoted unscrupulous mainstream media holds proposition piece crap clean

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  • Murph 65 safari 2012/05/05 13:26:03
    Murph 65
    Amazing and scary!!!!
  • Red_Horse 2012/05/04 03:26:17
  • safari Red_Horse 2012/05/04 03:52:07
    it makes total sense - these videos explain most of what we see out of the left today,
  • sglmom 2012/05/04 03:26:16
    Yes I knew Political Correctness Comes From Marxist Ideology
    Behind the curtain ..
    everyone was CAREFUL indeed ..
    you never knew who was pointing
    The FINGERS around .. perhaps at you?
  • holly g... sglmom 2012/05/04 03:42:59
    holly go lightly
    Gosh that is scary.
  • safari sglmom 2012/05/04 03:50:55
    That's true too. --According to this it was more about translating the marxist political ideology ( share the wealth equality regardless of skills or talents etc) to the cultural realm - these videos are very helpful in understanding most every thing we see the left do today.
  • Dave0626 safari 2012/05/04 04:23:23
    Yep...and those Liberal fools don't even know the dangerous 'goose stepping' path they are all on.
  • safari Dave0626 2012/05/04 05:20:46
    they are all such useful IDIOTS

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