Do you honestly believe that God would kill a bunch of children because prayer was removed from school back in 1963?

My Queen 2012/12/16 13:49:14
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  • trap flapper 2012/12/16 14:24:01
    trap flapper
    I think anyone who believes this should be placed on 24 hour mental health watch....People need to look to themselves for a solution - and stop trying to blame guns, God and whatever the media throws out there...

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  • Gary 2013/01/04 10:15:10
    No...God didn't kill anyone...an idiot with a gun did...but it doesnt mean that God wont use it for the good if we will just open our hearts and eyes and see what he wants us to see.
  • elijahin24 2012/12/18 20:27:39
    I don't believe in God at all; but I do find it offensive as hell that so many people will write this off as "part of God's plan".
    Let's suppose that your god is real.
    Is he impotent to stop such violence, or does he just not care about the lives of 26 people, including 20 children?
    I cannot imagine believing in a deity who would allow this.
  • Brad elijahin24 2013/03/19 00:26:17
    Man chooses to do evil because their hearts are evil. God lets them do what they wish, however, he will punish those who do such things. It is interesting that you suppose God is impotent while simultaneously thinking that you should be free to do as you wish.
  • elijahin24 Brad 2013/03/19 12:15:00
    Have you not been told your whole life, to trust in God to protect you? Have you not heard over and over again that he loves you? And have you not heard that he can do anything? Well then why not stop this madness? Why did he not love 26 people in Connecticut? Why did he not protect them? Was it because they didn't have enough faith in him? I'll bet every one of those kids believed in God. I'll bet they never even questioned. So why not protect these children? Punishing the guilty does NOTHING to bring back the innocent.
    As for supposing that God is impotent while simultaneously thinking I should be free: I don't think he is impotent. I think he is nonexistent. But if he DOES exist; then yes, he is impotent. But if he is not impotent, he is apathetic. But those are the only options; and none of them make me want to worship him.
  • Classy And I Know It... 2012/12/18 04:53:27
  • Chuck 2012/12/18 00:31:31
    My explanation is too long.
  • baxter 2012/12/17 11:53:46
    If people do there must be something wrong with them
  • scottcleaves 2012/12/17 08:47:38
    I'm not a right-wing idiot.
  • DutchHeretic-Social Equalist 2012/12/17 08:34:18 (edited)
    DutchHeretic-Social Equalist
    Someone/something that does not exists cannot do anything ....
    Idiots with guns do these things
    FACT if there would not been guns in the house of the shooter (like owning a gun is illegal) this never would not have happened
  • Cat 2012/12/17 07:15:53
    God didn't kill those kids. An evil human did.
  • kaZappoo 2012/12/17 05:22:13
    OH my ...thats a laugh !

    many mentally ILL people arent getting the help they need ,,

    many states have cut mental health services / medicaid / etc ..and there is more they could be doing to protect children , and elementary schools "that they do in Jr. & high schools !
  • Erickzl 2012/12/17 04:54:03
    Fictional characters don't kill children.
  • wtw 2012/12/17 04:50:55
    God din't kill anybody that guy did! We are resposible for our actions and the libs want to teach more about our rights then our responsibilities!
  • elijahin24 wtw 2012/12/18 20:17:49
    As a Lib, I think it is our RESPONSIBILITY, to respect eachother's rights. But I also think we have a responsibility to recognize that some rights, are harmful to society, like the unregulated right to bear arms.
  • Brad elijahin24 2013/03/19 00:27:33
    What about the unregulated "right" to kill unborn children. The duplicity and hypocrisy of liberals such as yourself is noted.
  • elijahin24 Brad 2013/03/19 12:22:41
    If you understood what pro-choice actually meant; you would realize there is nothing dupicitious or hypocritical about it. I'm happy to explain it, if you're interested; but something tells me that you are not.
  • Brad elijahin24 2013/03/19 17:23:19
    Please do. And I think by pro-choice you actually mean pro-death in respect to innocent, unborn children.
  • elijahin24 Brad 2013/03/19 18:14:58
  • sjalan 2012/12/17 04:21:13
    But Satan would since he owns this planet and nearly everyone on it, at least for a short time.
  • Ahzz 2012/12/17 03:48:44
    There is no god(s).
  • Classy ... Ahzz 2012/12/18 04:57:54
  • Ahzz Classy ... 2012/12/18 22:47:39
    I'm amazed! You pulled emotion out of a simple 4 word statement of fact? I'll bet you make a lot of money on the psychic circuits. :) Good for you!
  • Classy ... Ahzz 2012/12/19 02:11:18
  • Ahzz Classy ... 2012/12/20 16:22:59
    Lol. :) Christians are so funny when they can't see outside of their little bubble. :)
  • Brad Ahzz 2013/03/19 00:27:55
    You will stand before Him one day, let Him know what you think.
  • sue 2012/12/17 03:35:51
    free will it allows people to go godly way or evils way and he gives us the choice.. the killers chose to listen to evil instead of good. but remember there are some who chose to do the godly way and do good and are givers.
  • joseph ... sue 2012/12/17 04:23:36
  • sue joseph ... 2012/12/17 04:54:33
  • joseph ... sue 2012/12/17 07:45:26
  • sue joseph ... 2012/12/23 04:53:36
    no my child is healthy and has a beautiful child and doing awesome in the navy protecting your a$$
  • joseph ... sue 2012/12/23 06:37:32
  • Heptarch 2012/12/17 03:24:15
    The very notion is ridiculous. Even if there is a god.
  • flht316 2012/12/17 03:02:40
  • joseph ... flht316 2012/12/17 04:29:06
  • flrdsgns 2012/12/17 03:01:27
    Of course not, only nut jobs like Pat Robertson would believe something like that
  • Mark P. 2012/12/17 01:59:03
    Mark P.
    Just evil people
  • Jay Theyme 2012/12/17 01:48:41
    Jay Theyme
    The problem with this 'wrong question' is that it carries a very immature theology - one almost mandatory to be an 'Atheist' as well:
    - God is a kind of childhood 'Superhero' who makes things happen or not happen.

    Now, if you are asking me for a Christian perspective then it would be something like this:
    - People have free will. In fact, its worse because people have 'free will' and are also separated from God.
    We live in a 'real world' with real consequences where what we believe, practice and pursue really will have consequences.

    In this case (as with maybe many of these cases?) we may do something 'sinful' or 'wrong' like pretend the problem is 'gun control' because we think 'right-wingers' love gun rights... and so we can use this to 'hurt them'.
    Meanwhile, we do NOT spend honest time on the real problem. When it happens again we are receiving real consequences for real neglect.
    As with some 'school shooters' - yes, raising them as 'atheists' certainly has a 'consequence'.
    But unfortunately, we do believe we live in a real broken world where real bad choices have real consequences.
    And God cannot 'zap it away' or it becomes a farce, a fraud and love means nothing after all.
    That wasn't some kind of smack-down answer I know. But it was approaching a proper perspective and a start.
  • sue Jay Theyme 2012/12/23 04:55:57
    truth you said but most hearts are harden and won't listen to them
  • jimmy "In God We Trust" 2012/12/17 01:26:12
    jimmy  "In God We Trust"
    but he did flood the earth to drown a bunch of heathens
  • joseph ... jimmy ... 2012/12/17 04:30:12
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